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Dropped down the rankings? Call us, and we'll fix it

There are so many reasons why your site may have copped a drop in the rankings through a Google penalty assessment. It could be as simple as your old site being not seen by the new algorithm – and we know how much the algorithm changes! It's okay. We can look at your site and see what needs to be done to get you back on top right away.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

Our proven Google penalty recovery process

Getting it right on Google is hugely rewarding to your business. Getting it wrong can cost your bottom line. Our simple process makes sure you never pay that price.


Careful planning

We’ll make sure you don’t drop your ranking, or the ball. Our team will work with you and Google parameters to get set up, keep you compliant, avoid penalties before they happen, or take swift action when they do to ensure a quick recovery.


Content creation

Our expert consultants know what Google likes. So we’ll create the assets that keep you highly ranked like quality, original content. We’ll find and remove the issues that earn penalties like keyword stuffing, hidden text, unnatural links or re-directs.


Ongoing monitoring

There’s no email notification when Google penalises your site. It takes constant scrutiny of your analytics so our specialist consultants stay on top of your search ranking, and take immediate steps when needed to get you back up and running.


Smart optimisation

The digital landscape likes change. At Shout, we optimise (being careful not to over-optimise) your site through your Google Search Console and backend to ensure you don’t get tripped up by algorithm updates again.

We'll take the sting out of Google penalty recovery.

Our experts know all the ins and outs to Google penalties, and we are ready to help. We’ll show you how you can take the top spot on searches, and stay there with effective SEO content that always speaks to changing algorithms.

Growth without the pains.
That's the Shout way.

So much can go wrong. What happens if your keywords don’t put your site on the front page of a Google search? Or your key pages have disappeared? Has traffic slowed down? Or have you dropped down the rankings like a piano falling off a building?

Chances are that you’ve just copped a Google penalty. But whatever happens on Google, we're here to make it right.

Penalties happen.

Maybe you got hacked and don’t know who’s done what to your site. This actually happens – and it can be embarrassing and frustrating. We get it.

Maybe you were playing to the old rules but got tripped up by the new Google algorithm updates. This happens a lot too.

Our Google penalty assessments experts can pinpoint and help you fix the issue. We keep the stuff you need, and everything that works. And, of course we get rid of the things that got you penalised in the first place.

Then we get Google to recheck your site.

We’ll see if a penalty has been applied. If one has, we’ll be able to see what penalty you’ve been hit with and which update has been affected (Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, whatever).

We'll tweak your tactics to work.

Maybe your current agency tried too hard. They could have tried to bend the rules to get an edge on the competition and over-optimise your site. It’s possible they used user-generated spam techniques to get more attention, and maybe the Google bots saw that coming. They might have used some black hat SEO to stuff more keywords in than is allowed by the search engines. It’s possible they used hidden text, or used unnatural links or re-directs.

These are all tactics that might have worked before but now the search engine bots are smarter than ever before, and can see it all a mile off.

Our digital marketing experts are here to put a fix to all that through a full Google penalty recovery. It’s our job, and we’re proud of what we do for businesses like yours every day.

We’re ready to lift your business back up where it belongs.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

Meet our Google penalty recovery consulting team.

We'll help you stick to the rules.

The rules change every time Google updates their algorithm. Most of the time, you’re not affected, but if you have even slightly bent one of the rules, you’ll need expert help to get back on the front page – and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

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Make friends with Google again.

Google wants everyone to play fair. If you break the rules, you go to the back of the internet (the third page of search). Whether it’s a Google Penguin recovery or Google Panda recovery, Shout’s penalty consultants can help.

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What if you did nothing wrong?

It’s okay. We know who to talk to. We know what they need to see, and what they need to hear. We’ll audit your site and make sure it complies with the latest Google bot algorithm. And then we’ll prepare the report that gets you back to the top.

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Results worth shouting about

Get back on track after a slap from Google.

Google penalty recovery FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions about penalty recovery.

Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

Google Penalty check is a tool that helps you determine whether Google is penalising your website. It gives you a better understanding of how healthy your site is and is displayed in easy to read the graphical form to determine what steps you need to take next to improve your website.

Google’s search algorithm is their bread and butter. It makes the company a lot of money and is the brains behind their super-fast, hyper-accurate and very impressive search engine. Essentially, their algorithm is what keeps Google at number one. So they’re very protective of it. 

