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    We put your Google Ads account on the pedestal of the world's largest search engine.

    We are a Google Ads agency that gets more people to your site while practising dynamic keyword insertion that makes an impact.

    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    How our Google Ads process brings buyers to your landing page.

    Google Ads runs on a PPC campaign format, acting as a reliable way to get customers onto your business pages fast. Here’s how we help you get your Google AdWords campaign working like a well-oiled machine, giving you explosive ROI.



    We know this tactic works because we’ve nailed it time and time again. Whether you’re a business looking to grow, you’re needing a monthly boost on your YouTube channel, or you’re conducting a remarketing campaign, our Google Ads management team will meet with you to work out which tried and tested strategy will work best for your business. 



    This is the exciting part. You get to see what Google AdWords management can do for you, and we get to see what we can do for your business. Together, we’ll put an effective strategy in place that’s in line with the current best practices, and what we think will give you that edge over your competitors without breaking your monthly marketing budget.  We can also outline whether other aspects of PPC management are suitable for you – like YouTube ads, remarketing, Google Display Network advertising, Google Shopping solutions and more.



    It’s on! But this isn’t where the work stops. As Google Partners, we don’t just sit and watch. We get how fast you need your campaign to work and know how frustrating it can be when you can’t talk to someone about tweaking your strategy when you need to. Plus, your Google Ads campaign doesn’t stick to office hours. That’s why we’re available 24/7, to help when you need it most.



    We don’t set and forget. Your Google Ads campaigns are too important to even consider that! We keep an eye on and test your campaigns alongside your competitors’ activity to deliver response strategies to keep your campaign on top and your costs in control. This means your campaign is firing on all cylinders and you’re handing over less money to the big guys at Silicon Valley for each sale. 

    Do your Google Ads services guarantee growth? Ours do.

    If you’re prepared to pay for a hugely cost-effective solution, you should partner with an expert PPC agency that knows the ins and outs of search advertising. Our Google Ads team know where to put your ads where they will be noticed by more customers who are ready to buy now.

    There’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition. So, what are you waiting for?

    Watch our Google Ads management maximise those clicks.

    If your SEO hasn’t quite hit the mark, and you’re after instant results, reach out to our Google Ads specialists. Us! Our team can help you minimise your trial by error, and increase your bottom line - all through the power of traction across search engine results pages. Watch as we work our magic across this massively powerful part of search, from paid ads to Google display ads and more.

    Implemented by a proven Google advertising team like Shout, you’ll see an effective result for your marketing spend on the same day. And we’ll set you up for ongoing success.

    By understanding your short-term and long-term goals, the Google Ads management experts at Shout can structure your PPC campaign to work for you immediately, and set you up for future success. When implemented by our exclusive gurus, you can see an effective result for your marketing spend on the same day - reducing costs over time.

    A Google AdWords management agency with a difference.

    If SEO hasn’t quite hit the mark for you and you’re after instant results, we encourage you to reach out to specialists who know the game of PPC management services. Effectively turning over results and connecting you with real customers and clients who are looking for your solution to their problem, our team can help you minimise your trial by error and increase your bottom line. 

    Because these engines are known for their continuous algorithm updates, stringent best practices, and penalties for misunderstanding the rules, we want to help you get back on the court and play fair. If you want to stop relying on hope as a strategy and are ready to see real results, speak with our Google AdWords agency about designing a tangible, ROI-driven strategy for your brand.

    Why invest in Google Ads management services? 

    As a tangible, fluid and innovative digital marketing platform, this search engine gives you the ability to nominate a pay-per-click budget and stick to it – no wasted spend, no uninterested click-throughs. Target only those who deem interest in your offering and reel them in for maximum conversion rates. Your Google Ads account has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible—and it is possible to navigate the portal and set up campaigns yourself. But because of competition and the amount of time needed to monitor your campaigns, we always recommend utilising the support of a specialist team – like us.

