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Your voice, our social media strategy. That's how we like it.

Sure, any old Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne can get the phone ringing for your business. But what are more calls if they don't land you profitable outcomes? Influential digital marketing campaigns are born from well-executed strategies. The problem is, well-executed strategies come from time, knowledge, skills and a determination to win. At Shout, we bring all of this to the table, acting as the next best thing to Zuckerberg.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

What’s our secret? A refined process for every Facebook ads campaign.

We take strategic thinking to the next level when it comes to our Facebook advertising agency. Watch as we tailor a proven plan for your brand, all destined to correlate with the biggest, most active target audiences in your market. If you’re ready to ‘shout’ out from the top of the world’s most popular social network, we’re ready to get that Facebook pixel working hard for your ROI.


We identify your campaign objectives

We’ll work with your investment to determine how Facebook ads can best benefit your business, all depending on the goals you want to reach. We aren’t about unrealistic objectives, so we’ll ensure every benchmark we set is primed for success. With Shout, you’re never set up for failure. 


Segment your target market

This social giant’s audience network is as big as it is broad. Luckily, we know how to work magic on Ad Manager to identify these active prospects and reel them in through strategic targeting across your campaign. It’s a bit like digital archery – and we always hit the bullseye.


Execute the vision

This is where our Facebook ads management really excels. Your dedicated team of winning specialists at our Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne will build compelling campaigns tailored for this platform and your budget. From there, they’ll get to work on A/B split tests and assess what creative assets work best for your audience. It’s only a matter of time until engagement is won, harnessing the power of this influential social media site.  


Optimise the plan

Only with ongoing optimisation can we ensure your ad campaign keeps on giving. With careful tracking and consistent measuring, our facebook ads agency in, Melbourne, Australia will report back to you on how your strategy is meeting your campaign objective, and work towards ensuring they’re only further smashed out of the park. Feel like giving us KPIs? We love a challenge.

We know how to dominate every Facebook feed.

The word on the street is that Facebook ads are the new Meta. Marketing strategies now need to be more agile than ever before, covering all bases for this massive shift in the platform’s branding. If you thought you knew how to reel in those users through paid advertising, now’s the time to think again. Luckily, Shout’s team of experts are pioneers of powerful, well-integrated campaigns that get results, no matter how the online landscape chooses to evolve. Zuckerberg, eat your heart out. 

It’s time to go crowd-surfing.

Like its parent company Meta, this platform is geared towards business growth. But the truth is, that growth doesn’t just appear out of thin air; it takes hard work and guts to get to the top. Even if you don’t have a big ad budget to splurge on, our specialists can get you the best bang for your buck, allowing you to drive more traffic to your site. Ever tasted explosive ROI? You’re about to with our Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne.

Long gone are the days where Facebook ads management was all about the inundation of annoying content in feeds. These days, they’re subtly displayed to the most targeted users possible, thanks to the shifting algorithms of this agile platform. Making most of this evolution, our social media strategists turn every ad objective we’re tasked with into tangible growth for your business online. No matter what niche you’re in or how big you intend on going, we’re here for the long run. And boy, do we love a marathon. 

1. Audience targeting

Our Facebook ads management in Melbourne, Australia, turns browsers into buyers. Zoom in on those most likely to convert with the impressive way that Facebook ads work. Backed by super-nifty algorithms and targeting options, there’s never been a better time to take your digital marketing suite to the next level. From one News Feed to the next, we’ll make your ad spend work wonders through highly refined audience segmentation, turning those clicks into conversions. 

2. Retargeting

Successful social marketing agency in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world doesn’t end with targeting. Once you take aim, you need to fire. If your prospect happens to stray away from your site, we’ll hit them with enticing dynamic ads to persuade them to click that ‘Buy’ button. It’s so red and shiny that they won’t be able to resist. Take customers you thought you’d lost and dish them out enough desire to head back to your online store, time and time again.

3. Optimisation

The digital landscape is always changing, and social media advertising is a great place for testing out these revolutions. Our team will track and make amendments to your Facebook advertising campaigns in real-time, improving performance and refining all possible ad specs. 

