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    Profit from your posts with facebook management.

    What’s a phone call to your business without any action? Some agencies that promote facebook advertising don’t understand the strategy, marketing and metrics it takes to deliver the results you want. Want X new leads? X more sales? Or X ROI? At Shout, we’ll forecast the figures you can expect – and guarantee to deliver them.

    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    A guaranteed process for effective facebook advertising

    It takes a proven plan to set up, monitor, manage and measure a strong facebook strategy. The Shout team has a decade of experience in delivering results from launch to day-to-day running.


    Identify facebook advertising objectives

    We’ll work with your investment to determine how facebook advertising can best benefit your business depending on the goals you want to reach.

    We’ll determine which payment method such as pay per click or cost per action suits best, and agree on how we’ll deliver on your objectives with guaranteed returns.


    Segment your target market

    Identifying who you want to reach is next. There’s no wasted money at Shout. We use your audience data to create highly targeted audience personas to uphold your brand image and reputation.

    And our extensive experience in social media marketing to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.


    Execute the vision

    This is where our consultants excel. We’ll design and create your paid advertising campaign tailored for facebook, test creative options like video to gauge response, monitor audience engagement, retarget to lost customers you thought you’d lost and guide you through managing community feedback


    Optimise the plan

    Only with ongoing optimisation can we ensure your facebook advertising keeps meeting your goals.

    This means tracking and measuring your results against KPIs, tweaking creative as we learn which executions are working best, and promptly pivoting when there are changes on the platform or in the market.

    We'll reach the most valuable Facebook users

    Imagine equipping your business with targeted Facebook and Meta marketing strategies that land more bucks in your bank. Shout’s team of experts are pioneers of powerful integrated campaigns that get results.

    The targeted, tried and tested facebook management agency Melbourne.

    Facebook advertisements comprise more than just posts on a feed. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Shout offers the complete suite of Facebook marketing services including:


    1. Audience targeting
      Zero in on your next buyers, not just browsers. At Shout, we’ll help you to talk to very specific audiences based on factors like demographics (such as age, income, location and education), sociographic (deeper level factors like values, needs, attitudes and interests) plus their shopping habits and behaviours, so your marketing budget goes to the right people at the right time.
    2. Retargeting
      Successful Facebook marketing doesn’t end with targeting. Once you’ve connected with an existing lead (someone that’s already shown interest in your brand), you can reach back out to them with updated messaging. This retargeting is often the critical difference in turning consideration into a sale.
    3. Optimisation
      The social landscape is always changing, and social media is a great platform for testing and learning what works to gain audience engagement. Our team can track and make changes to your facebook advertising to improve your performance. 
    4. Measurement
      Advertising on facebook should get you provable ROI. We’ll track the results of your campaigns over time based on specific campaign KPIs to make sure your marketing investment is measurable. If your business is on facebook, but your leads, conversions and sales aren’t on the increase, Shout.
    5. A/B testing
      Often called split testing, A/B testing lets you compare two parts of an otherwise identical ad to determine which version performs better. Want to test image A with image B? Or headline A with headline B? At Shout, our A/B testing helps you make data-driven decisions on real evidence to hit the audience’s sweet spot.

    It’s just a small part of an even bigger opportunity. And Shout helps you do it all. 

    Facebook advertising campaigns require results-focused testing to find the ideal combination of targeting, ad format, frequency, content, design and budget – to reach and engage your audience when it matters most. Plus, they can even help you find ways to get a second chance to close a deal.

    You know how Facebook seems to know what you’ve been looking at, then hits you with an ad for it? At Shout, we use the platform’s advanced targeting technology to remarket to customers you thought you were lost.

    Count figures, not just friends.

    Imagine equipping your business with targeted Facebook marketing strategies that land more bucks in your bank. Shout’s team of experts are pioneers of powerful integrated campaigns that get results.

    Back in the day, Facebook was just another platform to take over Myspace. Fast-forward to today, and it’s no longer just a consideration for brand awareness, but a powerhouse for it. Businesses across the globe flock to facebook to generate leads, conversions and click-throughs, giving them more possibility of expansion than ever before.

    If competitors across the online space are currently drowning out your voice, our facebook advertising agency can revolutionise the way you get engagement using this ever game-changing platform. You’ll be rewarded with an active, engaged audience that turns their attention to your offering, coming back time and time again to invest in your brand. And that’s just the beginning.

    Tangible Facebook leads you can really touch.

