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    HR marketing strategies that get glowing performance reviews.

    In HR, timing and placement is everything. At Shout, we're confident our strategies can help you be seen by the right people in the right place at the right time, we guarantee it. Get your free X-Chart to see how.

    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    You’re well placed with our HR digital marketing process.

    Our specialist consultants give digital marketing for HR, a human touch.


    Consult with our people

    In our initial phase, we’ll get right under the hood of your brand. Human to human, we want to know your business ambitions, your needs and the people you want to reach so we can create a strategy tailored to achieving your goals.


    Gather resources

    Even HR needs digital resources to reach the right people. Whether you want to promote your brand internally to employees, or externally to prospects, we’ll use this phase to understand how our strategy can deliver a consistent brand experience.


    The perfect placement

    You know how important placements can be. When it comes to digital marketing, so do we. That’s why we determine the right channels to deliver your message. This might include email marketing, social media, human resources SEO or even creating content to showcase your thought leadership and attract top talent.


    Keep working

    You’ve hired us, and our strategies have helped you hire the right people. But at Shout, this is where our job really begins. We’ll keep you ahead of digital changes to ensure you’re always well placed with Google, plus continually monitor and optimise your campaign elements to make sure the work we do for you keeps working.

    Get leads that lead to placements.

    Shout can help you convert interest into a contact and a contact into a new piece of business. Over and over again. If you want your site to be an always-on, always engaging salesperson, Shout.

    Climb the Google ladder with our HR SEO.

    Whatever position your brand is in, we believe there’s more you can achieve. Our SEO specialists understand the important of organic search for HR companies, and can help you get in front of key people at the time they’re looking. Our strategies have helped drive growth for businesses just like yours.

    Shout helps you create an HR services site by using data-based design to create a more effective site. A site that can sttract visitors, engage them for longer and get you the leads you need to sell your services. By taking your best assets and your unique perspective on HR, aiming it to the right people, ensuring they see it at the right time, Shout can help you convert interest into a contact and a contact into a new piece of business. Over and over and over again. If you want your site to be an always-on, always available, always engaging sales person, Shout.

    We’re ready to negotiate a plan for guaranteed growth.

    Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

    Our marketing HR professionals are the best people for the job.


    Whether you need to organic search results boost, a great content strategy to showcase your thought leadership, or a complex analytics-based campaign to fill your sales funnel, our team knows the tools and tricks to elevate your HR digital marketing. We can even show you how to utilize social media to the best of your abilities.

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    We understand that a HR department is an always-on part of your business. That’s why we create HR digital marketing that keeps you on top of your client’s minds and search engines. Plus, we keep optimising your campaigns as the digital landscape shifts to keep you there.

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    With over a decade of experience behind us, Shout has been the driving force behind major national businesses and smaller local firms. You can trust us to deliver results for your HR business – because we guarantee them.

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    Results worth shouting about

    Looking for the top candidate to manage your HR digital marketing strategies?

    HR digital marketing FAQs

    We answer a few of the more common questions around HR advertising. Check out our handy tips below for guidance around this topic.

    Digital marketing strategies for HR can create a positive and powerful candidate experience.

    Marketing and HR are a perfect combination for corporate and employee branding, and is the opportunity to target a group already interested in your brand.

    Human Resources (HR) is the section of a business that finds, screens, and recruits potential employees. While they also have other roles, they can use marketing tools within this context as candidates are or can be future customers. Working together with marketing keeps the brand and corporate end of business consistent.

    HR and marketing combine their skills to communicate the same brand message, but to different people. 

    HR connects with employees and potential employees, while marketing reaches out to consumers and potential customers.

    Both have their role in moving the brand forward, by ensuring that their audience understands the business, engages with it, and has a positive view of the company.

    When it comes to employee branding, HR and Marketing are the perfect combinations to create brand image. These departments have the power to reach an extensive number of employees and consumers. This means the message gets spread far and wide through both channels, which means maximum impact for the business.

    Neither HR nor marketing is better than the other because they both have their role to play in business. HR has a critical role in hiring, retention, and employee termination, and Marketing ensures that consumers are aware of the brand. Combined, they are a powerful resource that reaches a vast number of people.

