July 3, 2020

Taking Your E-Commerce from Zero to One

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

CEO - Shout Agency


Coming out of COVID-19, many businesses are excess inventory and with retail stores mostly closed, are looking to get online and develop a cost-effective ecommerce presence. In today’s digital world, setting up an ecommerce site can be quite easy and getting a valuable partner to promote your site is simply a Shout away.

1. Create a plan

Like any other business venture, having a plan is the key to success. To ensure you have clear and manageable expectations, it is strongly recommended that you engage your paid search agency in advance; making sure they have a proven track record of success with businesses like yours. They can guide you on the best designs, platforms and promotional activities that you will need to complete in order to be successful and will provide you working budgets and timelines so you can manage expectations within your business.

2. Build your site

For businesses looking to get online and selling quickly, there are plenty of options, but none better than Shopify. It is a SaaS platform, meaning all maintenance and security updates are managed for you. All you have to do is choose a template, upload your products and images, write a little descriptive copy and you have a site. Shopify even has built-in transaction services, discount management and at its most basic, is SEO friendly.

For most businesses, you can get online and setup within a few days to a couple of weeks. Once you are online, you can get your paid search partner like Shout to start driving traffic through Google, Amazon, Facebook and other online channels, driving sales and revenue.

3. Drive Traffic


Once your site goes live, it is time to promote it. This means managing three types of promotional content; all at the same time – SEO (Organic Search), SEM (Paid Search) and Paid social media. Each of these must work collaboratively to ensure consistency of messaging, ensuring that you are effectively targeting your core consumer personas, therefore it is highly recommended that you work with a single, multi-talented web marketing agency.

SEM targets customers when they are searching on Google or parts of the Google network like on YouTube. SEM ads are based around keywords and key phrases and are shown to audiences based on the relevancy of your ads and their search plus the amount you are willing to pay to have your ad seen – this is defined as a CPC rate or Cost per click. SEM can be seen to have a high cost, but because it attracts customers at the point when they are most interested and most likely to purchase, the ROI can be very high.


Once you have a base of SEM data, you can start to remarket to users who have been to your website but not made a purchase. This gives you a second chance to convince them to come back to your site and buy from you. Of course, this data can be used for multiple remarketing campaigns so you can test multiple messages to see what resonates, making your marketing more effective over time.

Google Shopping Ads

In addition to the text and remarketing ads offered by Google, you can also setup a product feed directly from your site to sell your products. This feed shows at the top of the page and supersedes all other listings.

Amazon, eBay and other third-party sales channels

Out of the box, Shopify lets you setup and product feed for multiple third-party sales channels. This allows you to extend your sales network at a minimal cost, all managed by a single supplier.

Social Media Advertising

Social media ads are channel specific and are designed more as an interruption-based ad format. Stuffed in between social posts, these ads can provide meaningful traffic to your site, but are most effective when you are running an omni-channel campaign where you need your brand to be seen at times online. Leveraging the email addresses of your customers into a ‘look-alike’ audience, makes your social ads more effective in reaching customers who look like those who have purchased from you in the past.

4. Build Long-term Organic Growth

Once you have launched your site and started to drive traffic through SEM and social media, it’s time to consider your more long-term growth objectives. SEO or Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your site code, content and structured data so that your site appears on the first page of search results, after the paid ads.

Organic search is not an exact science; in fact, Google only offers recommendations on what it looks for and these recommendations are constantly changing. Most businesses get the majority of their site traffic from organic search, so it is paramount that your site content, performance and structure is done properly and managed from by an agency that understands the constantly changing criteria of Google.

If done properly, some retail businesses have seen growth as high as 500% or more year on year so investing in SEO early should be part of any digital marketing plan. As your organic traffic gets stronger, your SEM traffic can take up the slack in other areas where you are underperforming, or simply to increase your share of voice over your competition.

5. Optimising your growth through a single paid search partner

SEO, SEM and Paid social media are all designed to work together so it is critical to both the effectiveness of your digital marketing as well as the cost that they be managed by a single, well respected agency. Have specialists working together who know the latest trends or each channel and how to get the most out of them means growing your business online for the most effective price.


Setting up an ecommerce site can be quick and easy, especially if you are trying to get rid of excessive inventory, or to test new products. You can do almost all of the work yourself to get your site up and running and once you do, engaging a paid search agency like Shout will drive traffic, revenue and long-term brand awareness. Don’t get caught out, get online and selling today. On the other-hand, find out to test demand for new products without investing a cent in inventory.

If you want to multiply your sale by 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, speak to one of our growth experts to get an X-Chart in just one consultation. And the kicker? We guarantee it 

If you want to understand more ways to grow fast, view articles on our website, or call 1300 361 244 or email michael@shoutagency.com.au today.

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.


      As Founder and Director of Shout Web Strategy, Michael Jenkins is at the forefront of digital marketing. Since it’s inception in 2009, Shout has built a strong reputation as one of Australia’s leading strategic SEO agencies, assisting online businesses to formulate, implement and track successful marketing strategies. Michael is a respected thought leader and digital strategist, specialising in online strategy, corporate SEO, Google retargeting, email and conversion rate optimisation, and online reputation management. Follow Michael on Google+, connect with him through LinkedIn or visit the Shout Web Strategy website.

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