    Gone are the days where reeling in the Likes was enough to get by. facebook marketing now allows you to target audiences right down to geographical location, age and even interests. Use retargeting to get them when they’re at their most engaged, and pique their interest in new creative ways. So you can connect with them like never before.

    It all starts with the support of our facebook marketing agency. We already help clients like you all across the country, so let us do the same for your business. 

    Power ahead of your competition.

    It’s vast, but so are the opportunities. So don’t tackle your facebook ads marketing strategy alone. Eliminate guesswork and risk with targeted campaigns that are based on thorough research and analysis. See the trends in action, then turn them into ROI, generating realistic outcomes for the future. 

    Like Google, facebook is known to mix up its algorithm, but we know how to keep ahead of the game. Ensure you always come out on top with our facebook advertising agency that knows how to ride these shifting waves.

    Book a no-obligation consultation now by getting in touch with our experts at Shout. We’ll give you a 3, 6 and 12 month sales forecast with a tailored X-Chart for your business. And we guarantee the results that we forecast. 

    What successful facebook advertising looks like.

    When you run a business, it’s hard to keep tabs on what’s best practice and what’s making an impact on your social platforms. At Shout, we’re well-versed in all aspects of social channels, and we know how to maximise all their features to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

    All of our facebook advertising campaigns are built on a solid foundation that includes:

    • Targeted, custom audiences:
      Hit that target. We’ll pinpoint your most influential audience, and turn your most likely prospects into valuable leads.
    • Location
      Where’s Wally? Our Shout experts will target specific customers by geographical location, even down to their postcode, so you can find them wherever they are.
    • Gender
      Product defined by gender? Our facebook advertising specialists will find the most suitable demographic and target, no matter how they identify.
    • Interests
      AFL supporter or tennis fan? Art lover or car enthusiast? We’ll filter by hobbies and target specific niches, so we can hone in on the audience that takes your interest.

    Best of all, we use A/B testing and experimentation to see what ad formats work best for your campaign, including:

    • Sponsored posts
      Be seen by more people and drive more traffic with facebook sponsored posts. We can put a budget against specific posts, keeping you in control of how much you spend on this optimised feature, and when. 
    • Right column ads
      Right time, right place. We can position your ads on the right-hand side of facebook’s feed, and reach your audience where they’re actively looking. 
    • Ad copy
      Words are the real social influencer. At Shout, our facebook advertising experts will tailor the language in our creative to appeal to each audience. Then we’ll test what piques your prospects’ attention and use it to our (and your) advantage.

    Is that a thumbs up? Get in touch now to partner with our leading agency in facebook management Melbourne.

    Getting on top of competitors on this platform doesn’t have to be the overwhelming challenge it’s made out to be. Just Shout for a little support to get you there.

    We’re ready to help you make more from your facebook advertising.

    Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

    A big thumbs up to our expert facebook team.

    Make business personal with performance marketing on facebook.

    Making real connections means really knowing who you’re connecting with. With facebook’s advanced segmentation tech and Shout’s expert social media marketing team, we’ll deliver incredibly specific targeting to reach the people that matter.

    Take the jargon out of the medium with our facebook management

    Should you create lead ads, feed ads, carousels or collections? Are you reaching, engaging, converting or generating? Will you target custom or lookalike audiences? There may be a lot of terminology, but Shout is here to make facebook advertising easy. Just tell us what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy and we’ll show you how we can deliver.

    Don’t just publicise. Optimise with Shout’s advertising on facebook.

    At Shout, we make sure your company is more than visible. We guarantee it’s profitable. No business is on Facebook just for the fans.

    So our experienced team optimise the power of the platform to deliver a guaranteed return on your marketing investment.

    Results worth shouting about

    Looking for a results-driven facebook advertising agency?

    Facebook marketing FAQs

    We answer a few of the more common questions around facebook marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

    The social network’s stance on charging to advertise on Facebook or on your Facebook business page is unequivocal: you cannot charge a third party for advertising.

    The only form of advertising that can be paid for is Facebook’s ads. Agencies, however, can manage ad campaigns on this social media platform, on behalf of clients, using the native software. 

    At Shout, we have a team of Facebook Business Manager experts and Meta platform specialists who can help you set up a campaign quickly and easily.

    Whatever your budget, whoever you’re trying to reach, we can help you create compelling Facebook ad copy that works. We can also provide Facebook ad support, help you manage your dashboard, and keep your Facebook ads cost to a minimum to maximise your ROI.

