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    How our Google Ads process brings buyers to you

    Google Ads are a reliable way to get customers onto your business pages fast. Here’s how we help you get your Google Ads strategy working like a well oiled machine and give you an excellent ROI.


    Google Ads consultation

    Google Ads work. Whether you’re a business looking to grow, you’re needing a monthly boost on your Youtube channel, or you’re conducting a remarketing campaign, the Google experts at Shout will meet with you to work out which tried and tested strategy will work best for your business.


    Google Ads strategy

    This is the exciting part. You get to see what Google Ads can do for you, and we get to see what we can do for your business. Together, we’ll put an effective strategy in place that’s in line with the current best practices, and what we think will give you that edge over your competitors without breaking your marketing budget.


    Google Ads campaign launch

    It’s on! But this isn’t where the work stops. We just don’t sit and watch. We get how fast Google Ads can work and know how frustrating it can be when you can’t talk to someone about tweaking your campaign when you need to. Plus, your Google Ads campaign doesn’t stick to office hours. That’s why we’re available 24/7, to help when you need it most.


    Test Google Ads

    We don’t set and forget. Your campaign is too important to even consider that! We keep an eye on and test your campaigns alongside your competitors’ activity to deliver response strategies to keep your campaign on top and your costs in control. This means your campaign is firing on all cylinders and you’re handing over less money to Google for each sale.

    Do your Google Ads services guarantee growth? Ours do.

    Set up an SEO consultation and one of our SEO digital strategists can talk you through how we work and how effective good SEO can be for your business, how easy it is to align an effective SEO campaign to your existing digital strategy, and how many times better you can expect your online marketing to be.

    It’s time to use Google Ads to get your business growing.

    Great Google PPC Management that gets you see, keeps you relevant and ensures you see the value in every word.

    Using Google Adwords, Google Display and well-structured Google Pay-Per-Click Management can get you to the front page of search results, fast.

    When structured to complement your content, our tested methods, and our commitment to continuous optimisation, can improve your overall conversion rate and reduce the cost per acquisition. We’ll track results every day, and optimise results based on real-time feedback, to help reduce your cost per click. If you’re looking for the best Google Pay Per Click agency for your business, call Shout.

    By understanding your short term and long term goals, the Search Engine Marketing team at Shout can structure your Google PPC campaign to work for you, immediately, and set you up for future success. When implemented by a proven Pay Per Click, SEM and Adwords management team (like the team at Shout Agency), you can see an effective result for your marketing spend on the same day - reducing costs over time. Managing your keywords is vital to ensure you’re not paying for traffic you don’t need. Using “long-tail” keywords effectively ensures your campaigns also have legs.

    By understanding your short term and long term goals, the Search Engine Marketing team at Shout can structure your Google PPC campaign to work for you, immediately, and set you up for future success. When implemented by a proven Pay Per Click, SEM and Adwords management team (like the team at Shout Agency), you can see an effective result for your marketing spend on the same day - reducing costs over time. Managing your keywords is vital to ensure you’re not paying for traffic you don’t need. Using “long-tail” keywords effectively ensures your campaigns also have legs.

    A Google AdWords PPC agency with a difference

    If SEO hasn’t quite hit the mark for you and you’re after instant results, we encourage you to reach out to specialists who know the game of Google Ads management services. Effectively turning over results and connecting you with real customers and clients who are looking for your solution to their problem, our team can help you minimise your trial by error and increase your bottom line. 

    Because search engines are known for their continuous algorithm updates, stringent best practices, and penalties for misunderstanding the rules, we want to help you get back on the court and play fair. If you want to stop relying on hope as a strategy and are ready to see real results, speak with our Google PPC agency about designing a tangible, ROI-driven strategy for your brand.

    Why invest in Google Ads?

    As a tangible, fluid and innovative platform, this channel gives you the ability to nominate a pay-per-click budget and stick to it – no wasted spend, no uninterested click-throughs. Target only those who deem interest in your offering and reel them in for maximum conversion rates. 

    Google Ads has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible—and it is possible to navigate the portal and set up campaigns yourself. But because of competition and the amount of time needed to monitor your campaigns, we always recommend utilising the support of a specialist team – like us.

    What our Google Ads marketing agency process looks like

    From start to finish, we map out your campaign to know exactly what is happening at every step of the process. Learn how your results are tracking, what trends give you results and where your budget could be better utilised. 

