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Turn your visitors into buyers faster with performance marketing.

Performance marketing is your key to measurable, consistent online success. Using real-time data and behavioural analytics on every channel, our campaigns boost traffic and revenue.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

Our truly accountable performance marketing process.

Make every little bit of the web work for your business with our performance marketing process. Here’s what will happen from the moment you first get in touch with us.


Plan your campaign

Performance marketing is the new way of looking at digital marketing. Reach isn’t enough. We’re finding that more marketers want to target the entire shopper journey. To do this for your own brand, we sit with you to find out which customers you want to target (no tyre kickers!), and make sure we’re selling to them at the time they are ready to buy.


Build your strategy

There’s no such thing as wasted money at Shout. Our performance marketing experts devise an effective strategy with a return on investment in mind. This means we’ll devise a marketing strategy that targets buyers who are ready to engage with your website. This tactic is tried and proven, so everything we do is based on best practices.


Launch your campaign

It’s all ready to go. At launch and throughout, we keep your campaign targeted to the right people. Better measurement leads to more effective performance marketing outcomes. Through cross-channel attribution, targeted analytics, and clear activation strategies, we align the placement with better conversions. 


Learn from your marketing

This is when we ask the tough questions. How did we succeed? And what can we do next time? Then we measure every part of your campaign against your expectations and ours. This is part of the process that makes an accountable web strategy even more accountable. And this is the time we can work out how we can do even better than next time. 

Take your performance marketing to the next level.

Set up a consultation with one of our digital marketing consultants so we can talk you through how we work and how effective a strategic marketing strategy can be for your business. We will even show you how easy it is to align an effective campaign with your existing strategy and how many times better you can expect your online marketing to be.

Grow fast while keeping an eye on the prize.

Performance marketing is proven. It unites and aligns your efforts across all media channels to better target, better engage and better convert your audiences. The expert team at Shout are ready to improve your strategy and make it hit all marks - time and time again.

Integrate your activity across all channels for even greater effectiveness. Our performance marketing experts manage your social media marketing, paid search and SEO – measuring efficiency, attributing orders, and allocating budget to make it all work seamlessly.

Performance marketing just makes perfect business sense. And we are a performance marketing agency that leverages the strengths of each paid channel and aligns them to get real shoppers into your funnel.

Throughout your campaign, we use a combination of Google Ads, keyword research, content marketing, social activity and more to create tangible business results.

We'll shout you a high-performance strategy.

A performance strategy starts with a clear understanding of your target market. We combine behavioural and conversion data from multiple sources to see where best to invest your efforts.

From bespoke performance marketing campaigns to smarter bidding, channel integration and cross-channel attribution, we develop our plans with targeted analytics and clear activation tactics.

It’s this attention-to-detail that gets you results.

We align intent and conversion data to ensure you're able to put the right product information in front of the right eyeballs to raise performance and lower the cost-per-click. Our long list of clients from all over Australia keeps coming back to us because it just works, time and time again.

We're ready to boost your online performance for less.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

Our performance marketing experts are ready to drive visitors to your site.

Our customer insights boost traffic.

A digital performance marketing paid search strategy starts with a perfectly clear understanding of your target market. We combine behavioural and conversion data from many sources to get you to the top of rankings for less.

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Think smarter for better results.

Optimised media buying means personalising the power of programmatic marketing. From bespoke strategies to smarter bidding to channel integration and cross-channel attribution, we’ve done it all for businesses of all sizes.

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Trust our performance marketing agency.

Better measurement leads to more effective marketing. Through cross-channel attribution, targeted analytics, and clear activation strategies, Shout’s services align smart placement with experience to better convert attention.

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Results worth shouting about

Your on-call performance marketing Melbourne experts.

Performance marketing FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about performance marketing to help make your decision easier. If there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

In short: it is a form of marketing where the advertiser only pays the marketing companies or advertising platforms after the marketer’s specific desired result is achieved. Like a click, a lead, a sale or a subscription.

It’s a way to gather information on user engagement over the internet, and use it to produce relevant results that reach your goals. Whether it’s an ad or an affiliate link, every click placed on the link is paid for, giving you a way to track whether the content is resonating with the audience.

Performance marketing services truly put the power in the advertiser’s hands, as you only pay upon the success of your campaign, not in the hope that it will work. 

With many other forms of advertising, payment for media space is required upfront, and the cost doesn’t change whether your campaign is a success or not.

This type of marketing is based on performance, with advertisers paying based on how well an ad performs or how many people see it. In the past, performance marketing included only PPC (pay per click) and CPC (cost per click) campaigns, but today it includes impressions or views at a CPM (cost per thousand) rate as well.

