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Target customers in real-time, with our marketing analytics.

It really works. Omni-channel is really a thing. By combining data mined from individual channels and platforms and providing clear, cross-channel reporting, we'll show you what levers you need to pull to make the most impact on your targets – in real-time.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

Our data driven process

An integrated analytics approach is one of the most powerful performance tools in modern advertising. But the quality of the output depends on the quality of the information you’re feeding the engine. We’ll get you firing on all cylinders.


Understanding your marketing data and how it’s used

To start with, the expert data analytics team will delve into your existing data sources and analytical tools. We do this from the outset to identify existing strengths and weaknesses to inform where we can add the most value. If it ain’t broke, we won’t fix it. But if it needs to be improved, we’ll shout until it’s humming. Our Google analytics consultants are just one of those experts that we’ll put to work, to guarantee results.


Marketing analytics prep

Now that we know where to apply our analytical expertise and skill, our data-driven marketing teams will decide what marketing analytics will serve your business the best. It’s time to identify which tools and how much they will cost, to garner the most valuable insights from the datasets. While we identify the right tactics and tools, Shout will always aim for those that will help move the needle in a sustainable and profitable way, to achieve your database marketing needs.


Implementing an analysis plan

We’ve agreed on the data sources, the methods and tools of analysis, and the KPIs, objectives, and strategies are in place. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and find the customers in the data. This is where the analytical magic happens. Choosing to put effort into marketing investments for better data is only half the story. Without the marketing analysis to interrogate, validate and help us update the work, you could be wasting money without knowing it.


Analysis of the analysis

The Shout team and your team will be in constant contact, ensuring the plan is executed to perfection. The fourth and final step in the process is a review of all the activity, the spend and the return, the effort and the payoff, and our impact on achieving what we set out to. At this point, if any course correction is needed, we’ll carry it out swiftly and intently, based on knowledge and the confidence that our data and analytics have provided.

We'll use advanced marketing analytics to see your customers from every angle.

It’s not just about how it works, but how it all works together. Shout takes a holistic view of your business and digital marketing challenges to create a technology stack that delivers valuable real-time data.

Let us evaluate and accelerate your marketing strategy.

Marketing analytics is an effective tool to have in your belt, but you’ll want to know how to use it effectively to see the best results. At Shout, we look at proven predictive analysis to chart probable customer behaviour, so you can see where to spend your money. It’s a marketing analytics strategy guaranteed to deliver a return on your investment.

Great data analysis lets you track the same customer across different devices. Shout uses a holistic approach to drive marketing platform integration. By creating a multi-channel framework, Shout can provide you with single customer views for more focused targeting. By combining the data mined from individual channels and platforms, and providing coherent, easily understood cross-channel reporting, you're able to see, in real time, what levers you need to pull to make the most impact where the most impact should be made. Proven predictive analysis helps chart probable behaviour and see where you shoud spend money for best possible ROI.

We’re ready to strategise, analyse and optimise your marketing.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

Your expert analytics marketing agency partners.

Partners in analysis.

Great data analysis lets you track the same customer across different devices. By creating a multi-channel framework, Shout can provide you with single customer views for more focused targeting.

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Partners in efficiency.

Using a range of advanced data marketing tools and models, our expert consultants create a framework that makes your data work seamlessly, and consistently, across all channels.

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Partners in growth.

From multi-channel reporting and alignment, refined segmentation for more personal engagement, and predictive modelling for improved budgeting, Shout provides a data marketing strategy for growth.

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Results worth shouting about

We’re ready to strategise, analyse and optimise your marketing.

Marketing analytics FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around marketing analytics. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

Marketing analytics is the study of data to better inform your next marketing decisions.

Marketing is, more often than not, a trial-and-error process based on experience, insight and knowledge. In order to know EXACTLY how your marketing is performing, it pays to invest in a number of tools, methods and processes that will tangibly measure and record your marketing efforts and performance. 

Data, in the form of numbers and written feedback, give you an overview of what your audience is responding to. This, in turn, offers you, the business owner, an opportunity to allocate resources where they’re needed most.  

Good performing activities can be upweighted, where poor performing efforts as uncovered by your marketing analytics programs, can be ceased or minimised. Thus, saving you money by limiting wastage, and making more ROI, but spending on the most profitable activities only.

Knowledge is power. And knowledge about your customers is an increase in sales.

Data is a driver of business. In the field of marketing, consumer habits leave a clear trail and a reliable indicator of future habits. This information allows marketers to predict with some level of certainty that if we do A, the consumer is very likely to do B. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding into new areas, feedback on performance can uncover insights about your audience that aren’t consciously revealed. With that, not only can you allocate resources efficiently; but also discover new ways to connect with customers, existing and new.

