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About us


Since 2010, Shout Digital have been
helping businesses to achieve
outstanding results with their
digital marketing strategies


In a market, saturated with digital cowboys, tired excuses and unachievable guarantees, Shout Digital have managed to carve a space for themselves as leaders within the Australian digital arena, by focusing on great experiences for our clients and exceptional results to match. Rather than us telling you though – see the results we’ve helped create for clients.

In the beginning…

Shout’s founder, Michael Jenkins saw an opportunity during 2010 to build a consumer centric digital media agency that built its reputation on results rather than talk, ever since they’ve had some big wins and haven’t looked back…


Today, Shout Digital comprises of an experienced team of digital media specialists from a range of different backgrounds, together we form something special in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane…

Brand Promise – Guarantee

We strive to provide the best service possible. To help us acheive this we stand by a few principles that define the Shout business.

Accountable and transparent

We provide performance-based, accountable, recommendations which set honest expectations. These recommendations are based on a solid understanding of your specific issues to help develop best practice solutions brought to life with input from a hard-working team.

Plain Talking

We make things as simple as they need to be, but no simpler. We talk in everyday terms to make digital easy to understand. If things change – and they will – we’ll outline the issue and the solution so you can make the best possible decision, for your business.

Harder working digital

The internet never sleeps; We understand the need to be accountable and reactive 24/7. We also understand the power of proactive, best-practice actions – to provide innovative options to keep you a step ahead of the competition.

We keep the internet honest

We demand to be judged on our performance. We give you our honest opinion to help you manage your expectations. If things go wrong, we’ll tell you; We’ll tell you why it happened, and tell you what needs to happen to fix it.

Short term results, Long term effects

Digital marketing works best when it builds a consistent, relevant promise and presence for your brand. We work to ensure you see positive results in the short term, and feel the benefits of a continued long-term presence.

Recent Success Stories

+557% increase in leads

41% Decrease in Cost per Lead

+150% Increase in Traffic

+245% Increase in Organic Revenue
#1 First Page on Google for 200+ Keywords

+1531% Return on Ad Spend

+600% Increase in Conversion Rate
+243% Increase in Organic Revenue



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