    What our Google Ads marketing agency process looks like 

    From start to finish, we map out your AdWords management campaign to know exactly what is happening at every step of the process. Learn how your results are tracking, what trends give you results and where your budget could be better utilised. Receive constructive feedback and transparent reporting on your entire strategy and make amendments where needed. Best of all, this method lets you nominate a spend and stick to it – so everything is in your control. 

    Further, if working with a top-tier Google Ads management agency is in your realm of consideration, we highly recommend collaborating with our experts to learn the ropes as you go. See how this state-of-the-art channel continues to give clients across the world more bang for their back, complete with the ROI to measure it. 

    Experience thorough keyword research

    Before we build campaigns, we always take care and attention to researching the most prime keyword opportunities for your brand. As your dedicated Google PPC agency, brainstorming a list of words or likely terms that your ideal customers will type into a search engine is crucial. 

    Why? Because Google will associate your website and your online advertising with like-minded keywords as the solution to your customer’s problem. If you haven’t worked with a PPC marketing agency before, you’re in for a surprise. Our team can solidify the most powerful 15-20 keywords for your campaign that relate to your product or business.

    In the end, you’ll get far more targeted leads and results than any other form of instantaneous marketing available.

    Get started now

     Our Google advertising agency can help you and on top of search results through this popular cost per click service, combined the data and analytics to ensure you succeed. Be the go-to solution to your customers’ problems when they’re searching for answers – it all starts with getting in touch with our friendly experts. Speak to our consultants now for a no-obligation, friendly discussion around your vision and objectives. We can point you in the right direction of the best solution or provide you with an easy, tailored quote.

    We're ready to get your Google Ads noticed without breaking the bank.

    Get set, ready and go with your very own Google Ads, backed with PPC agency packages from Shout. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition.

    Your Google Ads campaign is ready to unlock big opportunities.

    The perfect Google Ads search partner.

    When combined with other marketing methods, paid search ads are a proven way of getting your site in front of more people actively looking to buy. From YouTube ads to harnessing the power of display advertising, there are a plethora of wins lying in your wake through advertising on Google. Now’s the time to collect them.

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    Genuine cost efficiencies.

    Our Google Ads agency experts are committed to getting the right words in front of the right eyeballs, increasing your conversions and revenue, and seriously growing your business.

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    Get more value from Google Ads.

    Using our holistic approach to your campaigns, the team at Shout matches pay per click activity with keyword optimisation, ad quality, and on-page relevance to get you better returns for less.

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    Results worth shouting about

    Your go-to experts for taking Google advertising by storm.

    Google Ads FAQs

    We answer a few of the more common questions around advertising on Google. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

    Google Ads is a pay per click (PPC) online platform that allows companies to create and share well-timed paid advertisements. Whether the aim is to raise awareness and traffic to your website, or to sell products and services, the ads will reach the consumer exactly when they’re interested in what you offer.

    It’s an automated process based on an auction system, so every time someone searches a keyword or phrase, various businesses bid to get their ad at the top. The great thing about having a nominated spend is you only pay when you get clicks, and there is no minimum spending commitment. Just create your own ad campaign, including the ad text, settings, budget and keywords, and Google Ads (or an agency) will take care of the rest for you. 

    As a starting point for all campaigns, you’ll need a Google Ads account, both of which are easy to set up. If you’re managing your campaign yourself, we’d recommend familiarising yourself with Google Analytics too, so you can monitor and make tweaks to maximise performance.

    What you need to get started

    Nevertheless, whether you run your own campaign, or ask an agency to run it on your behalf, you should have a list of intentions such as:

    • Who are you targeting, and why?

    • What ad spend are you going to be allocating to your digital marketing strategy?

    • How best could you reach your target market?

    •  What kind of products are your target market searching for and purchasing at the moment?

    •  How can you best provide what your audience wants and needs?

    • What will the ad relevance look like?

    You will also need to have a list of keywords ready, plus a timeframe and budget in mind. As your Google Ads management agency, we can do it all for you.

    Just like all other cost per click (CPC) and PPC services, there really is no clear cut answer here, though the average cost per click usually sits between $1 and $2.

