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    We spell SEO with a 'you'.

    We believe the heart of every powerful digital marketing agency should beat with passion. Funnily enough, ours beats with both passion and a determination to dominate the search engine optimisation world.

    Reel in more organic traffic than ever before. Explode your ROI further than your competitors could ever dream of. Rise up Google's ladder with high ranks online. Power up with positive results from SEO services that are truly tailored to you.

    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    Smart marketing is born from even smarter processes.

    In four simple steps, we’ll deliver you a bespoke and robust strategy that reflects who you are as a business, not someone else.


    Kick-off consultation

    We’ll work closely with you to understand your business challenges and goals. Sit with us as we uncover your biggest hurdles, most refined processes and plans for the future. Watch as we work our magic to build a holistic marketing strategy that’s designed for explosive growth. It’s only upwards from there. No jargon, no smoke and mirrors, no obligation. 


    Strategy development

    At Shout, we only use the most appropriate, effective, and up-to-date methods to build you a bespoke strategy that transforms your brand. Ditch the feeling that you’re being given the run around by a salesman who knows how to work their tactics. With our team by your side, you’ll receive everything your brand needs to succeed online and gain more organic traffic, and nothing you don’t.


    SEO execution

    As one of the most experienced SEO companies, we put on a BIG performance because we love a show. Watch our ‘performers’ hit the stage with finesse, weaving their wands to seamlessly integrate an organic SEO strategy into your brand’s existing marketing efforts. Committed to getting tangible results at all times, we will highlight all the opportunities open to your brand as low-hanging fruit and then hop to it to ensure we smash each and every one of them out of the park. Convert traffic, annihilate your targets, and give your customers a meaningful, digital experience they’re not likely to forget. That’s our goal as premier SEO consultants that know how to land in Google’s good books.


    Review and optimisation

    As a business ourselves, our SEO optimisation company understands that the goalposts are constantly moving; the game never stops changing. What works today might not work tomorrow and at Shout, we move with these tides to ensure absolute accuracy and relevance. Never fall behind with our experts behind the wheel. Your SEO marketing services will remain in line with trends, behaviour and actions online, only destined to land the big time – no matter the climate.

    An expert SEO company in your corner.

    Let’s talk the good stuff. Set up a no-obligation consultation today with a Shout SEO marketing guru to see how we can revolutionise the way you’re seen online. Turn your organic traffic into hugely loyal customers for the future, delivering you consistent ROI.

    We'll help you own enterprise SEO and turn leads into conversions.

    When it comes to SEO in marketing, it’s not the path to choose if you’re after quick wins and instant results. But the pay-off is that you do land massive success that delivers for the long-term - and that’s hard to beat. When we work with our clients, we encourage them to turn their focus to cultivating organic traffic through this channel so that they can build a hard-working stream of leads that sticks for the future. to create consistent, long-term leads for the future. In fact, 70% of the world’s elite marketers see customised SEO solutions as being far more effective than a PPC campaign. And that speaks volumes. 

    Unlike other SEO agencies, we’re not about siloed marketing tactics. When you work with our national and local SEO company, you’re working with a team of experts who understand how both large and small business teams work. That means we ensure every aspect of your marketing works through an integrated approach, connecting the dots as we go. No business should be run with cornered-off departments, and SEO strategies are just the same. The result? Seamless, across-the-board, measurable results that tie into every aspect of your operations.

    Put our decades of experience in your pocket.

    We have dozens of proprietary tools that back our every move when it comes to organic search traffic. and pinpoint ways to make a positive impact. While we don’t like making grand promises we can’t keep (unlike other SEO companies out there), we can guarantee that you’ll always be given a holistic, tailored service. From start to finish, we will collaborate with you to understand your target market and cultivate website visitors that bring authentic results to your brand – not just vanity metrics. 

    Whether it’s working our magic across web design services or bringing you our business consulting expertise for B2B lead generation, we turn our skill sets into tangible outcomes for our clients. 

    From always-on strategies – such as ecommerce SEO and SEM – to tactical campaigns across lnstagram or LinkedIn, we give you the confidence to focus on other parts of your business.  Our SEO company quickly becomes a department of your business, not another expense you can’t justify. 