4. Measurement

Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to achieve impressive ROI. From start to finish, you can trust our lead generation experts to track the results of your campaigns over time, based on specific campaign KPIs. This is how we ensure your investment is measurable and in line with your initial campaign objective. Experience world-class communication and a new take on performance marketing on Facebook – that’s how we roll.

5. A/B testing

Often called split-testing, A/B experiments let us compare two aspects of your campaign to assess which works better. Consider those eye tests you get from time to time, only it puts money in your pocket. From one headline to the next, to all image ads in your suite, we’ll ensure your campaigns are backed by only the most relevant, hard-hitting content. 

‘Like’ the sound of that? Give us a thumbs up. 

Meta and Facebook ad campaigns require results-focused testing to find the ideal combination. Just like hitting the sweet spot in SEO, it’s all about refinement and influential research. From ad formats to frequency, high-quality content and maximisation of your budget, every little detail matters.  

Best of all, we know how to make use of social media platforms’ most innovative technical wonders, so we always win.

Count figures, not friends.

Back in the day, Facey was just another platform to take over Myspace. (Sorry, Tom.) Fast-forward to today, and it’s no longer just a consideration for brand awareness, but a powerhouse for it.

Businesses across the globe flock to Facebook ads to generate leads, conversions and click-throughs, giving them more possibility of expansion than ever before.

If competitors across the online space are currently drowning out your voice, our Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne can revolutionise the way you get engagement using this ever game-changing channel. 

You’ll be rewarded with an active, engaged audience that turns their attention to your offering, coming back time and time again to invest in your brand. And that’s just the beginning.

Tangible leads you can touch. No, seriously.

Gone are the days where reeling in the Likes was enough to get by. Facebook ads now allow you to target audiences right down to geographical location, age and even interests. From using dynamic product ads to get them hitting that ‘buy’ button to piquing their interest through creative methods, you can rely on us to foster a connection between you and your biggest prospects.

It all starts with the support of our Facebook marketing agency in Melbourne. We already help clients like you all across the country, so let us do the same for your business.

Power ahead of your competition.

It’s vast, but so are the opportunities. Don’t take on your Facebook ads alone – it’s a tough road. Instead, let our team eliminate the guesswork with targeted campaigns that are based on thorough research and analysis.

See the biggest trends in action, then turn them into ROI, generating realistic outcomes for the future. Through our tried and proven strategies, we'll install your Facebook pixel then leverage your biggest custom audience on the platform, giving you more clicks, conversions and leads overall.

Like Google, this social media platform is known to mix up its algorithm, but we know how to keep ahead of the game. Ensure you always come out on top with our Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne that knows how to ride these shifting waves.

Without this insight, you're effectively going in blind. We know the ins and outs of this part of digital marketing, including how to work magic across Facebook advertising costs, ad formats, mobile news feed optimisation, placement and more. We’re fiends for Facey.

Book a no-obligation consultation now by getting in touch with our experts at Shout. We’ll give you a 3, 6 and 12-month sales forecast with a tailored X-Chart for your business. And we guarantee the results that we forecast.

Performance marketing, Facebook style.

When you run a business, it’s hard to keep tabs on what’s best practice and what’s making an impact on your brand awareness. Performance marketing managers know all the right ways to make refinements across your campaigns, but it doesn’t come out of anything. These strategies are born from research, and we always go the extra mile to ensure we’re backed by the most influential data.

At our Facebook ads agency, we’re well-versed in all aspects of social channels – including Zuckerberg’s latest prized possession, Meta. Oh, and we know exactly how to maximise all of the available features to ensure the best possible results for our clients. That’s you!

All of our Facebook advertising campaigns are built on a solid foundation that includes:

• Targeted, custom audiences

Hit that target. We’ll pinpoint your most influential audience for Facebook ads, and turn your most likely prospects into valuable leads.

• Location

Fan of Where’s Wally? Our Shout experts will target specific customers by geographical location through the Facebook pixel, even down to their postcode, so you can find them wherever they are.

• Gender

Is your product defined by gender? Our specialists will find the most suitable demographic and target, no matter how they identify.

• Interests

AFL supporter or tennis fan? Art lover or car enthusiast? We’ll filter by hobbies and target specific niches, so we can hone in on the audience that aligns with your ad relevance.