To keep it in peak condition, Google constantly tweaks, optimises and updates its algorithms to provide searchers with the best results possible. And to do this, it needs to slap sites on the wrist that don’t abide by their strict Webmaster Guidelines.

While Google doesn’t necessarily refer to them as penalties, it feels like your website has been penalised when it occurs. What this means is that your websites’ organic search ranking has been impacted negatively. This happens when there has been an algorithm update, or a manual action has taken place which can impact your rankings or even result in your site being removed from results. 

Google penalty check is a tool that helps you determine whether your site has been hit, which ultimately affects your site traffic. It gives you a better understanding of how healthy your site is and is displayed in easy-to-read graphical form to determine what changed in the algorithm. It will also tell you when it changed, how your website has been impacted and which steps you need to take next to improve your website traffic. 

At Shout, we use a number of penalty check tools that can quickly and easily identify the issue and allow us to take swift recovery actions to get your web traffic flowing again. 

After Google makes an algorithm update, you might notice that your site has taken a dip in rankings. This could mean that you’ve been penalised, or that other sites now align better with the new algorithm factors.

A smart thing to do would then be to log into Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and look at your organic traffic. If there is a drop in traffic during an algorithmic change, you were most likely penalised, and that is why there was a significant dent in your traffic. If it’s clear that the update has hit your site, then it’s time to determine which kind of penalty so the Shout team can instigate the right mode of recovery.

There are several ways you can stop getting penalties, and at Shout Digital, we manage these, so clients don’t get penalised. These include not overusing keywords as this can seriously hurt your rankings, creating quality and original content, and lastly, not using link schemes.

In general, avoid any bad SEO practices like:

  1. keyword stacking, 
  2. poor quality content, 
  3. automatically generated content or 
  4. too much duplicated content. 

The length of the manual penalty depends on the severity and extent of the infraction. But essentially, it will last until you rectify the issue. Slight cases can last for around 30 days, and others can be much longer. Your website can receive multiple penalties at one time, which takes more time to recover. Once a penalty is rectified and lifted, it can be a long time before your site recovers its traffic, if at all.

That’s why you really need an expert to sort out the issue for you. If you’re having doubts or concerns about your site, ask us how to avoid this stressful, costly and time-consuming situation.

There are two types of penalties: Google algorithm penalties and manual penalties. Manual ones are those given by a Google employee, not the algorithm. They’re given to pages with clear quality and/or security issues. 

A website flagged for a manual review by a staffer, is often triggered by thin content, unnatural spammy links pointing to their site, pure webspam and other non-compliant issues that are clearly violating Google’s guidelines.

However, Google manual penalty recovery is much simpler to implement than algorithm penalties. They’re quicker to identify and easier to fix.

Our team at Shout can determine whether your website is clean well before a penalty may occur. However, should this happen, cleaning it up straight away can resolve the issue and get you back on the right track swiftly.

Yes. Google penalties have cute little names, but don’t be fooled by their cuteness.

Panda is the name of the penalty for keyword stuffing, grammatical errors and poor-quality content. Panda Penalty aims for content lacking quality from making it in the top search results. 

Penguin is the name given to a penalty for black hat linking tactics that exploit website loopholes and employ unethical tactics to drive traffic. Penguin Penalty detects webspam and ensures there aren’t too many unnatural links.

Those are the cutely named penalties that are far from cute. However, these little cuties are designed to favour sites that are doing the right thing. Pigeon rewards sites for having solid local signals and Hummingbird rewards sites for their mobile responsiveness. 

Google panda recovery and Google penguin recovery is best left to the experts at Shout. These animals are significant penalties that need a well-trained digital zookeeper to tame.

Recovering from a penalty isn’t something you need to do alone, and at Shout Digital, we are only too happy to help you move forward. Once the penalty has been identified, swift action is needed to remove what led to your penalty to make a quick recovery. Ask us how!

There are many reasons why Google may target a website with penalisation. These tend to be because of manipulative methods to increase website ranking, or you’re proving a poor experience for those that visit your website. This can be avoided with the right type of set up by our team at Shout Digital.

To get a manual penalty lifted, you will need to apply for reconsideration after taking corrective measures. Once this has been granted, it may to a short two months to recover. However, the time it takes for longer for Google’s algorithms to trust your site again will be even longer.

