Three Steps to Improve your Google Ad Results

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Here is an interesting statistic from the latest Google Marketing Live keynote address: 91% of smartphone owners bought or planned to buy a product or service after watching a relevant video ad.

The thought of so many users acting on a specific Google Ad leads us to look at how to improve the ppc results for your next campaign. We discuss some simple steps to help you improve your Google Ad results.

Three Steps to Improve Your Google Ad Results

Step 1: Personalise your user journey

Quality keyword research today is worlds away from the strategies used a decade ago. Back then, you would put up as many ads as you could to see which got the best results.

Today, you use targeted keywords to ensure your ad competes with others. Therefore, the more personalised the ad, the more you ensure the highest ad score for your campaign.

For example, if you own a candy store, you might want to investigate promoting specific products instead of generic candy terms. That is because those who purchase candy might want a specific brand.

Therefore, if you operate a candy store, you can get better results for a product you sell like tim tam cookies versus the generic candy store. While the later might have more searches, the former has a lower bid and allows you to customise the landing page to your customers’ specifications.

Generic phrases mean you need generic landing pages with lower conversions, which, in turn, lowers your quality score. Why does that matter? Because you spend more money on Google Ads for the same results.

tim tam Google shopping results

Step 2: Spend more on top keywords

Most successful advertising involves testing and refining. You test a few ads to see which work best. Then you test the landing pages to see which converts the most prospects.

Once you know the keywords with the highest conversion rate, you want to spend more on those keywords. Google Ads can automatically do this for you when you maximize your campaign for conversions.

However, you need to find relevant keywords that generate the most traction with your audience. Part of this process includes using negative keywords to avoid phrases or topics you do not want to be found on Google.

For example, do not use words like free or cheap in any advertising campaign. Even if you provide a quality service or product for a good price, you do not want to limit yourself to bargain hunters. They are more than likely not those who will use your services. Therefore, exclude such words using negative keywords.

Then you can focus on the keywords that drive the highest level of conversions for your investment.

Google AdWords Keyword Search Candy Store vs Tim Tam Cookies

Step 3: Use Ad Extensions

Google Ads today allow a variety of different extensions. You should consider using some, if not all of these ad extensions, for various ad campaigns.

  • Location
  • Call
  • Social
  • Product
  • Seller Ratings
  • Sitelinks

For example, if you have a retail store with an e-commerce site, you might want to add a product extension to your e-commerce campaigns. The product extension helps prospects buy the items for sale that are included in Google Shopping campaigns.

However, if you want a prospect to visit your store, then you might want to add the location and call extensions. That way, they can call your store before they come, if they have any specific questions, and know the location to put into Google Maps.

The latter works better with mobile campaigns because users are on the go and ready to visit your store. You can optimise the campaign specifically for mobile devices. If you do not want to exclude desktop shoppers, simply do a bid adjustment for devices, whereby you spend more on mobile than desktop.

You might spend more per click, but if your return is greater, you walk away with a better deal.

Hulu Google Search

Final Thoughts

Google Ads can help you drive a lot of sales to your company. However, you need to know how to optimise your campaigns to get the best results.

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