    The Shout difference.

    Having been in business for more than 10 years, we’ve had our fair share of clients come to us after being burnt by other agencies out there. We know the pain all too well, and we are here to ensure you’re not another statistic.

    With technical SEO marketers on the ball and ready to go at all times, we build your brand bespoke strategies that challenge the status quo and work wonders for your overall objectives. Instead of pitching you the Holy Grail and not delivering on it, we power up your SEO marketing services with tried and tested techniques that put the $$$ in your pocket, not ours.

    With the right SEO company by your side, anything is possible. Imaging dreaming big and gaining the possibility of actually experiencing those dreams. Nothing is too out of our league when you have the very best support systems in place. And that’s us.  

    We believe success in SEO marketing comes down to:

    • Growing your database naturally and authentically: Find your audience, engage them and keep them coming back time and time again.

    • Keeping you on top of Google when it matters most: Enjoy consistent search engine rankings that deliver more traffic, leads and conversions.

    • Gaining crucial insights that back your future campaigns: The Shout difference means that as search algorithms evolve, we’ll ensure your campaign is redirected to remain aligned and on track for tangible ROI.

    Our results stick because they’re built to last.

    From increasing organic traffic and sales to improving your search rankings and online presence, our SEO optimisation company is obsessed with results. And if you won’t take out word for it, our bespoke X-Chart is your roadmap to success, signed, sealed and delivered to your inbox. See how an SEO campaign can drive your business further. Book a 30-minute consultation and our experts will forecast a roadmap of guaranteed sales you can expect with our search engine marketing strategies that cover 3, 6 and 12-month periods. See everything you have to gain in one glimpse, with nothing to lose. 

    No other SEO company understands how Google ticks quite like us. While some may call us obsessed, we like to think it’s a healthy addiction, giving us endless determination to prove we are the very best in the game. 

    What does it take to dominate Google? SEO + passion.

    When it comes to rankings, if you’re not in first place, you may as well be in last. We’ll help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition on every search engine possible. No ifs, buts or maybes.

    Our love story with search engines

    Decades of combined SEO experience.

    SEO is nothing new, but winning in the game requires constant monitoring, the evolution of tactics and a hard-working, responsive team. When you choose Shout, you’re choosing an SEO company many brands continue to choose to. Why? Because we are fuelled by everything our competitors are not: results, passion and down-to-earth experiences across your overall marketing strategy.

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    The only SEO services you’ll need.

    Your Shout marketing manager only ever has one goal in mind: delivering you sustainable online success. If you’d like to join our growing list of satisfied customers, reach out and we’ll turn our attention to a world-class SEO campaign that dominates your website rankings and leverages your domain authority more than you thought imaginable. 

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    The hunt is over. We’re here and ready to go.

    Our digital marketing company employs an SEO process that includes tested methods, continuous monitoring and regular optimisation. This powerful combination is designed to improve your lead generation numbers and conversions, as well as increase your local online presence. As a result, you’ll land on the first page of Google and – wait for it – stay there.

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    Results worth shouting about

    Search engine optimisation just got a whole lot better.

    Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

    We answer a few of the more common questions around creating a unique SEO strategy for your brand. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a ‘shout’.

    We’ve invested heavily in building a team of experts that know SEO inside and out, so while others will happily state they’re the ‘best’ in the game, we truly believe we take this space to the next level. 

    The moment you collaborate with Shout as your dedicated SEO company, you’ll have exclusive access to our dedicated staff who continue to work on your campaign. When the results are collected, they won’t stop, working even harder to ensure your newfound online visibility sticks. 

    What’s more, our knowledge is entirely holistic, covering key areas of search engine marketing, including:

    ·  eCommerce

    ·  Local

    ·  Enterprise

    ·  International campaigns

    ·  Content writing, and more.


    We also engage in high-value, high-relevance SEO keyword research, giving you the best shot at amplifying your biggest on and off-page factors. Whether it’s link building or taking your message to social media, every aspect of your SEO service with Shout ties into other marketing campaigns, so nothing is left running solo. That includes social media marketing services, your online PR and even your entire web development. Nothing goes untouched.

