July 3, 2018

Four New AdWords Tools coming to YouTube Video Ads

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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These new Google Ads tools help advertisers build dynamic YouTube video ads that improve the customer experience and increase your results.

It is good to see YouTube update their advertising products. Compared to other advertising platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube ad tools seemed weak. Now video advertisers can ensure the best possible video to promote their brand.

Now you can create dynamic video ads that help advertisers customise the right video for their viewers. The tools we discuss below help you with the creative aspects of a video like personalized images, text, and videos.

Learn more about these changes on YouTube and how you can use them to improve your next advertising campaign.

Four AdWords Tools for Your YouTube Video Ads

#1. Video Experiments

The first tool YouTube offers is a testing tool to help brands check the value of their videos on YouTube. You can reduce your budget by not launching a full ad campaign that does not work for their intended audience.

Video experiments provide metrics like “awareness, consideration, purchase intent, and more.” The more data you gather about your audience’s preferences, the more educated decisions on how to create the high-value content.

These experiments are available to advertisers at the same rate they would pay for standard ads. The idea behind video experiments is to have brands turn to YouTube to test out their message like a focus group. Then they can expand that campaign when they have the right message for their video advertising.

#2. Video Creative Analytics

The next product YouTube plans to launch is Video Creative Analytics. The product should come out in two phases over the course of the year.

The first phase provides advertisers with audience segmentation metrics. Then they know how many viewers stayed on their video across multiple audiences.

While it is always ideal to have a video for one specific audience, not all YouTube videos do this in the corporate world. Therefore, you can now track how well your video did across different business segments.

The second phase shows how many viewers saw crucial moments of the video like your logo or product image. If you use video to make money, you want to know how many people saw the money shots of your video.

They track the annotations to see “how different creative elements influence campaign performance. [Advertisers can]use that to develop ideas for your next creative brief or video experiment.”

#3. Director Mix

The next AdWords tool that YouTube plans to incorporate helps video creators swap out creative elements of the video. Then creators can run multiple ad versions at once to see which does best.

YouTube Director Mix also allows brands to swap out creative elements within a video ad— text, image, sound, and video. The more parts you swap, the more ad variations you can run to determine which ad components complement your audience and message.

Instead of uploading multiple videos to the site see how one video does with a few different elements in the mix. That helps you create unique content faster, so you can continue creating more valuable content for viewers.

The tool is currently in alpha and hopefully will have a broader beta launch later this year.

#4. Video Ad Sequencing

The final Google Ads tool helps brands create a series of videos to tell a story that relates to the customer journey.

As we discussed previously, it is essential to be platform-aware, and know the stage of the buyer. The farther a prospect is in the lead generation funnel, the more in-depth content you can prevent. Having a sequence of videos allows you to present your brand story in the right series to the right audience.

Video Ad Sequencing is also in alpha.
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Final Thoughts

Using these new tools can help you improve the quality of your video ads. Most of the new tools help you test out the best options for your video marketing.

Are you not sure how to use these tools for your YouTube videos? Then schedule a free consultation with our YouTube marketing agency‘s experts for any questions you have about these Google Ads tools or other digital marketing strategies.


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