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Scale up your SaaS marketing results.

You don’t need a physical product to entice new customers and existing customers, Just an effective strategy. At Shout, we understand the challenges of SaaS marketing, and have all the tools in the belt to create a digital campaign that drives more leads, more sales and more growth.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

A best practice process for SaaS marketing.

If you market Software as a Service (SaaS), it’s time you gave us a Shout. Our process helps cut the cost of business growth.


Let’s get personal

We’ll work with you to develop a marketing plan that generates leads and boosts revenue from the get go. Our intimate understanding of your business means we can create a coordinated, personalised approach to reaching people at the right part of the buying cycle, however niche the audience.


End to end strategy

Unlike traditional marketing, SaaS growth marketing involves the whole sales funnel including activation, retention, revenue and referrals. The experts at Shout know all the tips and tricks to put your business in front of ready buyers, ready to convert.


Deliver campaign

It’s go time. With expertise in both traditional and digital marketing services, such as SEO, content creation, web design and social media management, we’ll sift through all the approaches to create a strategy designed around delivering results, to budget.


Revise and optimise

Look good, perform better. With your website acting as your storefront, it’s crucial to ensure your biggest asset is continually updated and optimised. Our SaaS marketers keep a close eye on your conversion rates, customer success, customer retention and your sales process to refine our strategies and guarantee continuous improvement.

Level up your efforts with our SaaS marketing strategies.

You’ve got the product; we’ve got the goods to make it succeed. So, partner with Shout for a proven process that shows you how to successfully sell software online.

Our SaaS marketing strategy delivers more.

Lead generation opportunities are everywhere, but how do you sift and sort what works and what doesn’t? The solution is simple – Shout for help. We’ll show you what works best for SaaS business, where to use those initiatives, and create a strategy designed around two things – budget and results.
With so many avenues to generate leads for Software as a Service (SaaS), it takes a specialist to understand the tactical mix that will get you results across your sales cycle.

When your product is a virtual offering, it’s crucial to keep offering reasons why your product is worth the subscription. Regular updates and added functionality give you the ‘proof’ to demonstrate continued value of your SaaS product.

The all-encompassing successful SaaS marketing strategy.

Services such as search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), Google Ads, social media marketing, and even an SaaS content marketing strategy are all legitimate avenues. We know it can seem overwhelming (and the acronyms are many) but the answer is easy – Shout.

When it comes to SEO, the environment is changing all the time. We know how to anticipate and respond to these changes promptly, so we can get your business on top of SaaS search results and keep you there.

Paid search is where it’s at for SaaS companies looking to pay for lead generation. The challenge is sourcing high-quality leads and converting them, to keep your ROI where it needs to be. Our tested SaaS marketing strategy is designed to do this, as we’ve done for many companies like yours across Australia. How? By using customer personas to drive your SaaS marketing goals.

Sales automation is another approach that works for SaaS businesses. We adhere strictly to Google webmaster guidelines, and will always provide you with easily understood SEO reports and analysis. Then we’ll help you convert leads into sales with a customer relationship management (CRM) process that’s proven to get results.

Want to feel the real, profitable power of words? Shout can show you how relevant content marketing can work wonders, helping you create and harness this material for effective lead generation results. Our creative team comprises SEO content writers who know how to use the keywords that pull prospects in, with relevant, quality copy and landing pages they want to engage with.

At Shout, we also use social media as a growth engine. Well-targeted campaigns - backed by a value proposition - are proving enormously effective in generated highly qualified leads. We can show you how to integrate a strategy that actually works in social with great ROI.

More leads, more growth.

Perfect as a SaaS startup sales strategy, our offering allows you to take advantage of a solution that focuses explicitly on promoting and acquiring leads for subscription-based SaaS products. You may also have heard this kind of tactic referred to as subscription sales or lead generation.

This type of marketing aims to generate more revenue by targeting potential customers interested in your product. Of course, this means you'll need to know what they want, how much they're willing to pay, and the best way to get them on board with your service. Luckily, we’re well versed in doing just that.

Compete with the other SaaS companies.

You've got the vision, but not the budget to compete with household names? We get it. Thankfully, SaaS marketing levels the playing field and gives your business an edge over competitors.

This form of promotion is a different beast; it’s a crowded space with lots of competition, and developing effective strategies is complex. Shout will work with your budget to establish a robust digital presence for your small business that will put you on a level playing field with the big players by:

• Establishing and leveraging marketing trends
• Discovering your brand values and goals and establishing your online personality
• Building your brand and product reputation
• Driving excellent service through automation
• Shaping and creating strategies based on consumer feedback
• Defining your target audience
• Improving the user experience on all digital platforms
• Automating email marketing and social media campaigns
• Utilising PPC, SEO and other avenues to scale exposure
• Using SaaS marketing metrics to identify qualified leads and improve customer acquisition.

