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Sometimes, the easiest way to grow is to gain re-consideration with your consideration set.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

How our process harnesses the power of retargeting.

First impressions count, but second impressions pay off. A Google remarketing campaign targeting the same customer with a different offer can lead to serious business growth – and here’s how we can help you get there.


Work out how remarketing can work for you

One of the strengths of Google remarketing ads as a strategy is that it’s very cost-effective. You’re speaking to people already known to you so there aren’t any wasted clicks. We’ll start with your allocated budget, brainstorm what you want to say, and work from there.


Plan to bring your buyers back through search ads

This is when we get to work on a plan to retarget your customers to get them to come back to your website and fill their shopping carts. We develop a strategy based on best, current practices, what we’ve seen works best and what suits your business goals and budget. 


It’s time to launch your remarketing campaign

Pull the switch and get this campaign off the ground! This is where all the hard work combines to bring website visitors back to your landing pages. We know you’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if it’s working, and so will we. All web campaigns are on the Display Network, and when we create retargeting ads, that’s when the action really starts to happen for your remarketing audiences.



Test and analyse remarketing

We wear your success as a badge of pride, and we want to win this sort of remarketing campaign again and again. We’ll take a deep dive into your display campaigns to make sure they made all your touchpoints and targets while sticking to the budget.

Do your remarketing campaigns guarantee growth? Ours do.

Set up a consultation with one of our targeted ads experts. We’ll show you the benefits of retargeting for your business, and how we can optimise campaigns on mobile devices.

Once you see the clicks roll in through remarketing, you’ll never look back.

It’s time to use retargeting to get your business growing.

Just because the customer said no the first time, doesn't mean they don't want to buy from you at all. Studies show that people are more likely to buy from businesses they trust, and when they're reminded to do so, they most likely will.

A well-managed Google retargeting campaign puts you in front of customers, without annoying them out of a sale. Using a mix of behavioural data, our proven search management processes evolve your campaign, allowing you to show a fresh promise every time.

From email remarketing campaigns to one-off mobile search ads, the more times you can be seen by your potential customers, the more chance they'll become actual customers – figures vary between 5x and 8x depending on your offer.

Shout's ads use channels like Facebook, a YouTube channel, mobile apps and other websites on the search network to compel your biggest remarketing audiences. Choosing the right mix depends on a number of crucial considerations, which helps us determine which channels you should use.

This includes:

• Understanding our original target and why they didn't convert the first time

• Which channels have proven successful for similar remarketing audiences

• Adjusting components of second-time impressions – like price, colour, availability or delivery – to further sweeten the deal

We’re ready to turn past clicks into future customers.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

Prepare to be impressed by our retargeting campaign experts.

The remarketing tricks that drive effectiveness.

Relevant, customised tagging drives effectiveness. But that’s just the beginning of your success. There’s so much more you can do with banner ads. Ask Shout’s experts how customised tagging and more can work for your brand.

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Remarketing customers on social.

Did you know you can use Facebook advertising to add a layer of effectiveness to a search campaign? We can utilise behavioural analysis to match certain visitor actions with specific communications, using them as a powerful remarketing list to drive traffic.

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A new spin on old-school methods.

Your Google Ads account is backed by technology that allows you to use traditional methods in new and surprisingly profitable ways, allowing you to drive more brand awareness. Using analytics, we help you create workable, convertible lists to help you manage who you retarget, with what, and when. You can even use new formats like Display Network videos, the handy Facebook pixel or mobile app optimisation.

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Results worth shouting about

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Remarketing FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around remarketing campaigns. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

Have you ever browsed for something online but didn’t purchase anything, and then a day later, you start seeing ads popping up for the very same thing? Well then, you’ve just experienced remarketing ads at their finest. 

Simply put, remarketing is a popular digital marketing strategy where companies deliberately show adverts to target people who have recently visited their website but have not taken the desired action. It’s an invaluable tool in any marketer’s playbook, and the results can be highly rewarding.

In terms of how retargeting works, companies use ‘cookies’ through the search network, which is data captured by the web browser, to memorise user browser activity and history. Marketing teams can then make use of cookies by serving ads that relate to the original activity they observed. 

This strategy can be done in different ways and on via different retargeting channels, like Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. It’s an efficient way to target consumers who have already shown some interest in your business and then give them the nudge towards completing their shopping process. We think of it as a strategic second chance to convert, up-sell, or retain customers when you create ads or campaigns. 

