15,000,000 reasons to use Youtube

Youtube has 15,000,000 active users each month. Video is at least 20 times more effective at engaging audiences than static image. If you want more attention from your audience, Shout for Youtube.

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Be seen where people are looking

Youtube takes the title of the second largest search engine on the planet. If a shopper's first search takes them to Youtube, they're more likely to stay on Youtube for their second search. And their third. No wonder more and more marketers are looking to Youtube for advertising success. Shout can help you leverage the power of Youtube to drive engagement, increase warm leads and re-target audiences.

SEO on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most effective SEO options available to you, as long as you have the right data-driven foundations. Shout knows how to match your data to your strategy to drive engagement and growth.


Keywords on Youtube

Keywords are the key to Youtube success. Shout agency understands how to use the metadata in your videos to drive awareness and improve paid search results for more effective Youtube marketing.


Youtube marketing channels

Don't just advertise on Youtube, market your videos for greater effectiveness. Shout helps you use your channel as a base for marketing, send videos to other social channels, drive responses and increase leads.


Analytics for Youtube

Shout works to understand your business goals, define the metrics which make a difference and track that data, create a strategy and set up your dashboard to ensure the performance of your videos drives leads and conversions.


Re-marketing on Youtube

Youtube makes re-marketing easy. By targeting both lapsed and interested customers, re-marketing via a Youtube pre-roll is proven, effective, simple way to engage and re-engage interested purchasers.


Connected Youtube and TV

Shout makes smart TVs smart buys for marketers. We can boost your reach by using Youtube (and pre-roll messages), adwords and SEO to target Connected TVs (smart, internet-of-things TVs) and the people watching them.


Whether you're creating a hub for video marketing activity or creating a channel for improved audience engagement or simply want to reach more people with a medium that is fast becoming the go-to option for smart marketers, trust Shout's Youtube experts to create a presence for you that drives engagement and growth.

  • Drive visitation, engagement and growth
  • Include as part of a multi-channel strategy for improved efficiencies
  • Create your own channel for captive audiences
  • Campaign specific analytics on bespoke dashboards
  • Track audiences for improved remarketing
  • Use smarter technology for smarter targeting

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