•Incorporating inbound marketing where possible

Collaborate with one of the top SaaS marketing companies that get to know your product intimately. Through a coordinated and personalised marketing strategy, we’ll ensure your solution reaches the right audience at the right point in the buying cycle, no matter how niche that audience may be.

Our team of SaaS marketers will work to develop an effective strategy for your business – all without breaking the bank. See immediate results as we start working on building a holistic campaign that dominates for the long run. With the support of our SaaS marketing agency by your side, you’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Let's get started with your SaaS marketing application.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

We’re ready to take your SaaS company to cloud nine.

Thrilled to serve you.

Whether you need a complete enterprise SaaS marketing strategy, one-off CRM support or some help tweaking your SEO, our consultants deliver the best SaaS marketing campaigns for sales and growth.

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Thrilled to boost conversions.

Want to generate more leads, drive more traffic to your website, and help you convert those leads into sales when they’re there? Shout’s SaaS marketers understand your business, and how to reach your ambitions.

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Thrilled to deliver results.

Our Shout SaaS industry experts are obsessed with results, and use demonstrable business smarts, audience insights and the latest analysis tools to ensure you’re getting value for money, every time.

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Results worth shouting about

Looking for guaranteed growth from B2B SaaS marketing efforts?

SaaS marketing strategy FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around SaaS marketing strategy. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

SaaS marketing centres around trying to generate leads or conversions to get more customers to sign up for subscription services available online.

So instead of trying to market a physical product or service, this is about marketing an internet-based software solution.

Digital marketing is a natural fit for SaaS companies, given the online nature of the service. It makes sense that you would find your audience, and reach them, in the place where they would buy your product.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Put simply, SaaS companies use software to provide customers with a service.

With this cloud-based software delivery model, the SaaS company makes software available to customers on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. This means you don’t have to manually install software on your computer, and can instead access all of the services you need over the internet.

With installation, updates and security provided online, SaaS customers can lower their deployment costs, and scale up their business solutions faster than by maintaining software on-premises and better predict the total cost of ownership.

The primary difference between SaaS Marketing and other forms of marketing is that there is no physical or tangible product or service to market.

SaaS software also often changes and evolves, as opposed to other products and services that remain relatively the same. In addition, some SaaS marketing efforts can be very niche and apply only to a small volume of business.

This requires a tight grasp of the product, the continual updates and changes, and the digital landscape itself in order to market SaaS successfully.

There are many major brands out there that have been highly successful at marketing their SaaS subscriptions and customer success.

The music streaming platform Spotify, for example, has 172 million subscribers worldwide.

Other large SaaS companies include CRM (customer relationship management) platform HubSpot. The ecommerce platform Shopify. The video conferencing company Zoom. And file hosting service Dropbox.

But you don’t have to run a mega SaaS brand to benefit from marketing. Whether you’re a large or small company, you can maximise your investment by targeting the most relevant prospect, and only when they’re ready to buy. So the end result, whatever your budget, is always improved ROI.

Some of the traditional digital marketing strategies won’t work with SaaS marketing. You can’t show the package, or people using your product or service, and influencers are taken out of play as well.

One great strategy is referral marketing, where you get happy customers to refer their friends and family in return for a reward or discount, or offer free trials of your SaaS product.

But there are more ways to successfully reach your prospects.

SEO (search engine optimisation) for SaaS platforms has the capacity to drive leads organically without needing to pay for advertising. The aim of SERO for SaaS is to rank highly on Google, which means you won’t have to buy ads using those keywords and phrases.

Effective PPC (pay per click) management can complement your search engine optimization strategy. These ads can also use keywords to target prospective subscribers, and you only pay a fee when the ad is clicked on.

While content marketing strategy can be a powerful channel for reaching new customers. With users seeking software as a solution to their pain points, SaaS companies are perfectly positioned to be seen as thought leaders in the space. From employing keyword-rich articles on a topic, to educational videos, regular emails or social media posts, digital media is the ideal space in which to market a digital service.

As a leading full-service digital marketing agency, we can help with individual services for your SaaS product, or your entire marketing strategy. Just Shout.

The first step is to build a marketing strategy specifically for your SaaS solution. While there are many cookie-cutter or templated marketing strategies out there, a tailored strategy is a valuable and worthwhile investment.

A specialist SaaS marketing agency will understand the business challenges that your product addresses, the companies that this applies to, the persona of the decision-makers in these businesses, and the hardest working marketing channels to reach them.

At Shout, our experts will work closely with you to understand your business, your needs and your goals. And we’ll create a bespoke strategy designed to lift you well above your competitors. Our strategies are proven to work, and that’s why we guarantee them.

Selling Software as a Service is a hugely competitive space. To ensure continued growth, you have to keep updating, upgrading and optimising to keep ahead of the competition.

At Shout, we’ll never let you get complacent. Even if you lead the category with your SaaS product, a simple shift in the industry, or a technological change can fully alter how you operate.


That’s why our experts stay on top of SaaS marketing trends, funnels and best practice principles. We’re always behind the scenes, optimising your marketing strategies to ensure you keep on top of Google, and your category.

