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Turn customer data into a winning strategy

Customer Data is the tracks of human behaviour. By following the right tracks, Shout’s customer data marketing experts can see trends earlier, define clearer goals, make insightful decisions, plus act and react when needed to ensure your campaigns drive sustainable growth.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

Our process works smarter with customer data, not harder.

When we see your customer data, we look beyond the numbers to identify the faces of your target audience. We know Facebook and Google are getting expensive and more competitive to deliver the same results you used to get a year ago. That’s why the power to change lies in your 1st party data. These four steps are how we use insights to get you a competitive edge.


Kick off consultation

Do you have an online marketing database of prospects, clients and leads? Do you know where your business sits in the competitive mix? Do you have the information about what your customers are searching for and when, purchasing vs browsing and whether they are buying in-store, online or both? Or are you just starting to gather customer data overall?

Do you spend too much on Facebook and Google and rely too heavily on these 3rd party platforms? Before we build up our 1st party data momentum for you, we’ll gather all the necessary data we can, about you and what your individual situation requires.


Data-driven strategy development

At Shout, we only use the most appropriate, effective, and up-to-date methods to build you a bespoke strategy. We’ll evaluate what state your customer data is in, whether you are collecting enough data points on your customer to build out a 1st party data program and what marketing activity you are undertaking to deliver the best ROI you can achieve. From there, we’ll work with you to build out a strategy and roadmap for growth.


Executing to a plan

As one of the best customer data marketing agencies in Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering you results, time and time again. We can achieve this by executing our strategy with transparency, commitment to results and accountability at every step. So you’re never left wondering where your investment is going.


Review, optimise, correct

At Shout, our satisfied customers keep coming back to us over and over again because we deliver the results we’ve promised. And on those rare occasions that we’ve missed the bullseye, wastage is minimised through a constant process of review, adaptation and optimisation. Sure, we’re not perfect, but it’s a destination we aim for with everything we do.

Personalise your brand, power up your profits.

By developing strategies based on these insights, not on assumptions, we create campaigns that deliver results now, and in the future, to drive business growth. Shall we get started?

Let's get your 1st party customer data delivering a better ROI.

Our approach is simple. Find the things that work. And make them work harder. Match the strategy to your business goals and your marketing goals, so you get real results. Using your 1st party customer data to deliver results.

Take the hard data and give you an even harder, sharper competitive edge. By developing strategies based on the data, not on the "I reckons", we create campaigns that drive business growth, campaigns that deliver results, and campaigns that work now and continue to work for you.

And we offer a complete suite of services and offerings, from site analysis to campaign development, regularly tested, measured, learned and optimised to make your campaigns more effective over time.

Data is the tracks of human behaviour. By following the right tracks we can see trends earlier, define clearer goals, make insightful decisions and act and react when we need to to ensure your campaigns drive sustainable growth. Clarity matters. having a clear view of the data helps you become more effective, faster. We make sure you have access to all the facts, and know what the facts mean, so you know what needs to be improved, what needs to be started, and what needs to be changed to create more success.

We’re ready to devise, analyse and optimise your data.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

Our marketing analysis experts identify hidden growth opportunities.

Targeting opportunities.

We’ve learned that, if you want to build great a data-driven marketing strategy, you have to start with the foundation. The database. Because we know when you get who you’re talking to right, the rest follows.

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Responsive opportunities.

From highly visual dashboards that highlight transaction data that matters, to real-time reporting for real-time actions and real-time outcomes, Shout makes sure the right analysis helps you take the right action.

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Expansion opportunities.

Our experts deliver truly effective data marketing to give you a clearer view of customers and their behaviour. Because this helps you create clear strategies, and provides transparent reporting to help you run genuine marketing programs.

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Results worth shouting about

Looking for a data driven marketing strategy?

Database marketing services FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around database marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

The term database marketing is in reference to the practice of direct marketing that leverages customer data at your disposal such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, customer service support tickets, transaction history and so on. 

This type of marketing enables the experience for your customer to be personalised or can be used to attract potential clients.

Sometimes reading acquisition data can be a little bit tricky, which is why our team of experienced experts at Shout can help you work through your data needs. In other words, sometimes it’s best if you don’t read the insights yourself if you’re unfamiliar with it. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

However, the key to reading marketing data is trying to gain existing customers and their insights, as well as overall trends through analytics and metrics available. This allows you to understand your position and improve on it with your next marketing effort. Narrow the focus and read a little bit at a time for better understanding.