    Absolutely. We make your transition from your current digital marketing agency to Shout, a simple, seamless and smooth one. And we can make it fast. The important thing is to keep your existing campaigns running to ensure the shift doesn’t impact the execution.

    Your organic search campaign won’t miss a beat. Our team has the experience to onboard your account quickly and effectively. While we do that, we’ll also provide a background audit, map your keywords and current rankings and how well optimised your site is, and map out a plan to ensure your next SEO campaign is as effective as possible. Something else worth keeping in mind is that if you do the transition from your old agency to Shout’s custom SEO services, your rankings won’t be negatively affected. If we take you on, that means the only change in your rankings will be an improvement. 

    Most of our clients are eCommerce clients. To them, we’re their eCommerce agency of choice. We understand how SEO can work at all stages of the sales funnel. With an average tenure of 14 years in the eye of the digital storm, our team has expert knowledge of the most common eCommerce platforms including; 

    as well as the plug-ins and various quirks of eCommerce. If you’re looking for eCommerce SEO services, look no further.

    SEO and SEM differ in the sense that the first is organic in nature, while the latter is paid. When you naturally accumulate rankings in search engine results pages, without paying a cost per click, this is SEO. SEM, on the other hand, includes PPC campaigns like Google Ads. 

    We can help you with SEM, SEO, Google Ads management, Google Pay Per Click, Click Ads and more. In fact, we have so many PPC, SEO, and SEM case studies that we’re confident we can achieve all your business objectives.

    By utilising a number of on-page and off-page technical efforts, your website is optimised in a way that gets the attention of a search engine like Google. This means that the bots from this engine will scan through your page and rank it on relevancy to the user, the keywords you’re targeting and the content you carry across your site. 

    When Google deems you as credible and worth the read, it will rank you higher up in results pages (SERPs). This whole process is known as SEO. We have an SEO agency in Melbourne, Sydney, plus we are in Brisbane and ready to get to work.

    There is no hard and fast number for how much SEO can cost, as it depends on the nature of your brand, the competitiveness of your industry, and your budget. 

    At Shout, we can tailor a package that suits your needs, so that it embraces your specific financial requirements and your digital objectives. We’ll carry out a free SEO audit of your website and devise the best SEO packages for you. 

    However, when a solid strategy is conceived, executed, and implemented properly, it shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but an investment. And as Australia’s best digital marketing agency, we guarantee ROI on every cent you put into your SEO efforts. 

    We can also help you with Google’s search engine results by targeting enterprise, mobile, local, international, eCommerce, Shopify and Hybris channels – to name a few.

    Once we’ve understood your goals and determined the best way forward for you, we’ll provide a plan outlining the time you should commit to the campaign, the budget you’ll need, and what we’ll need from you throughout the execution of the plan. 

    It’s hard to put a number to a question like that, but as we have the best consultants and SEO experts in Australia, we won’t waste time on a campaign if it isn’t required. However, as a rule of thumb, results should be visible at approximately six months. Expecting to see tangible results before then, while not unheard of, is certainly not the norm.

    Yes. Any analytics you can provide – usually either Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics – helps us understand where your current traffic is coming from and gives us the information we need to make better decisions and improve the optimisation of your site. 

    We can access these remotely with an access code you provide – which we can talk you through if you need. This is helpful because if you don’t have time for detailed face-to-face meetings, or just prefer not to get involved in the back end of how these things are carried out, we can operate remotely. And while we’re on the subject of Google products, we’re often asked if we can help our customers stay ahead of Google’s algorithms. The answer is no, because no one can. Not even Google. But Shout can keep you abreast of the very latest updates to the Google algorithm. 

    The way search rewards businesses is constantly changing. Every single day, Google is trying to make search fair and keep ahead of businesses trying to game the system. As a result, good SEO companies, like Shout, will constantly keep up-to-date with the changes Google makes and implements. Then we study, embrace and action those changes, which gives your business the best chance for success.

    Yes. We believe communication is key to ongoing success and that’s helped to make Shout one of the best SEO agencies in Australia. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, across every industry imaginable. We know that you’ll have all sorts of questions along the journey. 

