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    Let's find out how big we can take your business.

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      Pay Per Click that pays you back in profits

      PPC management can multiply your returns faster. A free X-Chart can help you see how much bigger your PPC management returns can be.

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      When long-term PPC results matter

      We know results matter. It’s why we recommend PPC advertising. And why we continue to push boundaries for our valued clients, every day, delivering extraordinary results time and time again.

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      Collaboration to keep your Google Pay Per Click (PPC) management effective

      Discover how Shout’s PPC agency services seamlessly translates broader business objectives into your digital marketing strategy. It’s why Shout are one of Australia’s leading full service digital marketing agencies.

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      PPC Ads success means knowing the customer

      Shout looks at buyer and visitor behaviour to create an online experience that effectively guides them from search to sale, reducing ppc costs while increasing traffic.

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      Let's find out how big we can take your business.

      Set up a consultation to forecast the growth we can guarantee for your business.

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        Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!


        Full service PPC Management Agency that keeps you in front

        Shout's pay per click and search marketing management looks at how customers really search and combine multi-platform search behaviour to drive buyers to your site.

        Shout's team of PPC management experts will work smart to put your message where it can give you the edge you need, online. We are a dynamic, agile, obsessed-with-results kind of digital and search marketing agency that gets ROI.

        We can develop your digital strategy one key deliverable at a time or provide a holistic strategy that links all aspects of your digital and online activity. Whether you need local, national or international Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads management services campaigns, Shout is a leading digital marketing agency that will work relentlessly to get you the results you need.

        If your digital marketing investment isn't giving you a competitive advantage, change your PPC agency. Now.

        Choose a digital marketing agency that uses proven PPC processes and cutting edge search tools to get you noticed online. The rules keep changing and you need to change to keep up. Great PPC management service ensures the success you enjoy at the start of a PPC campaign can be continued - so you get an edge on the competition and provable returns on your bottom line. Find more opportunities with Melbourne's most accountable digital marketing agency. Shout.

        Utilise The Power Of PPC Agency by Your Side

        Well-versed in all of the current trends and tactics across pay-per-click solutions, our experts ensure you get the best of both worlds. Access a cost-effective model that allows you to keep in control of your spending, knowing how every cent is contributing to your ROI. 

        From the outset, we’ll sit down to collaborate with you on your vision, extending it out to translate your objectives into a well-solidified strategy. Moving forward, your dedicated PPC management expert from our agency will keep tabs on every aspect of your campaign, tweaking it when necessary for best results and performance. 

        Why Investing in a PPC Agency is Important

        Like any digital marketing solution, there are so many cogs involved in the machine that is PPC. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) continues to shift and evolve, making it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with the latest optimisation techniques. Luckily, we’re constantly wired up and ready to go, learning the most innovative tactics to get our clients tangible results. 

        Through a careful process that remains consistent and thorough, we build campaigns based on the fundamental elements that make up this PPC service:

        • Ensuring keyword relevance: We carefully research your most competitive phrases, analysing competitor behaviour where necessary. We pinpoint these keywords to then target them throughout your ads.
        • Ad groups: We’ll create lists and keyword groups that translate into highly compelling ad text. These instances then persuade your audience to convert. 
        • Landing pages: Your PPC management expert from Shout will build and optimise a landing page that’s designed to convert. 
        • Monitoring quality score: This is Google’s rating of your campaign’s relevance and quality. We ensure your score is always where it should be. 
        • Designing creative – Your ad copy is the most important part of your campaign. We use best practices and tools to ensure your text is set to persuade. 

        When we build your campaigns all of these aspects are monitored both at the beginning and throughout. As trends and user behaviour shift, so too will the nature of your campaign, making it even more crucial that you have a PPC agency monitoring all of these aspects.

        Luckily, we help brands across Australia – from corners of Sydney through to the laneways of Melbourne and beyond – to keep their PPC solutions on track and destined for success.

        Let our PPC management agency do the hard work for you

        Although you can launch a PPC campaign on your own, it’s not our first recommendation. Why? Because search engines are continually evolving in how they rank websites, bid for keywords, and penalise users for understanding—and abiding by—their preferred practices. As one of Australia’s top PPC companies, based in Melbourne, we hate seeing small businesses spend time and money on campaigns that don’t turn over real results—even if there are benefits to navigating the learning curve alone. 

        Our recommendation? Speak with a professional like us to set up your first campaign. If you feel so inclined, you can learn the ropes and the ins and outs during this project and take the reins for the next one. This solution is a great way to ensure the fundamentals of your online marketing efforts are set up effectively while helping you gain insight and hands-on experience to continue on your own in the future. 

        Get to know the power of our PPC services

        Designed to let brands just like you maintain a budget-friendly, rapid-fire way of collecting conversions, our pay-per-click marketing agency puts you back in control.

        The model works by letting the advertiser (you) pay the search engine (Google) every time their ad is clicked on in search results. In essence, pay-per-click advertising can help increase the amount of traffic that is directed to your website. (Thereby increasing the number of potential clients, customers, and sales.)

        Your ads are found when they align with the user’s inputted search terms—also known as keywords. 

        Overall, PPC campaigns are best managed by specialist pay-per-click marketing companies —because each keyword has an associated cost and competition. Because some keywords are unique to specific industries and brands, they can cost far more than the everyday small business budget would allow. 

        To avoid paying too much for keywords and still increase traffic to your website, we recommend letting a dedicated campaign manager oversee your keyword selection, auctions, and budget. 