    For a more defined estimate of the cost for your Google AdWords account, you would need to consider a number of variable factors such as:

    • What are your budget and ad spend?

    •  How long do you want to run your campaign?

    •  Will you be running Google remarketing on the Google Display Network?

    •  What are your competitors spending on their Google Ads?

    •  What is your goal – selling a product or raising brand awareness?

    A note on budgets

    As this platform is an auction-based system and you only pay for the clicks, there are ways to make it affordable for any budget. As with all advertising, the aim is to ensure that a profit is being made, so there will need to be performance-based measures in place to check that this is happening. If not, the campaign may need some adjustments to get that all-important ROI. If you’re looking for a Google AdWords Agency Australia trusts, we’re your first port-of-call.

    Google Ads, or Google AdWords as it used to be called, can cater for all business shapes and sizes, with varying budgets and goals to boot. It’s fair to say that most people have used Google at least once in their life to find the answer to a question. So, with over 2 trillion Google searches being made per year, there is no reason not to have a piece of the pie and show your business to the people who are looking for it. 

    Advantages of Google Ads advertising services include:

    •  AdWords management – Google has provided tools to help you manage your own campaign from inception to completion, even if you have many ads on the go at the same time.

    •  Targeted ads – targeting allows you to show your ads to people who are already looking for the same thing. You can also further split that audience into keywords searches, consumer demographics, devices and ad location.

    •  Measured success – simply put, if someone clicks your Google Ad, you’ll know. You can also track if they clicked your ad, browsed your site and went on to make a purchase too. You’ll want to see your ROI and so Google advertising data is invaluable for planning future campaigns, and even for Facebook advertising.

    •  Controlled costs – as you create your own campaign and every element within it, you also control the budget and how long you want to keep spending for. There is no minimum spend with Google click ads, so you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

    •  Increased business visibility – at the exact time that a consumer is looking for something specific, they will see your brand in the ads. That kind of placement is what will increase overall brand awareness and with time, lead to familiarity.

    At this point, rather than asking why you should use a Google Ads agency Australia knows well, we’re challenging you to think, why not?

    No type of search marketing is 100% free. While it is free to create a Google Ads account, you’ll need to pay for the clicks and conversions you receive from promoting your ads on search results pages. Google has been known to run promotions that give credit to their loyal customers but this still originates from you using the paid service.

    For a completely free way to rank highly in Google searches, you’d be best-placed to overhaul your SEO campaign to reach a wider audience more organically. SEO is a brilliant tool to make use of, though it usually takes much longer to amass the volume of clicks that Google PC management can provide. 

    How you manage your campaign is up to you, and it all depends on how confident you are at writing effective ad copy and managing the analysis online. 

    Google Ads is set up to be easily managed in-house, and there are plenty of free training sessions and accredited courses you could undertake to top-up your knowledge. Google also provides a well-rounded Google AdWords support system, so anyone could manage it, even if they are coming in with zero prior knowledge. 

    Submitting the ads is the easy part, the most important part of your ad campaign is doing thorough homework on keyword performance, and then creating punchy ad copy to draw your target audience into your website. Once they reach your site, they should also have a reason to stay there and make a purchase, so your next task would be to elevate the landing page on your website to encourage and facilitate this. 

    For a well-rounded and comprehensive experience, you may be best placed to work with a Google Ads management agency Australia trust, like Shout. This means the experts can do their thing, and take care of the hard work so you don’t have to.

    The biggest and most time-consuming chunk of setting up paid ads on search engines is likely to be creating the ad copy. This will ultimately depend on your skill and experience level, plus your plan on how to spend the money across the length of the campaign.

    After you finesse those parts and submit your campaign components, they are usually approved within one business day. You set it up, then let Google Ads do the rest, while you focus on other pressing business matters.

    There are three main types of Google Ads, briefly described below:

    • Display Network campaigns – these are usually images or pictures that appear on websites or apps that your consumers are visiting. This utilises the Google Display Network and Google remarketing algorithm.