    So we’ll make sure you get the answers you need from a dedicated account manager. You’ll have regular contact with someone you know, regular WIPs and regular reports from the same familiar face who comes with years of experience, knowledge and passion for what they do. 

    Your account manager will be available to talk through campaign activity and ensure you’re happy that set goals are being met. They’ll share your regular reports, they’ll lead regular WIP meetings and they’ll be your wingman in business to address any concern you may have throughout the relationship. But most importantly, they’ll guarantee you get results. 

    We’re so confident in the abilities and expertise of our team, we guarantee our results. Because we don’t use generic plans and off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we match your activity to your goals and needs. We analyse your current state and your competitor’s activity. We continually monitor activity to make sure your campaign stays on track at all times. And we don’t stop there. 

    There are lots of things to consider when ‘doing’ SEO, including on and off page factors. We’ll work with you to determine who you’re targeting and where, and tailor our recommendations to your audience. We use a number of different tools to identify simple wins, and work with you to identify possible phrases you can own. As one of the best SEO marketing agencies Melbourne, we pride ourselves on SEO. We understand web marketing and how to get the most out of it. Here’s a common process for choosing the right keywords, as used by the best SEO agencies Australia.


    1. Firstly, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What words would they use to search for your products or services? Come up with all the possible words, phrases, and combinations, and consider how they might spell or misspell those words and phrases too. Let’s imagine you’re marketing an Australian SEO company or SEO services. Which keywords do you think would be appropriate? Remember, users don’t search using full sentences, so terms like ‘Australian seo company’ ‘seo in marketing’, or ‘seo company Australia’ might be more relevant than ‘search engine optimisation companies in Australia’.


    Another point to remember is that users want the best services on offer, so they’ll often search for companies using terms like ‘best seo agency’, ‘best seo agency Melbourne’, or ‘best seo optimization’. Note how the last one uses a tautology, something akin to a PIN number. This is very common, so don’t be shocked if you find that you have to use phrases like ‘seo optimisation’, ‘seo optimisation agency’, ‘seo optimization services’ or ‘seo search engine optimisation’.


    Let’s also not forget that people from different regions spell the same word differently, so you may want to ensure you’ve covered both ‘search engine optimisation’ and ‘search engine optimization’ in your strategy. You’ll also want to amend other words for regional differences. For example, in Australia, we might say ‘seo marketer , however, people from the US might use terms like ‘seo firm’.


    2. Look at the keywords on your competitor’s site. Knowing their target phrases will help you weed out irrelevant keywords and will give you a good lay of the land as to how consumers search, but also how the competition is being found. It could also open up new areas of words and phrases for you to explore.


    3. Embrace long-tail keywords, which are search phrases of more than three words. Going back to our SEO search example, a search for the term ‘SEO’ will bring up a range of board results. A search for ‘Enterprise SEO’ will bring up some slightly more refined results. A search for ‘best enterprise SEO Melbourne’ will reduce the search results even more. They’re more specific which lowers their cost and risk, while increasing their average conversion.


    4. Ask for help from Google, or other keyword tools that can give you valuable data about search volumes and trends, competition around specific keywords, lookalike keywords etc.


    5. Review, analyse and optimise. Never set and forget. Keywords evolve and change with the trends. And new keywords that your competition is utilising can begin to bubble to the top. So, it’s imperative to conduct regular performance reviews.

    If it ain’t broke, we won’t fix it. So, you may not need to change it, yourself, at all. In most cases, we won’t change anything either, so you can keep the same site, the same design, the same navigation. If we can see any structural changes that need to be implemented in order to help your search results, we’ll outline those changes and the expected results before we make them. 

    We’ll take you through any code changes we need to make and, in most cases, can make those changes for you. Working with Shout you’ll soon learn the Shout difference. Before we dive in, we learn, we discover, we communicate, and we align. And any alterations we do, we do for better performance. Not based on guesswork or experimentation, but based on expertise, experience, knowledge, and understanding. 