If Google changes their algorithm (which they tend to do), this can have dramatic consequences on your position on search engine results pages (SERPs). With constant monitoring, we can anticipate such changes, or respond quickly if these shifts affect your company, so we can make sure you always stay on Google’s front page.

If the digital landscape changes (and it does), such as Facebook changing their guidelines, we pivot with them. It’s important to keep up to date with guidelines, and make adjustments to meet them, so that you’re never ‘penalised’ by breaking the rules.

We’re well aware this can be a full time job, which is why we’re here to take the burden off you.

Shout consultants also cut the cost of business growth with innovative marketing and lead generation activities, so you’re always making the most of your marketing investment.

At Shout, our total focus is growth marketing. Not simply awareness marketing. We partner with you to help you see your business growth vision realised.

What’s more, we guarantee the outcomes we promise. You heard us. So there’s nothing to lose when you enlist our SaaS marketing services and specialists. We’re confident that’s nothing you’ll hear or achieve with another digital marketing agency.

Like to see how? We can’t wait to show you.

To see what outsourcing your SaaS marketing to us can do, get in touch for your free, tailored X-Chart. You’ll see, in writing, the growth we forecast for your business in just a few months’ time.

There’s no obligation – just guaranteed results, and you can see them before you even get started with us. All it takes is a quick consultation with a Shout consultant so we can understand your business, and forecast your future results. Not predictions or promises, but guarantees.

Take a look below for more details on what your X-Chart offers, and how you can get yours for free.

We know our clients need certainty in an uncertain world, and we know our digital marketing delivers the results that take you forward. So no need to worry about getting it right yourself.

By putting the SaaS marketing experts to work for your company, you can concentrate on the bigger picture. Together as your marketing partner, we’ll all be focused on your growth, and that can only go one way – up.

One of the key things to remember is that your website is your storefront, and it has to be constantly optimised and updated. It has to not only look good, but perform well.

The conversion rate is the key metric to watch, and your strategies should always centre around improving these numbers.

Shout experts are specialists at conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We’ll perform a full audit to determine your per visit profit, per visit value, and the average order value to determine how profitable your website could be. Then, we’ll create a conversion strategy to ensure critical touchpoints encourage customers to take each next step towards a sale.

Every point along the journey is an opportunity to move customers along the path, to ensure your budget is helping turn interest into sales.

This is another key difference between SaaS marketing and traditional digital marketing.

With traditional marketing, the marketing component only looks at the awareness and acquisition parts of the sales process, with the product and sales teams handling the rest.

Growth marketing involves the entire SaaS marketing funnel, including activation, retention, revenue and referrals.

At Shout, our complete focus is your growth, and we deliver all the skills and services needed to implement digital marketing that boosts your bottom line – guaranteed.

Offering a free trial is a good way to invite people to get behind the wheel of your product and make a decision for themselves. Reviews and referrals from established, happy customers are also an effective SaaS marketing tool. You will need to be on the ball with your social media strategies and be highly responsive to questions and requests and you can even be proactive and host Q&A sessions on these platforms.

Branding is the biggest trend being focused on right now and you should spend quality time establishing a brand that resonates and is memorable with potential customers. Everyone knows what Spotify is and what it provides. There is a trend with SaaS companies to have quirky or unique names, just ensure that it tells your story and is going to be remembered ahead of your competition.

There are a number of tools you can use. Google Analytics is the best free tool for any SaaS marketing plan. We recommend you have it at your fingertips to monitor the health of your website so you can optimise accordingly.

This platform is limited though, so it does pay to invest in paid services like SEMrush to give you complete site analysis (of your site and also your competition), plus marketing automation platforms like Hootsuite.

Of course, you don’t have to automate, monitor and analyse it all yourself. A professional agency like Shout exists to make the entire digital marketing process easier for companies just like yours.

If you are looking to purchase a SaaS product, check the data rights policy first and foremost, ensuring you have the rights to your own data even when you stop using the product.

Support is also key, so confirm they have around the clock support available should things go wrong.

Also, make sure they have robust data protection policies, as well as backup and recovery guarantees so you are never in a position where your data is lost or stolen.

Did you know the SaaS industry is growing by 18% a year?

While some companies might call it a ‘trend’, branding is always key – making it critical to spend quality time establishing a brand that resonates and is memorable with potential customers.

We never treat branding as a passing trend at Shout, because it is a key driver of growth in SaaS marketing, and an ‘always on’ approach to long term success.

Brand names can follow trends. Everyone knows what Spotify is and what service they provide. So, you’ll find many SaaS businesses have quirky or unique names, such as Shopify, Slack, SurveyMonkey, Looker, Jamf, Square and Wix.

While these names may have meant nothing in the beginning, great branding has made them famous.

From your company name to your ongoing branding, be sure to tell your story to be remembered ahead of your competition.

Invaluable insights

Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

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