    Receive constructive feedback and transparent reporting on your entire strategy and make amendments where needed. Best of all, this method lets you nominate a spend and stick to it – so everything is in your control. 

    Further, if working with a top-tier Google AdWords marketing agency is in your realm of consideration, we highly recommend collaborating with our experts to learn the ropes as you go. See how this state-of-the-art channel continues to give clients across the world more bang for their back, complete with the ROI to measure it. 

    Experience thorough keyword research

    Before diving into the world of online advertising, we always take care and attention to researching the most prime keyword opportunities for your brand. As your dedicated Google PPC agency, brainstorming a list of words or likely terms that your ideal customers will type into a search engine is crucial. 

    Why? Because Google will associate your website and your advertisements with like-minded keywords as the solution to your customer’s problem. If you haven’t worked with a PPC marketing agency before, you’re in for a surprise. Our team can solidify the most powerful 15-20 keywords for your campaign that relate to your product or business. In the end, you’ll get far more targeted leads and results than any other form of instantaneous marketing available.

    Get started now 

    Our Google Ads management agency can help you and on top of search results through this popular PPC service, combined the data and analytics to ensure you succeed. Be the go-to solution to your customers’ problems when they’re searching for answers – it all starts with getting in touch with our friendly experts. 

    Speak to our consultants now for a no-obligation, friendly discussion around your vision and objectives. We can point you in the right direction of the best solution or provide you with an easy, tailored quote.

    We're ready to get your Google Ads noticed without breaking the bank.

    Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

    Our experts can’t wait to help you through your Google Ads campaign every step of the way.

    The perfect google adwords search partner

    When combined with other search methods, advertising on google is a proven way of getting your site in front of people actively looking to buy. Ask Shout’s Google Ad management experts how.

    Discover genuine cost efficiencies with certified Google Adwords Specialist

    Shout’s Google PPC Management specialists are committed to getting the right words in front of the right eyeballs, increasing your conversions and revenue, and seriously growing your business.

    Value for money with Google Ads PPC Agency

    Using our holistic approach to your campaigns, the team at Shout match Google PPC activity with keyword optimisation, ad quality, and on-page relevance to get you better returns for less.

    Results worth shouting about

    Your on-call experts for advertising on Google.

    Google Ads FAQs

    We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

    These ads are based on an auction system so that every time someone searches a keyword or phrase various businesses bid to get their ad at the top. This process is totally automated and you only pay when you get results like clicks, transactions or actions on your website.

    You will need a Google account and also a Google Ads account, which is both very easy to set up. It is also advised that you have a Google Analytics account so you can monitor the metrics and improve your ads along the way. Before you get started it is also advised you have a list of keywords ready and a budget in mind.

    This depends on your industry and the volume of competition. But because Google Ads is an auction-based system and you only pay for results, it is affordable for all business sizes. The aim with all Google Ads campaigns is to ensure you are making a profit and the average cost per click usually sits between $1 and $2.

    Put simply, yes. This is a system that has been designed to be successful for everyone and you will have all the support and metrics you need to ensure you are achieving your goals.

    Google will often run promotions to give credit to customers but this is a paid service. If you are looking for a totally free way to rank in Google searches you will need to work hard on your SEO strategies.

    This depends on your skill and experience level and how long it takes you to establish your ads. But once they have been submitted, they are usually approved within one business day.

    Programmatic ads involve automated buying and selling of online advertising while Google Ads involve real-time bidding. There are many similarities between these models as they both use auction methods and they both use display advertising.

    You can use Google Ads to play video ads during clips on YouTube, but the display network will also show static ads as banners on YouTube as well as part of the Google Search Network.

    When you advertise using Google Ads, your campaigns can run across a range of partner networks as well including website, platforms and apps. That includes non-Google search sites like CNN.

    Google Ads is highly effective for businesses of all sizes because you can target your audience and deliver advertisements to people who are actively looking to purchase. This is especially helpful for new businesses, new products and new industries as you will have little in the way of competition and people searching for your product are more likely to come to you.

    No. But this does work in reverse. Google Ads will give your campaigns a quality score and the better your website and landing pages are optimised, the better you are likely to perform in Google Ads campaigns.

    That depends on your knowledge and ability to manage Google Ads. It has been made to be as user-friendly as possible and there are training courses and accreditation available for free within Google. You will also have support around the clock to assist you, so anyone can manage Google Ads even if they are coming in with zero prior knowledge.

    Invaluable insights

    Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

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