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    Now's the time to put social to work.

    Let’s give it to you straight. Most “experts” are measuring social media marketing strategy the wrong way, or their targeting is misaligned with the objective. It’s time to ditch the vanity metrics and focus on what really matters – your ROI.

    As a premier social media agency, we know how to turn thumbs up into tangible conversions for your business. Through compelling ads and hard-hitting campaigns, we bite the bullet to create holistic strategies that do more than just deliver impressions. Reap the benefits of tailored social media advertising that goes above and beyond surface-level results, generating long-term success for your brand.

    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    The cat’s out of the bag. Here’s our top-secret social media management process.

    Gone are the days of throwing up an organic post on social and hoping for the best. As Zuckerberg continues to change the game for all of us – alongside platforms following behind the Metaverse-to-be – there is more than ever before to get your head around. When you’re a brand that’s never dabbled in the intricacies of social media advertising, this is a tricky thing to do. But it’s not impossible. It’s time to put the spotlight back on your business, allowing you to take centre stage on the world’s most widely used networks. If you’re ready to shout out loud, we’re ready to give you the voice through our social media services. And we do that through our highly refined process.


    Define budget and campaign goals

    Starting with your allocated budget, we’ll define the realistic touchpoints and scale of the campaign. It’s in this step that we may also look into a competitive analysis, giving us valuable insights around the best possible route to take. From there, we’ll agree on the expected commercial outcomes that this budget can deliver.


    Identify social media marketing activity

    At this point, Shout will determine the best activity, platforms and audience segments required to achieve the commercial outcomes defined in step one. 


    Execute the plan

    This is our time to shine and prove to you why we’re known as the best social media advertising agency in Melbourne and wider Australia. We’ll allocate the right people and technology required and execute the strategy from start to finish.


    Evaluate, report and optimise

    Here’s where we put our entrepreneurial minds to work, treating your campaign as if it were our own. The experts at our social media agency will determine if the activity and resourcing plan were effective and document all learnings for reporting. From these learnings, we re-attribute waste, if any, and optimise our efforts.

    We’ll get your posts performing.

    Ever experienced life in the fast-lane online? Let a Shout social media marketing strategy take those little thumbs-ups into massive $$$ powerhouses.

    It’s time to get serious about social media.

    For too long, these platforms have been used by businesses and their digital agencies as a place to show off. The problem is, creating this hype doesn’t make you hip when the results can’t be seen. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time and effort on marketing tactics that don’t stick, and we see this common problem with social media ads all the time. There is more to being active on these networks, and it takes years of experience to know what those secrets are. 

    At Shout, we see social media management as a profit centre, but that all comes with a highly strategic social media strategy that’s 100% tailored to your individual brand. From start to finish, we ensure your campaign drives traffic, leads and sales, giving you more than just basic ‘likes’. 

    We get it, with so many channels making noise online, it’s hard to know where to put your investment for the best results when it comes to social media management Melbourne. But that’s where we come in with our acute understanding of user behaviour and how they differ from platform to platform. We know what to post and when and how to use powerful calls to action through social media ads to create a cult following. Drive action through your own campaigns that build brand awareness, not engagement you can’t measure.

    Shout is considered one of Australia’s top social media agencies because we make campaigns work. We believe they should always evolve over time, taking trends and performance into consideration for a never-ending stream of results. We never sit stagnantly, and either will your social media strategy.

    Think of us as the next Zuckerbergs. Okay, well – we can dream, right?

    Build endless influence with your target audience

    Keeping your audience engaged with your channels is one thing. Ensuring they take the action you want them to is another. At our social media agency, we know how to make an impact, turning initial interest into cold, hard influence.

    Access an industry-leading social media marketing strategy

    Our team of experts will create a custom social media marketing plan for your brand, building out creative and refining your calls to action where it matters most. 

    From using the most agile social media management tool to understanding customer behaviours, data and programmatic activity, we fine-tune every message to deliver hard-hitting campaigns over time. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a brand awareness that’s about more than just a logo on a Facebook Business Page, it all starts with a Melbourne social media agency that’s willing to show you all the secrets of the trade. (That’s us.)

    We’re ready to optimise your social media marketing.

    Don’t leave social media strategy to chance. The social media experts at Shout will have you outperforming your competition in no time. Just tell us when to get growing.

    You’re not going to like our Melbourne social media experts. You’re going to love them.

    We can turn Facebook posts into funding.

    Facebook has more eyeballs on it than any of the other social networks., meaning it doesn’t just reach audiences all across the globe, it turns that reach into explosive growth.

    A social media strategy that turns thumbs into dollars

    By understanding how people use these channels, our Melbourne social media agency can help you create ad campaigns that don’t just look good, they give the good stuff too. 

    Don’t just post content, post a profit from your content.

    Relevant messages and content on the right channels can generate leads, start conversations and give you a voice in the precise moment that your best customers are listening. Drive engagement and generate more demand with our social media management in Melbourne and beyond. Let’s get you growing. 

    Results worth shouting about

    Looking for a one-stop-shop social media agency to kickstart your brand awareness?