In marketing, you place ads and pay when the desired action is taken. Since you can be certain you are paying for quality results, it’s a highly desirable arrangement. Viewers who do not click on the ad may gain some free brand exposure, depending on the payment model you use. You can generally earn a high return on each click or view.

Through targeted omnichannel campaigns, a performance marketing agency can drive results that other tactics often can’t. For instance, you can reach engaging audience members wherever they are online by targeting your ads across multiple channels, such as display, video, social, search, audio, and native. Advertising impressions are only effective if the right people see the ad. 

Our digital performance marketing Melbourne service can help you secure a better price for your campaigns. We can also execute them so you’re not just paying for conversions alone, but also getting more of those valuable conversions overall. Our success is based on our ability to improve ROI, ensure growth, and deliver ongoing success to our clients.

An expert in this field does a number of things, and a performance marketing agency Australia expert like Shout has a series of tried-and-tested steps that we follow to deliver success. 

  1. Firstly, we define your goals and set out how to reach them using digital engagement with the target audience. 
  2. Once that’s done, we can take the data and review it across the channels that you’re targeting, peering into the minds of consumers and evaluating how much the campaign has affected them. 
  3. Then, we use this invaluable input to help steer your product or service towards greater sales and distribution through optimisation and refinement of the campaign.

In this data-driven style, it’s all about having solid insights into what works and building upon that. It takes a little time to gather the data, but once that’s done, better ROI can be gained by devoting resources into the channels that audiences will truly connect with, and take action on. In turn, every successful campaign is one more step forward to growth.

With performance marketing, it’s all about the actions. Unlike other paid campaigns – for example programmatic or other styles – every click, lead, or conversion is measured and gives insights on performance and engagement. The above styles, on the other hand, measure impressions or views – which can be very passive interactions that may not be right for your cause.

If it’s a paid keyword campaign, sure. This is one of the best ways to gauge what your audience is searching for, and provides plenty of info on what keywords are working for you, and which aren’t. Google’s search engine ads – the top few you see when you’re searching for something – are an example of this. If you were targeting that keyword, you’d have a campaign in place – likely CPC (cost per click) to measure how relevant and effective your campaign is at reaching the desired audience.

By employing this data-driven style of marketing, you’ll experience less waste in your marketing budget. Even in performance marketing, there is an element of testing and learning. However, by using effective creativity to build on the data and solid insights into what works, your campaign will become effective. 

It takes a little time to gather the necessary data, build out the insights and act on this analysis, but once that’s done, better ROI can be gained by devoting resources into the channels and audiences that will truly deliver returns. 

Furthermore, every successful campaign is one more step forward towards growth, with more of your spend working harder for your business.

If we’re sticking true to our earlier definition, then SEO isn’t included in performance marketing. You can’t pay for results in SEO alone and directly. However, if you’re talking about a paid keyword campaign, sure. But you still can’t pay for guaranteed results, so it’s not comparing apples with apples. 

But this is one of the best ways to gauge what your audience is searching for, and provides plenty of info on what keywords are working for you, and which aren’t. 

Google’s search engine ads – the top few results you see when you’re searching for something – are an example of this. If you were targeting that keyword, you’d have a campaign in place – likely with a CPC (cost per click) to measure how relevant and effective your campaign is at reaching the desired audience.

Campaigns are the road to reaching your marketing goals. When it comes to performance marketing, these could be campaigns that are launched in order to gather data that is useful to hone in on for the launch of a new product, etc.

Performance marketing agencies like Shout can help set up, create, run, measure, and optimise your marketing automation campaigns to take the headache out of them for you. This means that you can continue doing what you do best and outsource this tricky campaign stuff to us.

Brand marketing hinges on drawing users in through association with the brand as its emphasis. Generally speaking, it isn’t associated with one specific call to action, but instead with an overarching feeling or personality message that the brand is trying to convey to its audience.

Performance marketing Australia, on the other hand, is tied to a specific action, like a sale, signup or a subscription, and takes the consumer deeper into the sales funnel through to a conversion. 

While performance marketing looks into the elements behind what users are looking for from that brand, it also captures the data with every click. In other words, brand marketing has played a small part in leading that prospect to the conversion that performance is linked to, and as a result, it’s a highly useful tool for growing companies that want to get their name out there.

There are a whole host of performance marketing channels out there. 

  • Social media platforms
  • Native ad content
  • Sponsored posts or articles
  • Paid search
  • SEM 
  • Email marketing
  • Performance marketing for eCommerce sales
  • Display ads
  • Digital radio ads.