There’s never an exact one-size-fits-all approach in this field. It truly depends on the goals you’ve set, which in turn will determine which are the best tools you should be using. 

Some of the more common tools employed by an analytics marketing agency include:

  • Google Analytics

  • Optimizely

  • SEMrush

  • Improvado

  • Domo

  • Hotjar

  • HubSpot

  • and 

  • Chartio

However, there is a long list of analytical tools that will vary, depending on your marketing plan, and your marketing analytics strategy.

You might be looking at data from social media, Google Analytics, or other platforms; but on its own, the numbers don’t necessarily show a picture of what’s going on. That’s where a marketing analyst comes in, and interprets the data to see where you’re at.

In the field of marketing, analysts are the humans behind the data. They look at numbers – whether it’s clicks, impressions, leads, or something more – and see whether or not those results are meeting your goals. If they aren’t, the analyst will try to identify what’s not working and devise a solution. 

Depending on how your business is structured, they’ll share that data with the sales team to drive profit interest or use it to fuel increased marketing efforts towards the new prospective avenues. 

The marketing analysts at Shout don’t see numbers, we see the faces of your customers. Our marketing teams put to use our decades of combined experience to read, interpret and process your valuable data and make recommendations to get you growing.

Most commonly, it’s used to evaluate past campaign performance, customer behaviours and attitudes toward your brand and products. 

Usually, the analyst and the marketing team will try something, seeing what the data says, and then tweak your efforts according to the data to try and optimise the outcome for a more profitable performance. 

This is one of the driving forces behind performance marketing – but applies to digital marketing of any and every kind. Without it in use, your resources – and sales success – are just guesswork directed at the masses.

Most commonly this field is broken up into three types: 

  1. Descriptive analytics

  2. Predictive analytics and 

  3. Prescriptive analytics. 

Descriptive evaluates how well a campaign went and describes what has already happened. Predictive uses existing data to extrapolate conclusions prior to the running of the campaign and predict what could happen if all things remain equal.

And finally, Prescriptive analytics gather all streams of data, from every possible channel, to form an overall picture of the audience, and what they’re receptive to and informs what a business should do next. The prescriptive analysis is based on simulation and optimisation of marketing efforts. 

At Shout we are well versed in all of these advanced marketing campaigns techniques.

The tools of the trade make sifting through data far easier and more efficient. Some zoom into specialised data, whereas others, like Google Analytics, give a broad overview of what’s happening online. 

One tool is never enough in the field – so each specialised program, site, or software is an asset. Ultimately, these tools are the gateway to successful marketing – and their information helps you immensely.

At Shout we can either take care of all of your analytics or train up your team in things like Google Analytics marketing strategy, to ensure that your business is armed with all the expert knowledge we have. Creating a self-sufficient in-house team on your side of the fence.

Digital marketing campaigns use analytics that cover clicks, leads, impressions, and interactions on your online platforms. From social media to your website, display ads, and video content, you can gauge how a customer is reacting to the content that’s out there and, based on that information, potentially predict how similar users might behave.

This data gives marketing professionals an unfair share of knowledge, helping them put their most potent messages, products, creative and content in front of those who are most predisposed to convert. As people are creatures of habit, past behaviours are generally very good models to predict future shopping behaviours with. So, knowing how your activity performs or doesn’t perform is a crucial component in your company’s future behaviours.

Information is constantly streaming in from a whole host of online platforms. However, the figures can be overwhelming and meaningless in their raw form. But with an analysis, marketing analytics start to make sense.

Comparing the facts within the data, against the goals of the business, with the help of various streams of information can reveal breakthrough insights that help brands and businesses understand more. More about their customer insights, more about their offering, more about their competitors and more about what’s working. All in all, the art of analytics is essential to marketing metrics and science.

First and foremost, it helps them see what consumers are seeking. 

Secondly, it reveals what’s working, and what isn’t for your digital marketing activities.

Thirdly, it can generate formulas that predict consumer behaviour and identify whether a potential sale will be made or lost. 

That means customer retention rates, conversion rates, ROI, and profits should go up once insights are implemented. With costs should all be trending down.

Sure, we can! Besides the methods and uses that we’ve outlined above, there’s also something called shared data – whereby companies might use the facts and figures and share with a vertically integrated business that can add value to the customer. 

Data sharing can generate more robust information and analytics to help solve larger business problems. Or at least open up conversations that weren’t being had previously. For instance, silos – where one department avoids giving much-needed insights to another – can have a big impact on business performance.