    Social media advertising FAQs

    Haven’t quite got your head around this whole social strategy thing? Let our team answer your biggest questions for you. We like talking.  

    Initially, platforms like Facebook were launched so a group of college students could share, communicate and collaborate quicker, easier and in one place. Since then, the explosion of other platforms has grown to deliver convenience and communication for communities from all walks of life.

    As a result, the user behaviour on each platform has become extremely specific, and in some cases, niche. While this means there’s an opportunity for every brand to utilise social media networks as ripe opportunities, there’s already a lot of online noise to compete with. Take Facebook for example –  the average brand posts 8 posts on average per day on this platform. If you’re not one of them, how are you being seen on this network?

    In its very basic form, these channels give us social media experts in Melbourne – as a society – the ability to stay connected in ways we were never able to do before. But with that comes the abundance of marketing messages, with one ad campaign after another dominating news feeds. Lucky for you, we know exactly how to make use of these opportunities and ensure you’re heard among your competitors. 

    If they can talk the big talk, they need to walk to, too. A good social media management agency Melbourne should be about using all the right social media listening tools, networks and data-backed strategies to get your brand heard and seen in the right space. There’s no use being active on every platform when your target audience isn’t active on it, for example. 

    The typical social media marketing agency that offers a service like this usually specialises in:

    • Facebook ads campaigns, as well as Instagram, YouTube videos, and LinkedIn ads. They may also offer TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest ads. 
    • Social media management, strategy and content strategy services also take into account dynamic ads, stories ads, video ads, photo ads, user-generated content, newsjacking and more. 
    • End-to-end management from sharing a blog post on major social media platforms you use for your brand, to monitoring social media listening for the long-term. 
    • Campaigns that target customers from all of your audience segments.
    • Reporting and social media analytics that prove your investment is working for your bottom line.
    • Finally, they will tie your efforts on these channels back into your other marketing methods, such as SEO or PPC.

    At Shout, we believe that the first sign of a great Melbourne social media management agency is the creation of a coherent visual language, tonality and approach across all platforms. At all times, your strategy should be executed with expertise, experience and awareness, complete with transparent reporting to top it off. 

    If you’re not optimising your social media channels to grow your business, chances are your competitors are. The sheer volume of people living their lives through platforms like Facebook and Instagram should be reason enough to promote your brand in these spaces. However, if you’re looking for something extra, here are five arguments that highlight the importance of agencies like us.

    1. Save time, money and labour

    By attempting to manage your advertising and marketing in-house, you are going to be diverting considerable resources towards the task that you will not be as knowledgeable and capable as dedicated media agencies. We understand every platform, all of the algorithms, your target audience and possess the skills, resources, platform relationships and technology to create better assets in a much shorter time.

    2. We know how to communicate your brand across multiple platforms

    Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established industry leader, it’s tempting to keep all your social media advertising campaigns in-house, no matter where in Australia you are located.  We know the importance of understanding a business’s culture, presenting a familiar tone to potential customers, and liaising with clients in a way that feels like a collaboration, rather than intrusion or delegation. But you need to trust that our social media management agency in Melbourne can help you get all the right followers using best-practice, industry-leading techniques.

    3. We can help you keep your campaign costs to a minimum

    Because we understand every platform – how they work, who uses them, and how to maximise ROI – we have expert knowledge of how to make every dollar you spend work harder. Gone are the days when you had to figure this stuff out on your own. We are here to help you structure and target campaigns quickly and easily, with tailored social media marketing packages that cut the fuss and increase returns.

    4. Gain an extra set of eyes 

    Sometimes, when you’re so focused on a product or brand, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get caught up in the minutia. If this resonates with you on any level, it might be helpful to enlist the support of a social media marketing agency, like us. We have plenty of experience and perspective to offer, giving you an unbiased opinion on what’s working and what’s not.

    5. Avoid those awkward moments

    Because a social media marketing strategy often leads to a fast and direct two-way conversation between your business and your customers, the margin for error is small. We’ve all heard the cringe-worthy stories of campaigns gone wrong, and we’ve all seen the fallout that can occur when they’re handled poorly. So, maybe it’s time to enlist an established and experienced agency to navigate these choppy waters for you.

    Trying to manage your own social media campaigns without the proper expertise is going to ultimately cost you. Not only will that result in a drain on time and money, but it could ultimately cost your brand’s reputation too, even if just one post is made erroneously. 

    You are going to have to divert resources that will work much less efficiently than experts, your campaigns will not be as effective, and you run the risk of not getting your messaging and branding correct which might impact the entire online persona of your business.

    Choosing to invest in a specialist social media management agency that knows how all of these platforms work means you’re also safeguarded from risks or inaccuracies. Because we’ve dabbled in the space for years on end, we know the best tools to use, the right data to collect and the most agile ways to target your audience. Without an agency by your side (particularly us), you’re leaving your campaigns vulnerable to misalignment or even redundancy. Don’t let your brand be drowned out in the endless noise on these channels; use them to your advantage now. 

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