The internet is a huge place, and it’s impossible to cover it all – even with search engines. Most people don’t have the resources to do that, anyway – so they want to know what works, and channel their resources towards very specific areas that align with their audience and goals. 

Performance marketing’s aim is to make that happen through a highly analytical approach grounded in numbers, facts, and insights, providing a streamlined solution for effective marketing.

Also, the measurement of past and current activity allows marketers and Shout’s performance marketing services to streamline, optimise and refine future efforts. In business, we all need to constantly find new areas for growth. So rather than implementing the same campaign over and over and just hoping for an improvement in results, the onus is on us as marketers to continually measure and improve what we’re saying, who we’re saying it to and when we’re saying it. Only then can we expect to see an improvement in results and a better ROI.

A holistic measurement approach is a must here. All digital channels have their own individual analytics, but if you only look at one side of the story, it’s very easy to miss the bigger picture.

For example, a Facebook ad might not get engagement on the platform, but search data could reveal that users are, in fact, interested in the brand or product, and want to know more about it.

Firstly, it’s imperative that you know what you’re measuring against. Knowing your campaign objectives and KPIs gives you something to measure against.

Then it’s a matter of employing the right tools, like Google Analytics, or the right analytical experts, like Shout, to ensure every data source is being utilised to its fullest. 

Performance marketing means you pay for the traction of your campaign.

This approach to a marketing strategy is, in essence, a data-driven way to reach audiences. Being analytical, having the right KPIs, and making decisions based on the information and feedback that comes through lead to results. 

Best of all, it means that you’re putting resources into channels and marketing methods that you’ve tested and proven efficacious.

With performance marketing, it’s all about the actions. Unlike other paid campaigns – for example programmatic or other styles – every click, lead, or conversion is measured and gives insights on performance and engagement. The above styles, on the other hand, measure impressions or views – which can be very passive interactions that may not be right for your cause.

Performance marketing gives clear measurement indicators and metrics. Some common ones include;

  • Conversion rates
  • Customer acquisition costs
  • Leads
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic sources
  • Sales revenue.


We're not like other digital marketing agencies.

At Shout, we pride ourselves on the incredible work that we do behind the scenes to create highly refined marketing strategies. All of this is formed by the X-Chart process that we employ, which you can experience right here and now for FREE.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

Data is a passion for incredible digital marketing specialists. In fact, we love all things relating to numbers, so it comes as no surprise that we also have a passion for writing detailed reports. When you partner with us, you’ll receive a fully customised strategy backed by our exclusive X-Chart. That means you get a tried and tested campaign that works for your brand.

This chart also acts as a forecast of the sales you can expect, based on three different packages and investments. Know what sales you’ll receive for basic funding, or take it full-scale with our most comprehensive solution. As one of the leading performance marketing agencies in Australia, we work hard to ensure all of our offers are convenient and cost-effective. Moreover, they’re 100% transparent.

The X-chart allows you to understand how your campaign will work for you before you even sign the dotted line. This means you can see first-hand how your ROI will come in and where, so you know whether your investment is worth it. No other agency in Australia offers this approach, which is why we’re so proud of our truly unique service.

We base our solutions on honesty. This is why we offer such a transparent mindset around our operations. We understand this industry can be convoluted and hard to understand, so we aim to keep it simple and straight to the point.

Do not wait for your competition to overtake you. By using this form of marketing, you can create campaigns that pinpoint the right audience at exactly the right time. However, without a team of experts by your side, you won’t have the insight and direction to gain maximum traction. 

That’s where we come in. Through years of experience, we offer bespoke campaigns that help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else in your space. We don’t believe in locking anyone into contracts, so you’re free to use our services without restrictions or fine print. You won’t feel pressured to sign anything until you see the proof in action – and that’s where you’ll come to love our X-Chart.

One of the best parts about choosing this form of digital marketing is that you only pay for the performance you get out of it. If your campaign doesn’t gain traction, there’s no loss and no harm done.

When you’re looking for a flexible way to get seen, this is one of the best routes to take. From PPC campaigns to social media marketing, search engine marketing, and strategies formed on business growth, this method is both cost-effective and convenient. Looking for performance marketing for e-commerce? We can do that too.

Sound like a dream? As one of Australia’s top performance marketing agencies, we’re ready to show you how it’s also a reality. Get in touch with us now to get your free X-Chart, with zero obligations and no smoke or mirrors. It’s that easy.

Have questions? We can answer those too – no matter how small or big.

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