    Many businesses that haven’t used this platform for marketing are surprised at the power of Facebook advertisements. If you already have a Facebook page for business, you’ve taken the first steps towards growing your visibility.

    However, using an experienced Facebook advertising agency like Shout to market your brand strategically through this channel will turn concepts into real leads.


    The Facebook ad campaign platform is called Ads Manager. Whoever you are, whatever you’re looking to achieve, Ad Manager is your starting point for running Facebook ad campaigns.

    It’s your one-stop-shop for creating, managing, and tracking Facebook ads to ensure success. You can even keep an eye on your Facebook ads using the Ads Manager app for Android and iOS, so you’ll always be connected to your campaigns as and when you need to be.


    Ads Manager can help you:


    Create brand new ads

    Choose and upload your creative, insert your copy, select your Facebook campaign parameters, and preview your ads on different devices.


    Choose your audience network

    Be as broad or specific as you like as you select your target audience based on a range of characteristics, including age, location, and gender.


    Set up and manage your budget

    Define how much you want to spend on making the best Facebook ads possible, and set a budget that applies to both your daily and lifetime campaign activities.


    Run ads across multiple apps

    If you decide you want your Facebook ad to extend across Facebook’s other apps, including Instagram, this can easily be achieved with Ads Manager.


    Adjust your campaigns

    If testing reveals something that isn’t working, you can easily adjust your budget, audience, placement and creative to suit you. This includes managing your Facebook pixel.

    Performance marketing on Facebook can help small companies cut through the noise and grow their revenue. Reaching out to new and existing customers through Facebook’s sponsored advertising is a powerful tool that we can help you elevate a target custom audience based on their interests. 

    Right now, 1.6 billion people around the world are connected to a small business on Facebook. That’s a lot of potential new customers. People connect on this platform (not to mention other Meta platforms like Instagram and YouTube) every single day, which is why your business needs to be part of the conversation. 

    Did you know that Facebook achieves 80% greater discovery for new brands or products than brand retailer websites? What’s more, over 10 million businesses have used Facebook advertising to increase sales and access new lead generation streams, the majority of which are small to medium businesses like yours. 

    The time has come to explore this channel to see how it can take your business activities to the next level.


    While it isn’t currently possible to target specific members of a group with Facebook Ads, with the right type of creativity and Facebook ad support from an agency, it is possible to serve relevant ads to the right people on the broader environment of this platform. With Facebook Ads Manager, you get to choose who sees your Facebook ads by narrowing down your target audience based on interest, gender, location and more.

    Here are some tips to help you find the people most likely to click:

    • Choose a location: Where are you based? Do you want your Facebook ad audience to be local, or can they be from anywhere in the world?
    • Review behaviour: Who has clicked one of your ads or purchased a product before? These people are often ready to engage again.
    • Define interests: Is your brand aligned with any particular hobbies or lifestyles? Facebook is a great place for connecting like-minded people and businesses.
    • Explore demographics: Target your ads based on age, gender, education, job title and more. You can even test new demographics to see who clicks.

    Absolutely. Facebook advertising costs are relatively low (much cheaper than print, radio, TV and other forms of digital advertising), so you can expect a significantly higher ROI.

    There are also lots of ways to enhance Facebook ad performance in real-time, so if something isn’t working, or you’re not getting the returns you expected, this can be fixed quickly and easily.


    Here are some stats to give you an idea of what Facebook ads can do for your revenue:


    • The average click-through rate for Facebook ads is 0.9%.
    • 26% of people who click on ads go on to make a purchase.
    • People who call from Facebook ads convert 30% faster than web leads.


    Plus, here’s a feature you’ll love. Revenue can be increased with a Facebook advertising strategy by using a variety of options such as video ads, using the popular ‘Boost’ option to reach new and wider audiences, strengthening your brand identity, and targeting potential clients. The most influential part of the ad is the image, effectively drawing the user’s eyes immediately. 

    Our Facebook ads agency in Melbourne is on hand to help you create compelling Facebook ads that get clicks, convert customers, and ultimately increase your revenue. As a result, you will land more ROI, more brand awareness and the exposure you need to advertise on Facebook for the future.

    In its simplicity, a Facebook ad campaign interacts with potential audiences. The more times they interact with your posts and content, the more likely they are to convert to your business.

    You’ll reach more prospects with targeted advertising than with organic posts, and our Facebook management agency Melbourne knows how to best create visibility for your business.