Best of all, we use A/B testing and experimentation through the Facebook Business Manager to see what ad placement method works best for your campaign, including:

• Sponsored posts

Be seen by more people and drive more traffic with Sponsored Posts. We can put a budget against specific posts, keeping you in control of how much you spend on this optimised feature, and when.

• Right column dynamic ads

Right time, right place. We can position your paid ads on the right-hand side of the feed, and reach your audience where they’re actively looking.

• Ad copy

Words are the real social influencer when you advertise on Facebook. At Shout, our strategists will tailor the language in our creative to appeal to each audience. Then we’ll test what piques your prospects’ attention and use it to our (and your) advantage.

Is that a thumbs up we see? Get in touch now to partner with our Facebook management agency in Melbourne. Getting on top of competitors on this platform doesn’t have to be the overwhelming challenge it’s made out to be. Just Shout for a little support to get you there.

Ready to make more from your Facebook ads?

Friends don’t grow your business – sales do. At Shout, we make your Facebook advertising costs look like pennies through proven strategies that give you explosive ROI. Let’s start on a journey that connects you with your biggest prospects now.

Meet the faces behind the magic.

Make business personal with performance marketing on Facebook.

Making real connections means really knowing who you’re connecting with. With advanced segmentation tech and our expert Facebook management agency, we’ll you deliver incredibly specific targeting to reach the people that matter most.

Take the jargon out of the medium with our Facebook ads management.

From carousel ads to every ad format available to your brand – manage all of these complex Facebook ad specs to give you the best possible result. Are you after leads? No problem. Looking for engagement? You got it. No matter what your goal is, you can be sure that we’ll power up your brand with everything you need to succeed. And we do it all without feeding you fluff or handing you vanity metrics. 

Don’t just publicise. Optimise.

At our Facebook management agency, we make sure your company is more than just visible – we make it profitable. No business is on this platform is there just for the fans. It’s always about the ROI. Our experienced team optimises campaigns through holistic, strategic methods that make magic on every News Feed. From sending automated Facebook Messenger to nurture your leads, through to ensuring your ad auction goes off without a hitch – we’re the sidekick you wish you’d always had. Consider us the Robin to your Batman. 


Looking for a results-driven Facebook ad campaign?

FAQs from our Facebook marketing agency

We answer a few of the more common questions around this hugely powerful advertising channel below. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered, just give us a shout. (See what we did there?)

In its simplicity, when you choose to undertake advertising on Facebook, you are able to interact with potential audiences. The more times they interact with your posts and content, the more likely they are to convert to your business.

You’ll reach more prospects with targeted advertising than with organic posts, and Facebook management agency experts know how to best create visibility for your business.

Here are five compelling reasons to advertise on Facebook:


  • It is extremely affordable

When it comes to defining your Facebook ads costs and budget, you can go as low or as high as you want, depending on how extensive your campaign is. What’s more, if something isn’t working, you can change it in real-time, so no campaign spend is ever wasted.

  • They are extremely effective

Whether your focus is on B2B lead generation or B2C, text and Facebook video ads are highly successful at converting new customers to your business. In fact, the platform achieves 80% greater discovery for new brands or products than brand retailer websites.

  • Your audience is active on the platform every day

More than two billion people around the world have active accounts. That’s a whole lot of prospects to turn into opportunities. An ad campaign that’s designed around this fact gives you the best possible chance at gaining their attention. 

  • You can target specific people

For better or worse, ads build a huge amount of data about its Facebook users – from their age, sex, and location to their education level, job title, and interests. We can help you capitalise on this information to help you target broad and specific audiences. (In appropriate ways, of course.)


  • Advertising on Facebook is so easy

The Facebook Ads Manager makes it easy to create, track, and monitor your Facebook ad campaign on the feed in real-time. The platform is highly intuitive and customisable, and you can even track your campaigns on the go with its Android or iOS app.

Absolutely. Facebook advertising costs are relatively low (much cheaper than print, radio, TV and other forms of digital advertising), so you can expect a significantly higher ROI.