    HR and Marketing combine their skills to communicate the same brand message except to different people. HR spreads the message to employees and potential employees; Marketing connects with consumers and potential customers. Both have their role in moving the brand forward and ensuring that both consumers and employees engage with the brand.

    In our decade of business, we’ve proudly partnered with businesses large and small, and delivered guaranteed results for them all.

    These are just a few highlights:

    • Our multi-channel SEO strategy (leveraging search, social media, content marketing and programmatic advertising) gave Baby Bunting a 5X online sales growth spurt.

    • With search optimisation, SEM and a social strategy, fintech Moula saw a 6X increase in leads – outranking the big four banks.

    • Our strategy gave National Tiles a 100% increase in SEO traffic from our very first brief, taking them to the number 1 position for many relevant keywords.


    • Our best practice social media presence creation and search strategies took traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business Windsor Smith into the digital age, improving ROI by 14 times.

    Our international SEO strategy helped sass & bide launch successfully in the UK and US, a local approach grew their local conversion rate by 70%, while our mobile strategy returned 4X the growth.

    • By boosting conversions in search in combination with an SEO strategy and social campaign, we earned 28 by Sam Wood 10X ROI, a 74% increase in organic growth and a cost of acquisition of only $21.

    • Our website audit of Porsche’s German website found improvements we applied to all their local dealership sites in Australia, improving test drive leads by 200%, and also ex-demo enquiries by 200%.

    You can see more great outcomes we’ve achieved for our clients in our case studies.

    HR benefits significantly from having an understanding of the role and message of Marketing. If HR isn’t brand aware and knows the message that the marketing department is conveying to consumers, they will find it challenging to communicate the brand to employees. Given that HR finds the best people to promote the brand, they need to confidently deliver the message.

    There is a range of strategies that can be developed for human resources, and two of the most valuable include:

    • Ensuring job seekers and employees understand their company

    • Developing a consistent voice to market to both employees and consumers

    • Help manage brand identity in the job posting and the recruitment process

    At Shout, our HR marketing experts know all the strategies, tactics and techniques to give your business a consistent, memorable voice. Whether it’s tackling your job title creation, job post process, employer brand identity or your website traffic – we do it all.

    Regardless of what department you’re in, you’re bound to market your brand in some way. HR and Marketing engage employees in managing the brand’s reputation by delivering the same message. Generally, marketing creates the message, and HR finds the best to provide brand awareness. Ask how we can begin moving forward.

    These work together to create and deliver your message, it’s also important to get your staff on board.

    By ensuring internal and external messaging about your business is consistent, your staff can be clear about what their company offers and stands for, so they can confidently communicate your positioning.

    The relationship between Human Resources and Marketing is essential and isn’t as separate as people believe. Marketing doesn’t stop with the consumers; employees need to be on board with the brand position and relay its message. Want to move forward with successfully achieving this? Ask us how we can move forward.

    The core role of Human Resources is for the recruitment and ongoing retention of staff who believe in the message of your company. Marketing is at the core of the company’s mission, so it needs to work together with human resources to deliver the brand so employees can be consistently on board

    If you’re looking to increase web traffic, quality leads and the growth of your business, Shout.

    Our team have been leading specialists in HR marketing for over a decade. And our bespoke approach means we’ll help you find the right people (and help them to find you) locally, around Australia or across the globe.

    No matter what size your campaign or budget, our strategies have been proven to work, delivering results for our clients over and over again.

    By setting achievable growth targets, we’re so confident you’ll reach them, that we guarantee your outcomes. Not just promises, but actual, measurable ROI. And you don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to confirm if we’ve delivered.

    In fact, we can demonstrate your future growth today. Want to know what it looks like? Then it’s time to get your free, bespoke X-Chart.

    The X-Chart is an exclusive Shout offering, and it charts your business growth trajectory over the next few months. We’ll apply your HR marketing investment and apply it to our recommended services to show you where your business will be in 3, 6 and 12 months from now.

    It’s free and tailored to your business. There’s no obligation to take up our services. And the results we forecast are guaranteed. So why not call a Shout specialist now to get yours?

    See what the future holds with the power of growth-driven HR marketing from Shout.

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