    Here are five compelling reasons to advertise on Facebook:

    Facebook ads are extremely affordable

    When it comes to defining your Facebook ad budget, you can go as low or as high as you want, depending on how extensive your campaign is. What’s more, if something isn’t working, you can change it in real-time, so no campaign spend is ever wasted.

    Facebook ads are effective

    Whether your focus is on B2B or B2C, text and Facebook video ads are highly successful at converting new customers to your business. In fact, Facebook achieves 80% greater discovery for new brands or products than brand retailer websites.

    Your audience connects to Facebook every day

    More than two billion people around the world have an account. Furthermore, 1.6 billion of these connect to small businesses on Facebook every single day, so it certainly pays to give your business visibility in this space.

    You can target specific people

    For better or worse, Facebook has a huge amount of data about its users, from their age, sex, and location to their education level, job title, and interests. We can help you capitalise on this information to help you target broad and specific audiences.

    Advertising on Facebook is so easy

    Facebook Ads Manager makes it easy to create, track, and monitor your campaigns in real-time. The platform is highly intuitive and customisable, and you can even track your campaigns on the go with its Android or iOS app.

    How does Facebook advertising work?

    Facebook advertising targets its users based on their profile information, location, and demographics, among other identifying options. 

    Your brand needs to ensure these features narrow down on the right people at the right time, or your marketing spend can be wasted. As an experienced Facebook marketing agency, we’ll help you resolve this risk. We’ll also help you capitalise on the ease and simplicity of Facebook’s advertising platform, Ads Manager, which helps you create, track, and monitor your ads in real-time.

    With Facebook Ads Manager, you can:

    Create new ads

    Choose and upload your creative, insert your copy, select your Facebook Page Ad parameters, and preview your ads on different devices.

    Target your audience

    Be as broad or specific as you like as you select your target audience based on a range of characteristics, including age, location, and gender.

    Define your budget

    Define how much you want to spend on your Facebook ads and set a budget that applies to both your daily and lifetime campaign activity.

    Run ads across multiple apps

    If you decide you want to create ads to extend across Facebook’s other apps, including Instagram, this can easily be achieved with Ads Manager.

    Adjust your campaigns

    If testing reveals something isn’t working, you can easily adjust your budget, audience, placement and creative to suit you.

    Facebook advertising is a cost-effective marketing option. Your Facebook ad cost could, in fact, be a very small part of your overall marketing budget, but also a high achiever regarding ROI and revenue. 

    Once your ads are designed and ready to go, it’s up to you how much you spend. The great thing about this channel is that if your budget is just $7 a day, then that’s all you’ll pay.

    You can also adjust your campaigns quickly and easily if something isn’t working, which means that no campaign spend is ever wasted, and you’ll always be able to optimise for a greater return.

    How much Facebook ads cost depends on how you pay for them. There are four ways to pay, each with their own benefits – pay per click, cost per like, cost per action and cost per 100 impressions. Confused? Our agency can break down what option is best for your business and can take specific action for your ad campaign.

    Here’s a quick rundown of what these terms mean:

    • Pay per click: You’ll only pay Facebook if a user clicks on your ad.


    • Cost per like: This quantifies how many ad dollars you need to spend to get a Facebook member to like your page.


    • Cost per action: This quantifies the ad spend required to get users to take an action, such as clicking, liking, buying, or sharing.


    • Cost per 1000 impressions: Also known as cost per mile (CPM), this quantifies the spend required to get 1000 impressions, i.e., if you spend $50 and get 10,000 impressions, your CPM is $5.

    It’s not impossible. There are many free ways to promote your business on Facebook and, as a specialised agency, we have the expertise to manage this, and other Meta platforms, for you. Some examples include listing your events, syndicating your blog, posting with intent, making your profile page stand out, and creating a community in a Facebook group. 

    However, it is important to remember that Facebook is an extremely competitive space with many businesses vying for the attention of their customers.

    Additionally, Facebook advertising costs are relatively low, so you can actually get quite a good ROI without spending a huge amount. At Shout, we can work with you to find the right blend of Facebook activities, both free and paid, to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible for your business.

    Building followers on your page means being active on Facebook yourself. This includes joining relevant groups, sharing your page outside the platform, ensuring you’re active in your online community, and implementing strategic and targeted marketing to increase brand awareness. 

    When done well, the results of this can be extraordinary, you just need to make sure you have the time and space to put the work in. If you don’t, or you would rather someone else handle it for you, the Facebook ads team at Shout is always here to help.

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