There are also lots of ways to enhance ad campaign performance in real-time, so if something isn’t working, or you’re not getting the returns you expected, this can be fixed quickly and easily.

Here are some stats to show you the power of Facebook advertising:
  • The average click-through rate for Facebook ads is 0.9%.
  • The average user clicks on 12 ads per month.
  • People who call from seeing ads convert 30% faster than web leads.

Plus, here’s something we really know you’ll love: revenue can be increased with a strategy by using a variety of options such as:

  • video ads
  • using the popular ‘Boost’ option to reach new and wider audiences
  • strengthening your brand identity
  • and targeting potential clients. 

Our Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne is on hand to help you create compelling carousel ads that get clicks and conversions. Land more ROI than ever before and reach new heights for your brand awareness. Nothing is impossible.

A Facebook Page can target its users based on their profile information, location, and demographics, among other identifying options. 

Your brand needs to ensure these features narrow down on the right people at the right time, or your marketing spend can be wasted. As an experienced agency, we’ll help you resolve this risk. We’ll also help you capitalise on the ease and simplicity of this platform, Ads Manager, which helps you create, track, and monitor your ads in real-time.

With this tool at your disposal, you can:

  •   Create new Facebook ad sets

Choose and upload your creative, insert your copy, select your ad parameters, and preview your ads on different devices.

  • Target your audience

Be as broad or specific as you like as you select your target audience based on a range of characteristics, including age, location, and gender. Here is where you set up your Facebook pixel.

  • Define your budget

Define how much you want to spend on each ad and set a budget that applies to both your daily and lifetime campaign activity.

  • Run Facebook ads across multiple apps

If you decide you want to create ads to extend across Meta’s other apps, including Instagram ads, this can easily be achieved with Ads Manager.

  • Adjust your campaigns

If testing reveals something isn’t working, you can easily adjust your budget, audience, placement and creative to suit you.

This platform gives you a highly cost-effective marketing option. Your Facebook ads cost could, in fact, be a very small part of your overall marketing budget. The tricky part is that your marketing strategy needs to be hugely researched and set up from the get-go. That’s where we come in. 

Once your ads are designed and ready to go for your Facebook Business Page, it’s up to you how much you spend. The great thing about this channel is that if your budget is just $7 a day, then that’s all you’ll pay.

You can also adjust your Facebook campaign quickly and easily if something isn’t working, which means that no spend is ever wasted, and you’ll always be able to optimise for a greater return.

Unfortunately, unless you do this organically, running any ad is not free. There are many free ways to go about advertising a business on Facebook. As a specialised agency, we have the expertise to manage this, and other Meta platforms, for you. Some examples include listing your events, syndicating your blog, posting with intent, making your page stand out, and creating a community in a group. 

It is important to remember that social media is an extremely competitive space with many businesses vying for the attention of their customers. Additionally, Facebook ads costs are relatively low, so you can actually get quite a good ROI without spending a huge amount. At Shout, we can work with you to find the right blend of these activities, both free and paid, to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible for your business.

Post profits with our Facebook marketing agency.

Shout, your Facebook advertising agency Melbourne is ready to get to work on your campaign. So, forget about likes that do nothing for your bottom line, and let us turn your Facebook presence into a profit centre.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

In the digital age, businesses now have access to more customers than ever before. If this social platform were a country, it would have the largest population on the planet. 

Think about that for a moment. Your business has the potential to reach a community of 1.79 billion active users daily. It shouldn’t be a question of if, but how, your business should be leveraging this kind of platform to grow its brand presence and sales channels.

The world is, quite literally, at your feet now as a business owner. And while that’s great at surface level, it’s the same for all of your competitors. So not only do you need to be on this platform, you need to be dominating it. To do that, you need to partner with Shout’s team of experts.

When considering how your brand can be at its most effective in this environment, it’s also worthwhile considering the value attached to partnering with a team of experts on how to best navigate a Facebook campaigns. We’ve been through all the ups and downs of the social campaigns and know how to deliver and maintain great results for brands of any size. We’ll even offer up a few tips here for free.

This social platform has a very advanced AI that automatically removes posts that violate its policy. Many people have argued that the company should be more hands-on with their approach, but the sheer size and volume of people and content they now manage is beyond comprehension.

