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Case Study
Bondi Sands

Giving a young tanning brand a healthy glow.

We helped Bondi Sands grow 5x organic revenue

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Successful Product Launches

Global smarts helped launch and drive demand for several new products in AU, UK, USA.

“Shout helped create an international search strategy to drive brand awareness and demand generation and helped launch several new products successfully.” Bondi Sands

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Bondi Sands is a premium self-tanning brand that is quickly gaining iconic status internationally. Shout was engaged to deliver brand awareness and demand generation across Australia, UK and USA.
Bondi Sands has had tremendous success across social media and influencer marketing. And by building a very strong distribution network via pharmacies.
The challenge the brand faced, was how to replicate success across Google search. And to not be positioned as “fake tan”, but rather “self tanning” and positioning the brand as “The Iconic Australian” self tanning range. This in essence, was a repositioning of the category and we needed to generate demand for self tanning.
The other challenge the brand faced was how to expand internationally, namely, the UK and USA, and how to drive demand generation for the product outside Australia with no distribution network established. And the need to amplify new product launches across Google properties.


From a clinically executed, gobal search analysis at commencement, we developed keyword strategies and a global search infrastructure across multiple regions.
This included weighing up the difference of sub-domain, sub-folders per region, or running separate websites in each region. When developing these strategies we look at company-owned regions vs licence-agreement regions.
The traffic was significantly higher across the US and UK, which helped us further refine and focus the campaign. The search strategy focused on self tanning keywords, and a heavy to build awareness for new products that were being released, such as foams, suncare and skin care.

Shout developed a global search strategy and executed on the campaign to deliver accelerated growth across Australia, UK and USA.
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