    A content strategy incorporates keyword research that targets your landing pages, niche terms, social media campaigns, digital marketing efforts and blogging endeavours. You can also choose to implement video marketing as part of your content strategy, and tie it all together to effectively nurture and educate users across various platforms. For SEO, keyword-driven, high-quality and engaging content is key for good rankings. Here are some steps we take to create a content strategy for SEO.

    1. Start with a list of topics that you’d like your web content to focus on.
    2. From that list of topics, write your list of keywords. Don’t forget long-tail keywords.
    3. Create a page for each of the topics you’ve identified. One page won’t rank for a suite of keywords.
    4. Start creating content. The type of content you create will largely depend on your target audience and how they like to consume that content, but some effective formats include:

    ·   Blogs

    ·   Social media campaigns

    ·   Landing pages

    ·   Video marketing

    ·   Email marketing

    ·   eBooks and whitepapers

    ·   Infographics

    ·   Case studies

    ·   Interviews or commentary

    ·   Podcasts

    ·   Listicles

             Make sure your keywords and long-tail keywords feature in all of your created content.

    5.          Map out a calendar to regularly schedule your posts and activity.

    6.          We’ll help you write a link-building plan where other sources on the net link back to your site.

    7.          Optimise for mobile, by ensuring your posts and media files are of a suitable size.

    8.          We’ll ensure you’re always on the cutting edge of best practice, updates, trends and changes in strategy.

    9.          Measure and track with our analytical tools, SEO experts, partnerships and affiliations to ensure that your efforts aren’t going to waste, ever.

    Keyword research is the process of identifying and validating specific search terms that a consumer may type into their search engine such as Google or Bing. The point of this research is to identify specific data about the user behaviours and the potency of the words to make your strategy more effective. There is a number of ways you can carry out keyword research for SEO, but at Shout, we prefer to use powerful keyword research tools such as the following platforms:

    • Keyword Planner
    • Ahrefs
    • SEMRush
    • Google suggested searches
    • People May Ask snippets
    • Social media trends
    • Google Analytics and more.

    By working on the value of your content and carefully weaving in the right keywords for your audience/brand, you’ll be able to see your site climb up Google search results. However, there is also a lot of technical work both on and off-site that needs to be done properly, which is why we always recommend getting an SEO expert agency to do it for you. 

    Even if it’s an accident, taking the wrong path can damage your brand permanently and may result in a penalty from Google. It’s best to see a Melbourne specialist like Shout. SEO is no longer just about keywords. If your agency is telling you that it is, tear up your contract. 

    We can improve your SEO campaign by helping you build and create relevant content and keep it fresh and engaging. We can ensure your site’s metadata is working as it should, Shout will ensure you have sustainable and quality backlinks and we’ll use all the necessary alt-tags in your images, videos and text descriptions.

    It absolutely can. And with Shout, it absolutely will. Search engine optimisation puts your business higher on search results. Most searchers will only look at the higher-ranked businesses on Google or whatever search engine they’re using. 

    So, the higher your business ranks, the more traffic you get. More traffic is the first step you need to take to increase sales and drive leads – which Shout can also help you with. Think of brick-and-mortar stores on the high street. A street presence is crucial for visibility, awareness and traffic. 

    A good ranking on Google and other search engines can act as your virtual shop window by getting your site served up higher in the result rankings, just like social media marketing services can on the likes of Facebook. Thus, driving people into your store. Once you have those leads on your site, like people browsing a store on high street, they may not always follow through to a sale, but the important thing is, nudging them all the way through the sales funnel once you have their precious attention. A store environment has the added advantage of a shop assistant who can guide a prospective sale. Your website has to do all of that. 

    So, while search engine visibility is a tried and true way to generate leads and drive traffic, it’s only the start of the process that relies on a lot of other factors working in harmony to result in the conversion. But don’t worry, as a full-service digital agency, Shout has all the knowledge, expertise and passion to get your entire digital ecosystem working together to generate and convert more sales.

    An SEO agency will recommend SEO. An SEM agency will recommend SEM. And guess what, a PPC agency will say that’s the only way to go. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Shout will look at your web pages’ current positions in Google’s search results, your digital marketing budget, goals, and your needs to determine what will work best. It might be SEO. It might be SEM. It might be PPC. Or it might be a mixture of all three, or none of the three. 