At Shout, we follow a streamlined process and recommend some of these steps:

  • Establish your campaign KPIs and focus on them

  • Know what you want the information to answer

  • Focus on big business outcomes

  • Compare results with KPIs

  • Merge online data with offline insights about your consumer 

  • Look for patterns over time with the help of demographic data visualisation

The main and most crucial benefit of database marketing is being able to personalise your brand. Through this, you can identify your most loyal or first-time customers, what loyalty programs best suit each individual and how to deliver better customer service to them.

This is just a small handful of benefits, ask us how we can implement our database marketing services and email marketing services to help your brand.

Big data marketing is the term used for the use of large amounts of both structured and unstructured customer data that is gathered during the day-to-day business, to improve your marketing campaigns. This includes online purchase information, browsing behaviours, social media interactions and much, much more. It’s not necessarily about the amount of information that is collected, although there is a lot, but more so about the quality.

The rapid growth of the global market is largely attributed to the rapidly growing desire to make all business insights usable and actionable by marketers for a competitive advantage. The proliferation of IoT devices is accelerating this expansion of big data solutions.

When employing a data-driven approach, a direct marketing strategy is used to enable the examination and organisation of a company’s information so that they can serve customers in a way that is personalised to them. 

Our team or analysis experts are on hand to talk you through how we do this and can work towards choosing the right database marketing efforts for your business.

Using analytics with customer data enables businesses or agencies like ours to evaluate the success of advertising by measuring performance. 

The prospect data comes from a range of channels, including ROI, social media platforms, customer interaction with the website and so on. In its simplicity, it tells you how your marketing is performing.

When analysing your marketing data, there can be a maze of information with its many twists and turns. Your attention should be focussed on the numbers and is best interpreted by someone with knowledge of statistics and math. 

Want help with analysing your marketing insights? Ask how our database marketers can help. We have an in house Google analytics consultant team standing by to help you analyse your customer data.

Data-driven marketing is recommended because it helps optimise personalized communications based on the information you have gathered about your customers. Using this information, you are able to predict their needs, future behaviours and desires when it comes to interacting with products or services. Delivering such personalised services enables the highest return on investment.

Data-driven marketing isn’t just limited to B2C business either. B2B data marketing is a very powerful tool to ensure your business is talking to the right decision-makers at the right moments about your business and how it can help your potential customers.

Customer data comes from a variety of places, including your website, social media and ROI statistics to name just a few. To manage and explain this to you, a DB marketing agency like Shout can help you move organise, store and compile all your information to help you make smarte rbusiness decisions and marketing strategies.

Marketing databases are an important source of customer information and as a garden plant, will offer fruits with the right care, attention and nurturing.

Database marketing is one of the most valuable business resources that are also scalable and easily repeated. 

Communications are optimised based on information gathered from potential customers that enable their needs to be predicted and their future behaviours prepared for. Overall, it enables you to better use your resources for getting the highest conversion rates for your brand.

Strategic database marketing companies like Shout will not only help you understand the benefits of this information, but will also ensure your team is taken along the journey with us, trained and knowledgeable about our proven methods at every step of the way.

Yes, which is why a lot of online marketing database agencies like us manage this for businesses. We are well equipped and experienced when it comes to managing these challenges, and so far there hasn’t been one too big for us to tackle. That means we can handle your database marketing challenges so you can get back to business.

Here are a range of commonly faced challenges that we help our clients overcome;

  • Too many sources or silos

  • Poor quality information

  • Lack of resources to harness the insights (like marketing automation tools)

  • The ongoing time and financial costs of putting it to good use

  1. Alignment and accountability. The numbers don’t lie. Sure, they can be interpreted in different ways, but data-driven marketing decisions can help align an organisation and build teamwork. They can create more transparent decision making that are using data as the agreed roadmap, and also build accountability with simple measurement and reconciliation against company objectives. Essentially, data-driven marketing decisions have a roadmap by which to operate from. That creates far less stabbing in the dark and a lot more decision making based on fact.

