April 6, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Facebook Ad Strategies

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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With over 92% of social marketers leveraging the Facebook marketplace as one of their primary revenue drivers, Facebook has cemented its name as one of the best social media platforms to market on.

A hub for B2B and B2C advertising, Facebook provides the option of leveraging innovative marketing touchpoints such as stories ads, google ads, carousel ads, etc. With a plethora of marketing means in your pocket, y0u can engage your audience via multiple devices and touchpoints.

So, can we leverage Facebook ads to make the most out of your marketing efforts? How will these targeted ads help you grow your revenue?

Read on to find out!

An Assortment of the top Facebook ad strategies and tips for 2023

In this era of hyper-personalization, the general online customer journey is highly dependent on relevance to the content.

Heading into 2022, what are the key Facebook ad strategies that can take your social media marketing efforts to another level.

Continue reading to find the answer to that question!

1.   Personalization is always the key

As mentioned earlier, personalization is the name of the game for a successful Facebook ad strategy. With the CPC formula in place, Facebook marketers can now leverage accurate customer data to get exceedingly specific with their ad creatives, promotions, and so on.

Ushering in new customers will get considerably easy if you start segmenting your audience well and practice targeted marketing for the respective segments.

For a comprehensive and thorough segmentation of your target audience, you can use the following fields.

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behaviour
  • Demographics
  • Connections
  • Events
  • Weather
  • Hobbies

Once you have successfully formulated your audience segments, you can proceed.

2.   Start pandering to similar audiences via lookalike targeting

As your business grows, the influx of user data will help you discover a massive chunk of the audience that bears similarities with your pre-existing customers.

These similar audiences are often referred to as lookalike audiences.

Since you are already catering to a similar audience, you know what ad types and other marketing strategies are effective in the scenario. By leveraging a robust Facebook ad strategy comprising audience-specific content marketing, you can tap into a massive stream of potential customers.

3.   Leverage Facebook Pixel

In order to get deeper insights into the behaviour of your customers, you can leverage the Facebook Pixel. In essence, the Facebook Pixel can be defined as a piece of code that, once plugged into your backend, can study and conduct analysis on the behaviour of the target customer segment.

By leveraging the Facebook Pixel, you can gauge the audience better and decide on the preferred ad types for the right people.

The primary objective of the Facebook Pixel is to make customer personalization significantly easier by leveraging user behavioural patterns.

For instance, the Pixel can let you retarget customers who have abandoned their shopping carts at the concluding stage of their buyer journey.

4.   Amalgamate Facebook ads and content marketing

The primary objective behind leveraging Facebook ads is to convert warm leads into customers. Although cold leads also view your ads, the increasing gap between the two can lead to a drop in ROI.

Therefore, in order to foster a higher rate of lead conversion, you need to leverage content marketing tactics.

With a strong SEO rating, you can facilitate increased brand awareness due to higher website traffic. Moreover, targeted content will also help you address the individual pain points of your collective target audience and provide them with appropriate solutions in the form of a product, service, or support.

5.   Facebook lead ads are always at your disposal

For a comprehensive and personalized Facebook ad strategy, you need to be in possession of decay-free and accurate Facebook custom audience information. This is where Lead ads come into the picture.

Lead Facebook ads can simplify lead generation for marketers leveraging the platform considerably. In fact, it allows Facebook users to connect with businesses through forms that deliver customer information without users even having to leave Facebook.

Most of your leads can come straight from mobile ads. Since Facebook currently has 2.8 billion active mobile users, this is a perfect fit for the ongoing technologically driven generation of mobile marketing.

Furthermore, since Facebook already has their information, it offers to auto-populate the contact information so you can grow a list based on factual information. While users can change their information before clicking submit, it vastly improves the lead collection process for businesses.

This is what allows it to bring your sales funnel together in one place, leading to faster results for your business.

With such an immense influx of user data from potential customers, Facebook marketers can pave the way for a personalized Facebook advertising strategy.

But how does this model work? How can it benefit your Facebook Ad strategy? Find out by glancing at the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step 1: Creating a lead ad starts with selecting it as your campaign objective. Just like you would select a campaign to drive traffic to your page or increase the number of fans of your page, you can now run a campaign for lead generation.


Creating a lead ad starts


  • Step 2: Set up your Facebook ad campaign like you usually would by going through the audience, placement, page, and budget options. The big difference is that when you complete the Facebook ad process, you also create a Facebook lead form. The lead form looks like a landing page form on any squeeze page.
  • Step 3: The final step is to respond to the leads who contact you. Fortunately, Facebook offers assistance from several third-party vendors to help you automate and sync this process with your current inbound marketing and sales channels.
  • Follow-up is vital for many reasons, the obvious one being that you cannot grow your business if you do not follow up with leads. It is not enough to collect someone’s information; you must also market to them as well.
  • However, speed is also a factor. We all know by now that the Internet is moving quickly. Having an automated drip campaign of emails that keeps customers’ attention can dramatically increase your ability to pique their interest in your services.