    The important step is identifying where your best traffic is most likely to come from and target that. The biggest difference is that SEO is the organic effort that goes into your marketing initiatives through search engines (Google, Bing etc). It is linked to your website to drive traffic there. 



    SEO is designed to give you results that are long-term and slower paced to begin with. It’s an investment into the future, allowing you to solidify rankings that stay where they need to be for the long run, rather than just while your campaign is live (like PPC). However, it’s important to note that this does mean SEO is slower to collect results in the beginning but builds up to be a powerful option that you’ll thank yourself for later. 



    SEM performs a similar task, but is the paid promotion of your website to increase visibility in search results. This is usually done through paid advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) is very similar to SEM and usually a faster way to get traffic, but can be a more costly choice. SEO is a more organic option, meaning you’ll get where you’re going slower, but should enjoy longer term results. 



    Pay-per-click models – like Google Ads – are designed to deliver instant, bid-based results. You effectively pay by the click, tweaking your campaign to suit the nature of your product, service or offer at the time. As trends change, your campaign will need to adjust, so it’s important to have an expert on the case. You can do all three, and give yourself a boost before your traffic kicks in. It all depends on your appetite and your budget. And the technical SEO experts, pay per click consultants and SEM agency at Shout Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney will be with you at every step of your decision-making process, and campaign lifecycle. 

    Our search engine experts start with understanding where your business is now – both in terms of searchability and the processes you have in place to convert the traffic you get – what your business goals are and how much traffic you can handle. We develop a plan. Depending on what your needs are and who your customers are and where those customers can best be reached online. We’ll also take into account when planning, how many channels will help you get the best bang for your buck. 


    As your digital marketing company, will look at niche strategies and mass strategies. We’ll find ways to boost your brand’s authority. After all, the only strategy that matters is the one that works. Then, throughout the campaign, we constantly monitor and tweak to ensure you maintain the traffic flow you need to drive your sales funnel. And while monitor and tweak sounds simple, it involves a detailed and intricate ongoing audit loop of competitor analysis, keyword optimisation, consultation and refinement.

    The simple answer is, ‘it depends”. And, while this is true, it’s not very helpful. Good SEO can only be measured on the returns you get. If you get the traffic you need to increase sales without losing margin, $50,000 can be a bargain. If you don’t get the traffic you need, $5,000 is too much. It’s why we only agree to take on clients who we know we can realistically help. 


    How do we know if we can help you or not? Great question. We start with a free SEO audit of your current activity. That’s how we can truly understand your current baseline and where our experts can move the needle. If the size of the prize isn’t worth your investment, we’ll be upfront and honest about that and walk away. If we identify that our X-chart modelling does have room for substantial growth, we’ll engage with you, map out the plan and once we gain your approval, get to work. 


    In terms of how fast we can get your strategy formulated and your campaign live, usually as soon as two weeks from your first payment. This gives us time to fully understand your business needs, identify the best audience to target and the optimal strategies for reaching those customers, to set goals we both agree on and map out a search plan which all parties involved can understand, agree on, invest in and have the confidence that it will work for your business objectives.

    At Shout, our loyal customers keep coming back because of our open, upfront and transparent working model. We don’t keep our work locked up in a secret vault. Instead, we take you along for the ride and educate you at every step of the way. This ensures we’re a united team, making the best and most informed decisions, together. 

    One way we’ll always keep you informed is through real-time updates of all your activity, your search engine rankings and the traffic you’re getting via Shout’s unique dashboard on our online reporting portal. 

    We will also provide customised monthly, quarterly and yearly reports, as well as weekly reports (if required) for live campaigns, setting out agreed metrics and KPIs. We have two speeds of reporting that you can choose, depending on your workflow, organisational cadence and natural operational speed. We offer either weekly WIPs or monthly WIPs that are designed to be brief yet informative check-ins to ensure everything we’re doing is working. 

    In the rare circumstances that it isn’t performing as it should, we’re able to act swiftly to course correct, tweak, test, optimise and implement to get the activity back on track.

    Invaluable insights

    Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

    Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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