  2. Constant improvement. Over time, data-driven marketing decisions get better and better for the organisation because by nature, they’re a process of researching, learning, implementing, measuring, and repeating. So it forces an organisation to constantly monitor activity in a way that otherwise would not be possible. As a result, these incremental tweaks, improvements and optimisations build to an overall improvement in the efficiency and business performance of the organisation. Will less marketing budget being wasted, the improvement to the bottom line is also a welcomed benefit.

  3. Decision making speed. When an organisation uses data-driven analytics to inform their decision making, there’s less room for opinion, gut feelings, bias or misalignment based on the analytical, data-driven recommendations. Over time, the reliability of the information and the positive outcomes it informs, further speeds up the decision-making process and build confidence that the marketing department is doing exactly what they need to be doing. This in turn works to build a consistently high-performing organisation where information is fuelling a win-win situation.

  4. Identifying unnecessary expenses. Data and the management, storage, mining and analysing of it aren’t cheap activities for a business to invest in. However, insights and the analysis of it could well identify areas of your business that are wasting money. Data is excellent at identifying ROI and which marketing activity is carrying their weight and those that are wasting the company’s time, effort and resources.

Grow your customer database with clarity.

A deep understanding of your audience is the best way to set your business up for the most growth. Knowing their motivations, their tastes, their triggers and how all of these elements change over time, will put you and your business in the box seat for capitalise on their purchase decisions. At Shout, we’re obsessed with data. And that’s what we intend to put to work, in order to help your business boom.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

The data experts at Shout don’t look at your data and see numbers, we see your customer’s future behavior. So if you’re looking for experts in data driven marketing, marketing analysis and database marketing services, you’ve found us. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, and as a result, offer the best direct mail marketing services, available. 

Starting with a simple 30-minute consultation, the experts at Shout can have your business on its way to growth, guaranteed. How? Through a Shout X-Chart, which shows you the sales we forecast for your business over 3-, 6- and 12-month periods. Based on your business and your needs, we’ll put together a tailored roadmap for guaranteed growth.

Our X-Chart is the result of our tried and tested method of combining our expertise in digital marketing with your intimate knowledge of your business. Together, we’ll identify your growth sweet spot, we’ll formulate a plan of how to get there, and we’ll map out the necessary steps to achieve that growth. And that agreed growth benchmark is guaranteed. Something we pride ourselves on delivering, time and time again, to clients big and small, in industries of all shapes and sizes. 

Almost everything we do, every single day, is measurable, trackable, recorded and analysed to some extent.

Since the smartphone became so ubiquitous, there aren’t many aspects of modern life that don’t leave a trail of data behind. Every scroll, like, text, call, click, browse, search, tweet and view gets recorded, stored, processed and used to predict your next online behaviour.

While some see it as an invasion of privacy, others see it as table stakes for the life we lead. There’s a certain value exchange in Google giving you free Gmail. So, big data marketing was born. And it’s not going anywhere. 

Building and maintaining an online marketing database is crucial to your ongoing success in db marketing. So before you can use this rich information, you first have to gather the right information. At Shout, we’re well versed in some of the more common methods of getting the most valuable customer information out of potential and existing customers. 

  • Hosting Webinars

  • Conducting Surveys

  • Offering Coupons and Discounts

  • Content marketing

  • Web forms

  • Business Transactions

  • Email Correspondence

  • Social Media Engagement

  • LinkedIn Connections

  • Event Hosting

All of these activities are excellent ways of getting to know your customer, and each come with their own value exchange. It’s a lot easier to convince a lead to give up some of their own information if they’re getting something they value in return.

Of course, if you’re performing B2B data marketing, the kinds of customer information you’ll need to get are more company-related, like people’s names, titles, employer name and tenure at that company. Details about their employer, like the number of employees, location, estimated annual revenue, key company stakeholders and decision-makers and existing B2B relationships that could impact your marketing communications. 

For B2C customer database marketing, the information must be more personal than that. You’re less interested about their organisation and more curious about the individual. Their name, contact details, gender and any other demographic information you can access, their location, their family make up, their past and current shopping behaviours and their likes/dislikes in regards to your specific area of business. 

Sound good? Get in touch with our database marketing experts to get the ball rolling. Reel in more customer data for research-backed strategies that work for your bottom line.

Invaluable insights

Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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