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      Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!


      More options give you more potential customers

      Magento's wide range of plugins and add ons give you more scope for more effective, more targeted Magento eCommerce SEO.

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      Michael Jenkins

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      Magento + SEO = improved product pages

      Magento and Magento 2 have a wide range of add-ons and enhancements that allow you to fine tune your product pages for better SEO cut through, higher visitation and, ultimately, higher sales.

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      Keyword research to drive Magento SEO eCommerce ROI

      Shout’s Magento SEO specialists have a number of clever ways to get detailed feedback and rich analysis of views, clicks and visits, helping you finetune your campaigns for better and better results over time.

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      A great foundation for Magento eCommerce SEO growth.

      With almost 20% of the world’s eCommerce sites on the platform, Magento is an eRetail powerhouse. But it’s only as good as the SEO strategies you put with it. Which is enough to make smart marketers Shout.

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      Let's find out how big we can take your business.

      Set up a consultation to forecast the growth we can guarantee for your business.

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        Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!


        Build with Magento. Optimise SEO for Magento WITH SHOUT. AND GROW.

        As one of the biggest platforms on the market (Magento is one of the world's biggest markets for marketplaces with over a quarter of a million business owners doing their business on this platform).

        Magento is seen by many developers as the go-to platform for add-ons that can help improve the effectiveness of eCommerce sites. But this platform can be challenging to customise, and the learning curve is steep for new users. If you're not an experienced developer, then your options are limited when it comes to customising this software for your needs. 

        As a Magento digital agency, Shout can help your eCommerce business get the most out of Magento, by using this huge array of extra options includes options that contribute to more effective SEO.

        But the best eCommerce platform in the world is only as good as the way you use it.

        Even if it's as simple as using Magento's inbuilt SEO capabilities and adding alt tags to images to turn your product pages into a shopper magnet.

        We start with an audit of your Magento site, its configuration and web settings, then, once they've been set correctly, start structuring the site to drive better SEO results and more effective conversion to boost your eCommerce results.

        Better structure to improve load speed and SEO results. And it goes on. We use the platform's capabilities to eliminate errors in title tags and meta-descriptions.

        We conduct competitor profiling to further enhance results. And conduct regular category and title audits to eliminate SEO barriers.

        While Magento is a great platform for building an eCommerce store, it can still be difficult to get your site ranking on Google. The good news is that there are a number of ways you can optimise your Magento store for search engines, allowing you to reel in website traffic across the board.

        That's where we come in. We've spent years mastering both Magento and search engine optimisation. Now we're sharing everything that we know so that your online store can rank better than ever before.

        Our Magento SEO services give you access to the best tools available today, so you can get more traffic from organic searches without having to learn how to code or hire expensive developers.

        Access state-of-the-art techniques that see your store soar to the top of search engine results pages, complete with competitive techniques that give us our successful name in the industry. From Google to Bing and Yahoo! – we can help you dominate online real estate now. 

        If you want to get more traffic from organic search engine results without breaking the bank then we can help. With thousands of successful campaigns under our belt, we've developed systems and methods that enable us to achieve top rankings that stick for the long run.

        Enjoy fluid, agile campaigns that scale as you do, giving your Magento store the growth and stability it needs to flourish.

        It's not enough just to have a product that people want anymore. Today, your customers are presented with an overload of options on the internet - so they need something more than just a good product. They need a marketing strategy that will give them confidence in their purchase decision. But most of all, they need a solid Magento SEO campaign that keeps them in the loop of their end-to-end efforts.

        Designed to help your brand grow in all the right ways, our Magento SEO experts are well-versed in all elements that form top-notch, hard-hitting strategies in this field. From scaling your store from small to large, to launching something from the ground up, we can help you turn your little vision into a grand reality. All it takes is collaboration and trust – something you can place on us with full confidence. 