        PPC services are worth their weight in gold 

        Because pay-per-click campaigns are targeted to specific customers looking for an answer to their query, your business is put front row as one of the solution providers. Further, the right strategist can work within your campaign budget to ensure that the keywords used and auctioned for don’t exceed the value gained from each new customer. 

        If you like the idea of spending a dollar to gain ten, then PPC campaigns are likely for you. However, because keywords are bid on by a number of competing brands trying to grab the attention of potential clients, you want to work with a professional who understands both the bidding strategies and costs of each search phrase. 

        The last thing we would ever recommend is diving into the costly world of ‘extremely’ expensive keywords (think those that are industry-specific and monopolised by large multinational companies) without a budget and strategy in mind. Why? Because if you rank number one for a keyword (hard to do without a plan), that keyword costs over $150 to rank for, and you happen to get 1,000 clicks—you can see how things can quickly get out of control! 

        Get the most bang for your buck

        Some keywords—those that are industry-specific, brand-specific, or associated with the product or service offered by large multinational companies—can run well over $100 each. Some past examples of these include life insurance, foreign exchange trading, and online MBA degrees. 

        Like we said—instead of finding out that your at-home campaign job is wildly successful and then you have to pay for it (and pay for it hard) let the experts do the work. That’s where our pay-per-click marketing agency comes in, taking care of your PPC services from start to finish.

        So why choose Shout?

        As one of Australia’s top PPC companies, our Melbourne team caters to brands right across the country. Because of our wealth of experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they are. How? Well, we have a solid process in place that ensures all campaigns launch without a hitch.

        Enjoy convenient packages 

        We design our PPC services to be simple and stress-free, so you don’t have to worry about being locked into anything.

        Honest services 

        Know where your money is going and when. There’s no grey areas or confusion – only straight-up transparency and pure results. 

        See your numbers in action

        Our team works within your own Google PPC account, allowing you to see the activity log at all times. This means you know what’s happening at all times and can take over when you desire. 

        No surprises 

        What you set to pay per click is what you end up paying for, plus a management fee that’s designed to be competitive. Nothing more. Keep in control of your spending as you go with no unexpected hiccups. 

        Let's find out how big we can take your business.

        Set up a consultation to forecast the growth we can guarantee for your business.

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          seo x-chart

          Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!

          Frequently asked questions

          We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

          PPC is referring to pay-per-click and is where an advertiser pays an agreed fee every time their online ads are clicked on. As an agency, we process the management of a company’s PPC ads. We work with you to define goals to minimise your overall spending while using the best-targeted keywords.

          PPC bid management is where the strategic use of lowering or raising keyword bids are used to get the most out of your budget. This strategy is mostly used in Google AdWords and is a more complicated form of marketing that we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

          For someone to manage your PPC, the cost will vary depending on the agency assisting you. There are three standard pricing models, including the percentage of ad spend pricing, flat-fee pricing, and management fee and percentage of the ad spend price. Ask us about our pricing model based on your PPC plan.

          PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click, which is about paid internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. Rather than “earning” visits to your site organically, it’s a way of buying the right type of visits to your website, so the clicks turn into conversions.

          There is a range of PPC types that are an invaluable tool for increasing website traffic and conversions. The kind of PPC campaign you use will largely depend on your budget, these include:

          Want to understand these further? Ask us!

          At an agency like ours, a PPC management service is where we oversee your company’s advertising and the agreed-upon budget. It includes implementing strategies for our clients that contribute to reaching their goals successfully. This, in turn, drives more traffic to their website with the intention that these will result in conversions.

          When your ad is viewed by a user on Google (after they type in the relevant keyword) this is known as an impression. These don’t cost you anything but to get them, you need to have quality ad experiences in place, complete with a solid, relevant, and competitive bid for those specific keywords. A click, on the other hand, is when the user engages with the ad and clicks through to your landing page.

          Launching a successful PPC campaign is best done by a group of professionals from an agency like ours, who know the right strategies to produce quality leads. These methods require knowledge and understanding of brainstorming, using keyword tools, writing ad copy, working within a budget and researching the competitive landscape

          The main benefit of PPC is that it helps you rise to the top of your niche. This means being seen by potential customers that aren’t aware of your website, helps increase brand awareness and further promotes your following marketing initiative. Together, these strategies work towards a greater chance of conversion.

          The choice of platforms that our agency uses is based on how highly trafficked they are, their ease of use and budget availability. These platforms must be some of the best performing, which is why we only use the highest-ranking – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, Instagram and Mobile in-app ads.

          As a PPC agency, we don’t just spend money on advertising without using methods to best use your budget. This includes using well-written ad copy with well-researched keywords that speak directly to your target audience. Further to this, delivering a highly targeted landing page with a clean design and ad testing

          With PPC, you are more likely to see instant results compared to SEO which is developed over long-term. For the best outcomes, use a combination of both PPC and SEO. For example, using SEO for your main landing page and PPE for individual landing pages will help generate a balanced outcome.

          The best way to find PPC keywords is by using specific keyword tools, which provides you with access to hundreds of keywords that are being used by real consumers. Our agency has ready access to these platforms where our experienced staff generate well-functioning keywords that will move your campaign forward.

          This depends on several factors, including:

          • How much your competitors are determined to pay
          • How high the quality of your ad copy is
          • How relevant your actual ad is 
          • How your landing pages perform 
          • The results of your ad overall. 

          Because Google’s aim is to obviously provide the best possible experience to its users, they want to make sure advertisers are relevant and of the highest quality experience-wise. So, the more effort you put into your PPC management, the more cost-effective your campaigns will be.


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