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    Let's find out how big we can take your business.

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      Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!


      Facebook advertising made simple, practical and profitable

      Facebook advertising agency delivers extremely specific targeting so you reach the people who really matter.

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      Cost-effective facebook marketing agency in Australia

      Tell us who you want to talk to, we’ll show you how to create an integrated Facebook advertising campaign that drives customers to your site and revenue right to your door.

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      Decipher the jargon across the medium.

      We make understanding terms like facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Shopping Feed Ads, Facebook Retargeting / Remarketing, Facebook Custom Audiences and Look-a-Like Audiences easy.

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      From Facebook audience testing to optimisation

      Shout keeps your Facebook marketing campaigns easy to understand and ensures, through proper management, they keep costs down, and stay relevant to the right people – the people who will buy.

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      Let's find out how big we can take your business.

      Set up a consultation to forecast the growth we can guarantee for your business.

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        Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!


        Targeting, measuring and testing - how we make facebook advertising work

        Shout offers a full range of Facebook advertising services including

        1. Audience Targeting - We help you to talk to very specific audiences based on factors like demographics, sociographic, interests, shopping and behaviour.
        2. Retargeting - You can reach back to existing leads who’ve already demonstrated an interest in your brand, and that’s often the critical difference.
        3. Optimisation - helping you keep up with the constant changes in the social landscape
        4. Measurement - Shout will track the results of your campaigns over time and look at the results based on specific campaign KPI’s.
        5. A/B testing - so you can make data-driven decisions on empirical evidence hits any marketers sweet spot.

        Facebook advertising agency, Shout helps you do it all. From testing campaigns against each other on Facebook - a simple, practical and very cost-effective way to tune your campaign for better results - to optimisation - successful.

        Facebook advertising campaigns require results-focused testing to find the ideal combination of targeting, ad format, frequency, content, design and budget to reach and engage when it matters most - to finding ways to give you a second chance to close a deal.

        If you have Facebook marketing questions - Shout. We have the answers you, and your bottom line, need.

        A Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne with an edge

        Imagine equipping your business with targeted Facebook marketing strategies that land more bucks in your bank. Well, imagine no more – Shout’s team of experts are pioneers of well-rounded, jaw-dropping campaigns that get results.

        Back in the day, Facebook was just another platform to take over Myspace. Fast-forward to 2021, and it’s no longer a ‘consideration’ for brand awareness but a powerhouse for it. Businesses across the globe now flock to it to generate leads, conversions and click-throughs, giving them more possibility of expansion than ever before.

        If competitors across the online space are currently drowning out your voice, our Facebook advertising agency can revolutionise the way you get engagement using this game-changing platform. Enjoy an active, engaged audience that turns their attention to your offering, coming back time and time again to invest in your brand. 

        And that’s just the beginning.

        Tangible leads you can touch

        And by touch, we mean feel in your wallet. 

        Gone are the days where reeling in the ‘likes’ was enough to get by. This channel now allows you to target audiences right down to geographical location, age and interests. Use remarketing to get them when they’re at their most engaged and pique their interest in ways that you were never able to before. 

        It all starts with the support of our Facebook marketing agency. We already help clients like you all across the country, so let us do the same for you. 

        Charge full steam ahead of your competition

        Don’t tackle your Facebook ads marketing journey alone. Eliminate guesswork and risk with targeted campaigns that are based on thorough research and analysis. See the trends in action, then turn them into ROI, generating realistic outcomes for the future. 

        Like Google, Facebook is known to mix up its algorithm, but we know how to keep ahead of the game. Ensure you’re always coming out on top with our Facebook advertising agency that knows how to ride the shifting rides.

        Get a tailored quote and no-obligation discussion now by getting in touch with our experts at Shout.

        What a successful Facebook ads campaign looks like

        We know it’s hard to keep tabs on what’s best practice and what’s making an impact on this platform. As we’re well-versed in all aspects of social channels, we know how to maximise all features to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

        All of our Facebook advertising campaigns are built on a solid foundation that includes:

        • Targeted, custom audiences – we’ll pinpoint your most influential audience and turn them into leads.
        • Location – Our experts will target your customers by geographical location (even right down to their postcode).
        • Male or female – Our specialists will find the most suitable demographic and target by gender.
        • Interests –  We’ll filter through interests and target specific niches.

        Best of all, we use A/B testing and experimentation to see what ad formats work best for your campaign, including:

        • Sponsored posts: Put a budget against specific posts, keeping you in control of how much you spend and when.
        • Column ads: Place your ads on the right-hand side of Facebook’s feed, where your audience is actively looking. 
        • Ad copy: Certain language appeals to certain audiences. We’ll test what piques your prospects’ attention and then use it to our (and your) advantage.

        Sound like a good deal? Get in touch with Shout now to partner with a leading Facebook marketing company based onshore in Australia. Getting on top of your competitors on this platform doesn’t have to be the overwhelming challenge it’s made out to be – all you need is the support to get you there.

        Let's find out how big we can take your business.

        Set up a consultation to forecast the growth we can guarantee for your business.

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          Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!

          Frequently asked questions

          We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about a Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

          Facebook’s stance on charging for advertising in your business’s official group page is unequivocal: you cannot charge a third party for advertising. The only form of advertising that can be paid for is Facebook’s own native ads. Agencies, however, are able to manage ad campaigns on this social media platform, on behalf of clients, using the native software.

          Many businesses that haven’t used this platform for marketing are surprised at the power of Facebook advertising. If you already have a Facebook page for business, you have taken the first steps towards growing your visibility. However, using an agency to market your brand strategically through this channel will turn concepts into real leads.

          Facebook advertising for small business can help you cut through the noise and works to help you grow your business. Reaching out to new and existing customers through this platform’s sponsored advertising is a powerful tool that our agency can help you elevate to target custom audiences based on their interests.

          While it isn’t currently possible to target specific members of a group with Facebook Ads, with the right type of creativity and help from an agency it’s possible to serve relevant ads to the right people on the broader environment of this platform. The most effective targeting tool is identifying who it is you want to reach – which we can help you with.

          Revenue can be increased with Facebook by using a variety of advertising options such as video adverts, using the popular ‘Boost’ option, strengthening your brand identity, and targeting potential clients. The most influential part of the ad is the image, effectively drawing the user’s eyes immediately.

          In its simplicity, Facebook advertising interacts with potential audiences. The more times they interact with your posts and content, it increases the likelihood of them converting to your business. You will reach more prospects with targeted advertising than with organic posts, and our agency knows how to best create visibility for your business.

          Facebook advertising targets its users based on their profile information, location and demographics, amongst other identifying options. Your brand needs to ensure these features narrow down on the right people at the right time, or your marketing spend can be wasted. We help you resolve this risk.

          Facebook advertising is a cost-effective marketing option. Once you have designed your ads and have them ready to go, it is then up to you how much you spend. The great thing about this channel is that if your budget is $7 a day, then that’s all you will pay. 

          There are four ways to pay for Facebook advertising, each with their benefits – pay per click, cost per like, cost per action and cost per 100 impressions. Confused? Our agency can break down what option is best for your business and can take specific action for your ad campaign. 

          There are many free ways to promote your business on Facebook, and as a specialised agency, we have the expertise to manage this for you. Some examples include listing your events, syndicating your blog, posting with intent, make your profile page stand out and create a community in a group.

          Building followers on your page means being active on Facebook yourself. This includes joining relevant groups, sharing your page outside of the platform, ensuring you’re active in your online community and through strategic and targeted marketing. Feeling time-poor and concerned about keeping up with this? Ask how our team can help.


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