    • Search Network campaigns – these are text ads that show at the top of Google results when someone searches for a product, service or brand. Otherwise known as organic or SEO.

    • Video campaigns – these are video ads varying in length, and they usually show right before or during YouTube videos that the user is watching. If the YouTube video is long, the ads can sometimes show in the middle of the video too.

    The Google Search Network is a group of related websites and apps where your ads could appear. Advertising through Google Ads means that you can take advantage of having your campaigns shown near search results when someone looks for terms related to any of your chosen keywords. For text adverts, search partners include hundreds of non-Google websites (like CNN), as well as Google Video and other Google sites within the umbrella. There are also Google Shopping ads that can display and link to products for sale on partner sites. 

    Facebook Ads is a platform for advertising via social media. Google Ads run search and display ads on the search engine. They are similar because they are both cost per click focused, however, they run on different channels, so are not in direct competition with each other. 

    Google Ads targets customers exactly at the point they are searching for something, whereas Facebook Ads appears on the news feed while a user may be browsing. Rather than pitting them against each other, with the correct planning, they could be used in conjunction, so that a consumer gets to build a sense of brand familiarity before they make a purchase. As the Google Ads advertising services Australia relies on, our strategies can make them both work in harmony.

    To drive more qualified traffic to your channel or website, you can set your campaign to play ads before and during YouTube videos. It’s essentially the same process as on the Google search pages, all you do is set your budget, create your ad and describe your ideal audience. Any of these moving parts can be amended during the course of the campaign to make sure that you are remaining in touch with your goals.

    The audience and their interests can change frequently, so it’s important that you keep track of your goals and the desires of your intended audience too. Video has become increasingly popular as a medium to advertise through, so it’s definitely worth investigating all avenues thoroughly.

    Regardless of business size, Google Ads has something for everyone, and you are advised to tailor-make your campaign to suit your personal business needs. Smaller businesses can improve their paid reach and ROI without needing to break the bank with a huge corporate budget. The beauty of using AdWords management services is you can target your audience and deliver ads to people who are actively looking to purchase. 

    Unfortunately, no. While Google Ads and SEO can go hand-in-hand, using AdWords won’t directly improve your organic search ranking. To boost SEO rankings, using the relevant keywords will be crucial, namely:

    •  Each particular keyword must be appropriate for your intended audience, which companies tend to measure via monthly search volume numbers.

    •   The keywords must be on-brand for your business. Some keywords that are popular within your audience may not be so relevant for your brand, so ensure that your ads are aligned appropriately.

    •   The competition for keywords must be closely monitored, to ensure that the budget and timeline are being adhered to.

    There are a number of things to consider in your advertising campaign, and using the relevant keywords will always get you off to the greatest start. By placing ads, you’ll be able to see how competitive your selected keywords are, because generally speaking, the more competitive they are, the higher the cost per click (CPC). It will also show how high the click-through rates (CTRs) and subsequently the conversion rates are, plus you can check how relevant your ad copy and website landing page are to your target audience. 

    How to know your ads are making an impact

    Google Ads will give your campaigns a quality score and, the better your website and landing pages are optimised, the better you are likely to perform. 

    It’s worth noting that if your campaign has a high CTR, that probably means your ad copy was well-written and Google has ranked it highly, so you should continue to use that same approach in your content’s heading and meta description. Doing this can considerably improve your organic CTR, which will drive more traffic from your organic SERP results, and also improve your SERP ranking, creating a positive cycle.

    Invaluable insights

    Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

    Ready for your X-chart?

    If all this sounds like the missing piece of your puzzle, our Google Ads agency is ready to show you exactly what we can do for your brand by handing you a strategic, customised X-chart. See what our Google Ads services will do for your business, with guarantees on the results you can expect. We believe this is the peace of mind that our clients deserve, so we continue to offer this to all prospects, no matter the end goal or niche you work within.

    Get in touch with Shout now for a no-obligation discussion to kick everything off. During this stage, we will also happily answer any questions you may have about the process or about our services.


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