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Your website is a great place to sell your products and services to international customers. There are several factors to consider while marketing your product to an international audience through your website. Shout offers international SEO services to businesses that want to target multiple countries and language combinations.

Optimising your website for  national customers is no easy task. Optimising it for customers in multiple countries makes the process even more difficult. You need to consider a lot of factors while optimising your site to target multiple countries.

With easier international policies, many businesses want to go global. When your clients are sitting across the planet, they can’t visit your facility. In such a scenario, your website is the best channel to reach them. Our SEO experts at Shout have years of experience in launching SEO international campaigns. We know what it takes to target the global audience. We have learned a lot of things from the countless SEO campaigns we launched for our clients.

Before launching an international SEO campaign, we research the market thoroughly, review your chosen domain name and make recommendations that will see results. Our campaigns are built on established processes. This enables us to deliver better results than other companies offering international SEO services.

Launching an international SEO program targeting different demographics can be quite challenging. If you’ve never been to the country where you want to promote your business, you have to discover efficient ways to perform keyword and competitor research. You also need to find out more about their payment systems, cultural preferences, local competitors, and the business environment.

When you launch your business in another geographical region or country, you need to remember that you are competing against established local businesses. They have inherent advantages that you do not possess. However, with a carefully designed kick off plan, you will be able to establish yourself in a foreign market. A well-designed campaign will also help you attract traffic from sections of the market that have been overlooked by existing competitors.

Local domain names play an important role in ensuring the success of international SEO campaigns. A local or global domain name with a website hosted on a local server will definitely give a competitive advantage to your business.

When you buy an international domain name and hosting account, you are reinforcing your association with that country. This will help you make an instant rapport with your customers. Any business that operates overseas or wants to get into international markets in the future needs to invest in SEO international.

There are several ways to market your site in multiple locations nationally and internationally alike. Many businesses, however, overlook the SEO aspects of these approaches. This often results in poor organic traffic from local search engines.

It is important that businesses are well aware of the merits and disadvantages of various methods of structuring an international website. Before expanding their website to additional locations, they need to decide how they want to go about the process.

When handling an international SEO program, there are several things you need to get right.

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Geo Targeting

This is an important step that you must not overlook. There are billions of websites on the internet, and search engines don’t store them all in one index. Most search engines maintain different indexes for different TLDs (Top Level Domains). For example, there are sites like,, and so on. The website owner should tell Google which index they would like to be included in. It is not easy. It involves a lot of steps including using country specific TLDs, the href=lang meta tag and the country targeting options in Google’s Search Console (previously known as web master tools).

Link Development

The link popularity of a website still plays an important role in determining that site’s rank in national and international search engine results. If you want to rank high in a specific country index, you have to obtain links from sites targeting that country and their language. Although this is obvious, this does not always happen. We excel in local link development. We have experience in link acquisition in the US, most of Europe, Australia, and Asia.


If you want to target the German market, your website should have a version in the German language. It may be on a separate domain, a subdomain, or a sub folder. You also need to perform a thorough on-page analysis when you do SEO in a foreign country.

Hire our team of internet marketing SEO experts to design an international campaign tailored to your requirements. We have worked with both small and large businesses and helped them achieve what they want.

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