        How we approach Magento SEO services

        Anyone can talk the big talk and spurt our big promises; but we like to show, rather than tell. Using our proven strategies, our SEO experts work hard to turn our clients’ storefronts into online powerhouses of conversions and sales. See your profits soar and ROI bolster up through:

        • Technical optimisation (white-hat only)
        • Keyword research and implementation
        • High-quality content
        • Backlink profile building with authoritative sites
        • Competitor analyses
        • Trend mapping and monitoring
        • Conversion rate optimisation
        • URL  structuring and site mapping, and a whole lot more.

        We provide valuable information about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, including how many people are reached by your campaign, what they think of it, and whether or not it’s worth continuing. This helps you determine if your current strategy is working or if you need to change course.

        Our goal is to help eCommerce businesses grow their revenue by providing them with the best possible information so they can make informed decisions about their marketing efforts.

        Let's find out how big we can take your business.

        Set up a consultation to forecast the growth we can guarantee for your business.

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          seo x-chart

          Get your FREE X-Chart from SHOUT in just 2 minutes!

          Frequently asked questions

          We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about Magento SEO company services to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

          Magento is an e-commerce platform with a flexible shopping cart system that manages your online store’s functionality and content. It is one of the most comprehensive solutions for e-commerce and is considered the best open-source option. One of the best things about it is that it’s highly customisable and flexible.

          To improve your search engine ranking when using Magento, the following steps will assist in success:

          • SEO friendly URL structure for a cleaner, readable option;
          • Create unique descriptions for products;
          • Use Magento SEO extensions which enables better tracking of keywords; and
          • Optimise Meta Tags to impact your search engine rankings

          Our agency staff have extensive knowledge about SEO and Magento and can guide you through this transition. You can get the most value out of your SEO by using your headers and title tags, ensure there isn’t any duplicate content, ditch default descriptions and optimise your homepage title.

          Magento 2 is SEO friendly, but much can be done to improve your rankings. As with most platforms, ensuring that you do not duplicate content, change default titles and descriptions and enabling search-friendly URLs. Want to know more? Ask us about all the ways we can help you optimise your SEO.

          As an e-commerce platform, Magento is one of the most SEO friendly. It works most effectively when SEO is configured correctly and is relevant to your brand and purpose. At Shout Digital, our team can help make SEO be individualised to your Magento platform so you can get the best out of your store.

          Magento is fantastic for SEO and is one of the best open-source platforms you can use. Not only is it packed with resources, but it also has many features that ensure that your e-commerce store ranks high in organic searches. Magento has a nice blend of crucial elements and SEO that make it effective.

          To improve your Magento SEO search engine rankings, it is essential to first implement an SEO-friendly structure to optimise keywords, meta tags and linking structure. Use any Magento SEO extensions available to you and ensure your website is up to speed, so when users do find it, they can effectively use it.

          To use Magento SEO, you need to find out which version you are using and ensure it is up-to-date. The most recent version will be faster and enables you to make the changes you need to improve your SEO capabilities. Want to know more? Ask our team how we can assist you. 

          When using Magento 2, most SEO can be changed in the admin panel in the SEO extension. This can also be altered by identifying new keywords relevant and bound to drive traffic to your e-commerce website. Ensuring your platform is up to date and void of any broken links.

          There are principle methods for optimising SEO in Magento 2, including clicking on the search engine optimisation tab. There are many facets for optimisation, including the addition of product images, adding a blog plays a significant role in gaining traffic and avoiding duplicate content because Google sees it as spam.

          Getting SEO right for the Magento SEO platform will play a massive role in ensuring your website is ‘seen’. Two of our best tips include:

          • Don’t use the manufacturer’s product descriptions, create your own and make then unique;
          • Optimise images, so they are compressed and have descriptive file names.

          When it comes to optimising your store and maintaining good rankings in search engines, there are little tweaks you can make to ensure a big impact. These include taking the time to add blog content with keywords to drive traffic to your site and providing any fresh content and not copied.


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