While Facebook advertising and its wider platform were built on free speech, there’s a line that can quickly be crossed when it becomes offensive or just plain hate. So, the bots flag any violation and send it to a review team to make a final decision. Alongside the Facebook Business Manager tools, these bots are quick to remove posts that are similar in nature to anything that has been flagged and removed before, but they’re also targeting spam, false accounts and inappropriate images. This all has a positive effect on the standard of content broadcast on the platform.

At our Facebook management agency, we can:

• Help guide you and your brand through the common mistakes

• Offer Facebook ad support

• Apply our years of experience to your campaigns.

Beyond being a potential revenue stream, you’ll also remove the headaches and potential pitfalls that can come with Facebook management in today’s age. 


It’s a mandatory part of your Facebook advertising strategy. Leaving negative comments on your page unaddressed is not the right way to deal with them. And nor is biting back and getting into a war in the comments section. It’s akin to ignoring a customer in your store, or a staff member engaging in a public argument.

If you’ve ever experienced that in the real world, it’s an uncomfortable scene that never leaves the business looking good. It’s no different on this platform. At Shout we not only help you prepare for the management of such feedback but we can minimise the damage of these comments with a few tricks we’ve got up our sleeve. We can’t reveal those just yet though, but get in touch and we’re happy to chat you through it.

With Shout, your Facebook advertising campaigns are like living, breathing things. We keep a close eye on how your campaign is performing and then change the content and targeting as required to deliver the best results.


If something is working, we lean into it. If something isn’t resonating, we switch it off. If a few things are working, we simply redistribute your budget accordingly to give you the absolute best return for your money. This is how we guarantee results.


Facebook is regularly changing its rules, practices and standards. Sometimes these changes come with a warning, sometimes they’re a little unexpected. And if those changes happen right in the middle of a campaign, they can make a significant impact if you aren’t agile enough to respond. Luckily, Shout thrives under these conditions, giving you the very best brand awareness possible.


A campaign fails for three reasons:


1. The first, is not having a clear goal, or if you want to get more specific, a clear audience.


2. The second, is once you do have a target audience, being able to properly analyse the incoming results and adapt your campaign to leverage that audience’s interests and engagement. Optimisation is critical to the success of any Facebook advertising campaign.


3. Lastly, and this is a big one, a precision-targeted campaign is only as good as its creative. Annoyance travelling at the speed of light is still an annoyance. In fact, a perfectly targeted campaign that isn’t interesting can actually do damage to your brand! The people you’re talking to have a genuine interest in what you sell or provide, and you’re actively disengaging them with your brand.



Shout does it all


There is a lot that goes into making a campaign like this work, and if you don’t have a razor-sharp in-house digital marketing team, it can feel like a lot to keep on top of. That’s because it is.


Stick to what you do best, and leave the heavy lifting to us. Once we know your campaign objectives, we can create a strategy for you that includes the variations needed to optimise, and then we can look after the shuffling of assets to drive your results.


To give you an idea, our package of ongoing deliverables includes:

  • Campaign monitoring and performance 
  • Optimisation of campaigns based on
  • Any split testing results
  • Monthly performance
  • Ongoing design updates and changes
  • Development and execution of any retargeting opportunities
  • Monthly progress summaries
  • Quarterly strategy sessions

At Shout, we’re all about the power of X – multiplying performance, returns and ultimately, revenue for your business. And we’re not just talking about doubling your performance, some of our case studies have seen huge national brands get a 14x return on what they were previously seen from their performance marketing efforts. This goes for in-house and agency results as well.


Our X-Chart is your roadmap to guaranteed success. So, the only question that remains is, how much do you want to grow? 

Because of our intricate knowledge in this mode of marketing, and our proven track record of delivering results through careful and effective optimisation, we’re able to plot an achievable path of growth for you and your business with our X-Chart. 


This doesn’t just help you understand the trajectory of your business when it comes to social media and Facebook performance marketing. This can help you prepare for bigger growth across your entire business. 


You’re not expected to know every one of the ins and outs of Meta or Facebook advertising. But we are. Let us show you what we can do. 

Invaluable insights

Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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