The benefits of retargeting are many and if you’re wondering how retargeting ads work in your industry, we can show you.

Strategies that use remarketing audience targeting are powerful because they allow brands to continue a conversation that may only have been a split-second thought for consumers when browsing. Particularly for small businesses, the initial experience on a landing page may not have been enough to influence a conversion, so retargeting gives those brands another chance to capture their leads.

In terms of effectiveness, when executed well and in conjunction with other marketing strategies, retargeting can increase your conversion rates and ROI drastically. The more time that a consumer has to familiarise themselves with a brand, the easier it will be to convince them to convert, and that’s why retargeting is so popular. 

Particularly when people leave a website with something in their checkout cart because they got distracted, a quick nudge with display retargeting will remind them to head back and continue their quest. 

In order to turn window shoppers into real paying customers, there are a few retargeting techniques you can employ to make the most of your campaign. Namely:

• Understand your buyer journey – you will need to have a solid understanding of your buyer, and the journey they are undertaking online. By breaking your consumers down by demographics, spending history and interests, you can focus on…

• Custom audience targeting – now you know your consumers, you can tailor your ad campaigns to specifically capture their attention at just the right moment, including retargeting on mobile devices – i.e YouTube users viewing content from another device.

•  Test and retest – there’s no way to predict how well a campaign may do without analysing historical data and reports. They say that numbers don’t lie, and in this case, that’s the truth. You will need to tweak your retargeting platform and campaigns until your ROI increases and you find the magic formula. Once you find it, you’ll need to keep…

•  Updating your campaign – as time, interests and technology changes, so do consumer buying habits, so you’ll need to get used to making updates to your campaign to keep getting optimal results.

• Make use of compelling ad copy – a large part of the process would include engaging your consumers with relevant visual and text ads to encourage clicks and conversions

Most retargeting is done using a digital platform, as that’s how the information was captured in the first instance. With so many platforms to choose from including Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Bing, the important part is to remind people that have interacted with your brand that they didn’t finish what they set out to do. 

If you need some guidance on how best to move forward with a clever strategy – whether it’s Google Ads, Instagram or ​​email retargeting, give us a Shout – this is our bread and butter.

While retargeting and remarketing are often used interchangeably, they have crucial differences that you’ll need to know. The main difference is in the delivery of the strategy.

Retargeting is predominantly the act of placing ads for potential customers based upon their previous behaviour, gained from cookies. Remarketing is usually based upon the email platform and works by using the information collected about users to send sales emails.

Individually, they are forces within their own right, but used in conjunction, they will boost your digital marketing activity and improve your bottom line. Whether you wish to keep your campaign online or stick to an email-focused delivery, the decision ultimately depends on the consumer you are trying to capture and the avenues they respond to the most positively. 

There is no right answer but if you’re stuck, our retargeting marketing team can offer you some great guidance on where to start.

Once your Google Ads account has been set up, you will be assigned a cookie (or tag) to place on all of your site’s pages and collect data about those that visited your website. You can then direct your retargeting cookies to target people like this and collect data on specific \audiences, perhaps from a certain demographic or group.

Once you have this information on your new audience and past visitors, you can use Google Ads to create remarketing lists for your audiences and turn them into an ad group. This can be handled through the audience manager feature.

Your retargeting campaigns must align with your brand and overall marketing strategy, and some companies achieve great results by incentivising their retargeting ads. If you wanted to send free shipping offers to everyone who leaves the site with saved items in their cart, for example, you could create an audience for that segment. Now, you would design an ad that highlights your offer to your specified audience and leave Google Ads to do the rest. 


One survey reported that about 75% of consumers noticed they were being retargeted. While it can feel strange at first, almost like déjà vu, the important thing is that people respond positively. 

The average click-through rate for a Google search ad is just 0.07%, compared to the average rate for retargeting ads which sits much prettier at 0.7%. In addition, 26% of customers will return to a site through retargeting. 

The numbers speak for themselves, but the campaign must be high quality in order to receive these kinds of results. The best practice is to allocate a specific budget for retargeting and work with an agency that understands how it all works.

Imagine your business dominating remarketing. Now experience it.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

When someone visits your website but doesn’t buy anything from you, it is referred to as a “one-click” sale. This person is often called a “low-hanging fruit” because he or she is almost literally right under your nose and easy to sell to.

Some of those people who visit your website will be interested, but many of them will simply be curious and will go away without becoming a customer. In some cases, they might become a customer – just not a customer of your website. 

