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How we can align your sales and marketing to help you grow.

Discover the benefits of aligning marketing with sales for dramatically improved ROI and growth.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

Learn our four-step process

Kick things off with a clear-cut process from the Shout experts, outlining our intentions for powerful sales marketing alignment.


Let’s talk

In this first big step, we’ll discuss how your sales team currently operates and where opportunities sit. From there, we can better understand how aligning sales and marketing strategies for your business would work best, highlighting the ways we’d like to fill in these gaps.


Careful strategising

After learning more about your operations, we’ll undertake a thorough research session to cultivate and establish a sales and marketing alignment strategy that gives us step-by-step actions to take. This keeps all parties informed on when goals should be met and the results that we expect to hit by the end of each phase.



Here we go. We’ll dive into your strategy and roll it out in all the best ways. Watch as your teams become more proactive and in line with each other, giving consistent results that feed into each department of your business. As your marketing continues to pour in leads, your sales team can take them head on to turn them into life-long conversions. 


Time to refine

The most important part of this process is to revise and assess the benefits of sales and marketing alignment from our specialists, and then tweak it so that it can do even more. From KPIs to ROI and all the insights in-between, we’ll optimise our approach to ensure your brand gets the maximum bang for its buck. If one aspect becomes stale, we’ll refresh it.

Let's help your sales and marketing make beautiful music together.

Set up an SEO consultation and one of our SEO digital strategists can talk you through how we work and how effective good SEO can be for your business, how easy it is to align an effective SEO campaign to your existing digital strategy, and how many times better you can expect your online marketing to be.

Aligning sales and marketing strategies grows your business.

Think for a second, on replacing the traditional sales funnel with a revenue cycle. With new digital technology and processes, the prospects of better alignment are truly exciting. Shout can show you how to maximise those opportunities for your business.
Shout can outline relevant case studies and recent best process that helps you understand the ‘how’of sales and marketing alignment once you’ve grasped the essentials of ‘why’ alignment is critical. And, perhaps the most critical part is seamless and accountable goal sharing. Getting sales and marketing to create shared goals paves the way towards getting your teams working together more efficiently.

It all leads to better lead generation. The modern digital consumer doesn’t operate in a linear fashion as the sales funnel might imply. Think more of a revenue cycle. Always turning. And always capturing leads. This is more effective when both teams work together to identify opportunities throughout the process.
Defining the right metrics is crucial. Defining the shared measures of success is vital to common accountabilities. Then you can see the real benefits of aligning both your sales and marketing functions. Let Shout show you how your business can enjoy better teamwork, better results and dramatically improved ROI.

We're ready to get your sales and marketing singing together in perfect harmony.

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Our experts know marketing. They know sales too. Let's grow your business together.

Aligned customer lifecycle activity

Let Shout show you how great things can happen when both teams are planning for customer lifecycle activity. Both control the process right through the various stages in the funnel.

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More control equals more focus for everyone

Alignment opens the possibility of a more systematic and controllable end-to-end lead management process. Everyone knows where they fit and what they can expect from every other team member.

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Shout helps you manage the process, end-to-end

Shout’s B2B and digital marketing experts can help you make sure your activity, your marketing needs, your sales team and your sales funnel are all working towards a common, accountable goal.

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Results worth shouting about

Your on-call sales and marketing alignment experts.

Sales marketing alignment FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

Digital and online sales and marketing has advanced to the point where consumers and businesses will often try and avoid dealing with a sales consultant completely, which means it is vital to have automated, digital sales and marketing strategies that allow consumers and businesses to move through the entire sales funnel.

Sales and marketing are symbiotic and to be successful the two need to not only co-exist but work together. Put simply, you cannot generate revenue without sales but you cannot sell the products and/or services without marketing so the two need to work hand-in-hand.

While the two work together, they should be separate divisions within any organisation. Each department has enormous responsibility and those responsibilities should be kept independent of each other to ensure both departments are working efficiently. While they work in tandem with each other, there is too much involved in each division to try and merge them into one.

While these departments do work independently of each other, there needs to be alignment when it comes to goals, decisions, pricing and many more points. The research involved in marketing should be used in sales as well, identifying buyer personas and demographics so this information can be used in targeted and display advertising.

Because both sales and marketing teams have interaction with potential and actual customers and clients at different points in the customer journey, it is important that both departments are aligned so the messaging and goals are the same. This improves sales, makes scalability simpler and improves revenue and growth.

Aside from presenting a united front to customers during their journey and touchpoints with your business, alignment results in reduced costs and overheads, greater efficiencies and an increase in growth which means more revenue and profit for your company and more scope to grow.

Alignment results in a range of benefits including shorter sales cycles, fewer missed quotas, greater productivity through the use of shared data and analytics and a much-improved sales efficiency as this alignment optimises the process of both departments.

Proper marketing and sales alignment can lead to a 32 per cent increase in year-on-year revenue according to the Aberdeen Group. Wheelhouse Advisors have also shown that alignment can lead to 208 per cent growth in marketing revenue while MarketingProfs research has shown that this alignment also equates to a rise in sales win rates of 38 per cent.

The differences between B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) sales and marketing alignment are minimal. The alignment still involves presenting a unified front and having the same goals, the same data and the same buyer personas. The only real difference is one focuses on businesses and the other focuses on consumers in general.

HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing and sales platform that can assist in making sales and marketing alignment simpler through automation and by providing a central platform that both departments can operate from. That provides complete visibility to both departments and helps streamline and improve alignment.

There are many and this should be researched depending on your business, product and goals. These best practices include understanding your target audience, their demographics and behaviours. It also involves clearly defined role and responsibilities across both sales and marketing departments so that the right messaging is reaching the right people.

There are many technologies and platforms out there (like HubSpot) that can assist. Using third-party platforms is a great starting point because of the visibility it offers across both sales and marketing departments. It allows you to achieve alignment while keeping both departments separate to function autonomously while working towards common goals.

Invaluable insights

Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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    iconIt only takes a few minutes!