Yes, it is possible to be banned from Google and easily avoided with the right website support from an agency like ours. Sure ways of being banned are from hiding text on your website, copy and pasting information from other websites without creating your content, link bulking and using super popular but unrelated keywords.

Google will most likely penalise your website by manual action or algorithm. When a Google search algorithm is updated, you may suffer a drop in ratings. Alternatively, the spam team at Google may identify an issue on your site and issue a warning that will need to be rectified asap. 

Learn from a ranking drop to grow faster the next time.

So, something’s happened, and all of a sudden, you’re sinking down Google’s search rankings. What can you do to get your business’s web presence back on track? What can you do to get out of trouble and soar above all your expectations? See how far you can take your business with a Shout X-Chart. And once you’ve fixed all the problems, you should see where you can invest and grow your business, and watch the clicks roll in with a Shout X-Chart.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

You can either get to work fixing the problem that brought on the Google assessment, or strip everything back and see if you can rebuild your rankings from scratch. 

Whatever you choose, that’s up to you, though this is a perfect time to see where your business can go and your strategy can improve with a Shout X-Chart.  Just fixing your appeal to search engines will deliver great results, but what we find when we put together your X-Chart, will inspire you to go even further. 

With an X-Chart, we investigate what can happen to your website when you invest in SEO. You’ll get a set of numbers that you can rely on because everything you see on the X-Chart is guaranteed. You’ll find out how much your business will grow, what sort of conversion you would expect to get and how much you will profit from your investment. It truly is your next step to success – it’s just up to you how far you want to take it.

There’s usually a few simple things we can do to get your ranking back up to scratch after a Google Penalty Assessment. 

We can all agree it’s important to get your website at least back onto the first page of search, because, when was the last time you scrolled past that, if ever? 

Getting it all fixed now is just the beginning. You’ll want to know more. 

This is where your X-Chart will take you further. It’s where you find out how your message can get out there and be on top of rankings in the long term.

At Shout, we know what’s needed as long as you are smart with your investment.

How much should you invest, and what can you reasonably expect to receive from your investment? Your Shout X-Chart answers all this and more. 

We guarantee your success. How far do you want to go? 

First trajectory

A minimal investment can bring instant results. This is when we use Google SEO for website for lead generation. Traffic will rise, and you’ll see what happens when you get the experts at Shout to help improve your SEO.

Second trajectory

More investment in upgraded SEO packages Australia can bring you towards the top of many more Google search rankings. Visitors from everywhere and more people fill their baskets. This is a brilliant way to lift your online search rankings, but is it enough? 

Good question. Let’s look at the third trajectory. 

Third trajectory

The third trajectory is when we try every strategy, every trick in the book for your business to skyrocket to the top even faster and for much longer. It’s a big investment for big results. 

Luckily, you can trust us to deliver because not only do we guarantee this success, but we’re known widely as the best SEO agency in Australia. You’ll simply get amazing results. Don’t think of it as expensive because the results will come in. Put simply, it’s the SEO performance trajectory that we guarantee will outperform your competitors on the world stage. Guaranteed.

Of course, SEO agencies make promises, but the predictions you see on your X-Chart are not only accurate, but you’ll also get the service to help you achieve these predictions every step of the way. 

If something needs to be changed, if goalposts shift, if your rankings start to slide again, we can be counted on 24/7 to fix the problem. That’s why we came up with the Shout X-Chart. Our clients told us that it was hard to trust SEO agencies, and we completely understand why you would think this way. 

But what makes us proud is that they’ve also told us that with Shout, they know exactly what they’re going to get, and what results they expect. We just get it. We rely on your business success, and we’re proud of what we can do.

Part of the reason we love our work is that businesses trust us with their most important marketing challenges. We don’t just get you up to the top of the search engines, we have experts equipped with the knowledge and experience to take on almost any SEO related business task. We don’t just specialise in one discipline, we can do it all. There’s barely an SEO optimization specialty we haven’t had experience with. 

For example, we’re skilled experts in the various specialties within SEO, too. Including, but not limited to campaigns for:

And if you don’t see what you need here, we probably do that too. So just get in touch. So, let’s set up a consultation, and together we’ll look at your X-Chart. It’s free and there’s no obligation. It’s just your chance to see what we can guarantee after we have fixed all of your issues with the latest Google algorithm.

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