These data points are crucial to your entire analysis process. Think of a clothing retailer that works with a tailor. Imagine the learnings that these two businesses could generate if they were to enter into a data-sharing partnership.

Not sharing high-quality marketing activity insights is a bit like authoring a textbook but not letting anyone else read it.

We’d say it’s extremely important to any marketing campaign. With the modelling made available through big data, marketing metrics, quantified interactions, entire avenues for growth and diversification – or vertical products and services – can emerge. 

Alternatively, a focus on one single channel or product could be rewarded with a boom in brand awareness. You can also boost sales, simply by pointing the firm’s efforts in a precisely pin-pointed direction. 

Whichever direction is right for you, it’s sure to lead to growth if you follow the guidelines set out by quality real-time analytics. Let the expert data analysts at Shout help you on your analytical journey.

Marketing analytics is one of the fastest-changing aspects of digital marketing. With the growth of marketing channels – like the shopping landscape – analytics evolves with each new technological advancement, platform, trend and behaviour.

While consumers’ patience has diminished, their expectations from brands have risen. If you’re serving them a product that isn’t relevant for them, you’ve burnt that ridge, possibly forever. The onus is on brands to demonstrate to their audiences that “we get you”. We understand your wants and needs and we are catering to every single one of them. Brands that don’t embrace the changing analytical landscape to make their customers their number one focus, will simply get left behind.

Let's start by analysing your future sales. They're guaranteed.

Marketing initiatives are all around us, which means data is too - thanks to web analytics tools and machine learning. Predictive modelling powered by the analysis of multiple data streams will inform how much you pay for your car insurance, and what the weather report will predict for this weekend’s forecast. So, it makes perfect sense that when good data sources are available, marketing metrics are an excellent predictor of target audience behaviours, and forecasting growth.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

The marketing analysts at Shout are obsessed with your customer. And we access them through your data. Just one of the reasons so many businesses, big and small, trust us with their marketing analytics programs.

So, if your business needs the best in advanced marketing analytics, here we are. We’ve dedicated our careers to digital marketing and Shout itself has been helping businesses thrive for over 10 years.

And we’re ready to apply our proven marketing analytics strategy to you. We’ll start with a simple 30-minute consultation between your businesses’ stakeholders and the experts at Shout, who will map out your business growth, guaranteed.

How? Through a Shout X-Chart, which shows you the sales we forecast for your business over 3-, 6- and 12-month periods. Based on your business and your needs, we’ll put together a tailored roadmap for guaranteed growth.

The X-Chart is the result of our tried and tested method of combining our expertise in marketing analytics with your intimate knowledge of your business. Together, we’ll identify your growth sweet spot, we’ll formulate a plan of how to get there, and we’ll map out the necessary steps to achieve that growth.

And that agreed growth benchmark is guaranteed. Something we pride ourselves on delivering, time and time again, for clients big and small, in industries of all shapes and sizes. 

Ignorance is bliss until it starts to cost you your business. And with today’s endless suite of analytical tools and access to data like never before, there simply isn’t any excuse for not knowing your customers, inside and out. In fact, when used correctly, a marketing program can help you know your customer’s next move before they do. And so, it should.

Let’s take Google Analytics as an example. Google Analytics is relatively easy to set up and often free analytics tool that can give you reams of data about your web traffic. Who they are, where they came from, how long they spent and what they clicked.

However, a Google Analytics marketing campaign can also help you track more than just your web traffic. When used to their fullest, these marketing channels can track all of your future campaigns and marketing activities. You can even track traffic to your website.

At Shout, our marketing teams put your analytics data to good use, letting your brand take advantage of consumer behavior for your own sales funnel.

Analysing marketing trends is a complex discipline that’s best left to the data scientists. The only thing more dangerous than a marketer that can’t manipulate and interpret data is one that thinks they can. So, with the growing gap between analysis skills within organisations and the need for analysis skills within organisations, the need for marketing analytics strategy and expertise, like that possessed by Shout, is in higher demand than ever. 

If your current organisation isn’t data-driven but needs to be, we can help get you there. 

  • We can help you establish a data strategy that aligns with your business objectives and priorities. We’ll help you understand what data is currently available, where and how it’s stored and managed.

  • We can build a data-driven culture where employees are empowered to let the analysis of data inform business decisions.

  • We can help identify the best data sources to make its analysis and actioning the most potent it can be.

  • We can guide your organisation on how to best store, access and manage the data to speed up and enhance decision making

  • We can analyse your data turning it into insights that fuel the future of your organisation. 

Sound like a plan? Get in touch with our team now to power up your marketing efforts with better insights.

Invaluable insights

Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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