Retargeting campaigns through Google search allow you to reach out to previous visitors to your site but not yet taken any kind of action. It gives you the opportunity to present your target audience with a “deliberately” created incentive (usually in the form of an email, special offer or sales message) and to hopefully get them to come back to the same page to buy from you.

The science behind it is extremely complex, but the results are truly spectacular. Google retargeting works by storing information about each of your site visitors in an anonymous cookie. This allows the platform to recognise individuals who visit your site again, even if they have completely forgotten about you. When it’s time to remarket to that specific group of people, your remarketing list will deliver highly relevant ads right to their screen, pulling them back into your sales funnel. 

At Shout, we offer expert services to help you reel in these prospects, reminding them that they still need to complete their purchase. In a nutshell, we give you the opportunity to target those you otherwise would have lost to competitors.

Not sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to retargeting channels? Whether you’re looking to use Facebook retargeting ads, Outbrain remarketing or just stick to Google itself, remarketing is a powerful solution that bridges the gap between you and your “lost” prospect.

Beyond that, it offers benefits such as:

1. Improved brand recall

Remarketing is the ideal way to remind customers about your business, including your offers and products. This promotes your brand’s exposure, which is beneficial to your business as the more a prospective buyer sees your products and services, the more likely they are to purchase. 

Through remarketing campaigns, you will stay on top of the potential customer’s mind. Since most past visitors respond positively to banner ads on the Display Network they are interested in (especially when they have already visited your website), they are more likely to search for your products as this special promotion will improve your brand’s recall. 

This technique is powerful for creating a strong brand presence when you need that upper edge. Finally, it creates the sense of recall you need to remain the first port-of-call for your prospects. 


2. Bigger conversion rates 

The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign is to improve the ROI. Remarketing specifically facilitates a particularly high conversion rate as platforms that use it – like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google – all have massive reach.

For instance, Google reaches more than 90% of internet users worldwide, 65% of whom they reach daily. Obtaining more conversions from this network through their channels gives you a precise way to target your remarketing audience and remind them of your offering when you serve ads that are relevant.

 When they need your services and products, you’ll also be the first option they think of, mostly because you’ve gone to the effort to be seen when they’re wandering elsewhere on the net. When your competitors aren’t using this tactic, it’s even more influential, allowing you to tap into a customer base that they’re losing out on. 

3. Reach past website visitors ready to convert 

Retargeting enhances your audience targeting based on the interests and demographics of the audience. This strategy facilitates a non-invasive form of targeting, through which you generate leads through website visitors who have abandoned a shopping cart in your site during the checkout process, which can be pinpointed and nurtured into becoming a sale. 

At Shout, we use an innovative and strategic approach, in which we outline in our X-chart. We’ll identify the specific audience that’s most likely to convert with your brand, and outline the best possible approach for your marketing budget. Through a focused campaign like this, you’ll have the competitive edge you need to power up your online advertising from start to finish. 

Remember, there are already audiences out there ready to turn their interest into action. You just have to engage them in all the right ways for them to give you their undivided attention.  

Display advertising allows you to connect with your customers at the very beginning of the food chain. When they see your message, they are already interested. Internet users are bombarded with an average of three or four commercial messages every day, but programmatic advertising like this allows you to stand out from the crowd and gives you a huge advantage when it comes to making sales.

You can ensure your brand is at the forefront of your industry by using these efforts to pinpoint target audiences and new customers who are more likely to be interested in your offering. At Shout, we’ll do this by building awareness, reach and engagement for B2B, B2C, or hybrid brands. Watch your performance skyrocket, increasing your conversions and engaging you with entirely new audiences. 

At the end of the day, we work hard to bring your potential customers back to your virtual doorstep. Recapture lost conversions with this powerful marketing tactic, delivering you the sale you were longing for from the very beginning. Through the influence of Google remarketing, you can keep your online advertising efforts trending upwards.

Moreover, by recapturing lost sales, you’ll dramatically increase the lifetime value of your customers, resulting in a more satisfied and loyal customer base. You’ll also enjoy an enormous competitive advantage over your rivals. They won’t have the luxury of time on their side; they’ll be too busy trying to catch up with you.

If this sounds like the edge you need to dominate your digital marketing, get started with a free X-chart from the Shout team. We’ll provide you with authentic insights into what you can expert with our display retargeting services, and show you the kinds of guaranteed results you’ll gain from them.

Get started now by getting in touch with our friendly remarketing experts.

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