Top Tips and Practices for Facebook Video Ads marketing

To watch your collective Facebook advertising strategy take flight, you first need to focus extensively on your Facebook video posts and remarketing ads. These Facebook ads provide an audio-visual element that manages to entice the mind of the users.

Therefore, it is always wise to incorporate video ads in your Facebook marketing campaign to drive maximum custom audience engagement.

With all that being said, what is the best way to leverage video ads for your overall Facebook advertising campaign?

Let’s read and find out!

1.   Identify your goals

  • When you start a new ad campaign, the first thing Facebook asks is what your goals are? Take a step back and analyze your goals and target customer segment. Based on this information, you will be able to create content and particular ad snippets for Facebook custom audiences.
  • While it is wise to follow their guidelines for different types of campaigns, you should also have your objectives in mind.
  • For example, do you want to have more leads, or are you looking to increase the number of engaged blog readers for more website traffic? Which of these aspects is more important for your ad strategy?
  • Maybe you want to build some awareness in your target market because you work with them on a long-scale project?
  • The more you understand your audience, the more you can identify specific objectives and goals that fit your company’s needs. Furthermore, you can decide between the plethora of Facebook ad types based on audience insights.


Analyze your goals


2.   Leverage meaningful customer insights for accurate segmentation

  • We talked about creating a campaign with an objective in the previous point. The best way to reach that objective is to share your video with interested Facebook users.
  • A great way to find the right audience is to leverage the custom audiences feature within Facebook ads.
  • You can target your video ads based on prospects who watched previous videos, visited your website, or took other action that showed interest in your content.
  • By targeting custom audiences, you can increase your engagement, relevancy, and conversions while reducing the cost per impression for each Facebook video ad.
  • Start with the prospects who viewed your video for at least 10 seconds. Since the majority who come to your video are likely to click off it within 3 to 5 seconds, that is a good indication that the prospect was somewhat interested in what you had to say.
  • You also might want to target other video view people who watched 25, 50, and 75% of your video.
  • Then, find a custom audience based on those who visit your website. You need to set up a Facebook pixel ahead of time to ensure you get targeted prospects for your video ads.
  • Once you have successfully segmented your audience and extracted meaningful insights into the customer journey, you can interact with them via touchpoints like a Facebook post, desktop ads, stories ads, social proof ads, messenger ads, etc.

3.   Portray your story well and give the target audience a chance to empathize

  • Good Facebook video ads have a story behind them. For pumping out a well-rounded and extensive Facebook ad strategy, you need to pay heed to your company’s story.
  • Whether it is about the company’s founding or how your products and services make a difference in your customers’ lives. The best stories will provide your landing page visitors with a fresher perspective on your company vision, giving them a chance to empathize.
  • Giving the target people a chance to empathize with your business will lay the foundations for brand loyalty, which will eventually be cemented if the quality of your products can keep up.
  • Over recent years, the criteria for engagement on social media have evolved from announcing your brand or product to finding a way to tell a story.
  • Karen Nelson-Field discovered that the videos remembered most were those that provoked a feeling of exhilaration. Providing excitement, and not using the traditional 2-minute video where you just talk in front of a camera. Storytelling on video can be a powerful marketing force that also can be shared and engaged with your ads.
  • That is why it is not surprising that eZanga’s recent survey discovered that 30% of respondents were less likely to skip videos that they found humorous. Humour is a powerful emotion when used correctly on video.

4.   Encourage shares

  • Social media accounts for 31.24% of all site traffic. Facebook accounts for 24.63% of this amount. Since people access their social media feeds through mobile devices the majority of the time, mobile ads and combined Facebook ads should be some of your primary focus areas.
  • Therefore, we would be remiss if we did not mention how you should focus on creating video ads that are so good people want to share them with friends.
  • Video sharing has a significant effect on your ROI, since the increase in video shares will significantly boost your views, potential branding, and lead generation.
  • This in itself is a crucial driver of why engagement is critical on Facebook. It is vitally so for Facebook videos.

5.   Pay heed to your video ad sequence

  • Not every prospect is in a position to buy your services right now. Therefore, your Facebook ad campaigns must include a series of Facebook video ads based on their engagement with your brand and the different parts of the buyer cycle.
  • For instance, you might want to generate a “reminder to purchase” Facebook video ad for those who have visited your website in the past.
  • Ensure that the video provides additional value, so prospects know why they should use your products or services.

6.   Constantly measure your performance results

Now that your ad goes live, the real work starts. Facebook Insights provides advertisers with a wealth of information. Therefore, just like you would with any other Facebook ad, you need to measure the results to optimize your performance.

Understanding the Facebook CPC Formula

Suppose you are a Facebook marketer that has been leveraging the platform for business reasons. In that case, you know the woes that come associated with analyzing likes and inaccurate metrics to obtain customer information.

But with the prolific growth that Facebook has seen over the years, the new Facebook Cost-Per-Click model was introduced.

But how does this formula benefit a Facebook marketer in any way? How can metrics from the new formula be leveraged to push your Facebook ad strategies in the right direction?

Well, traditionally, Facebook encouraged advertisers to spend money on building likes for their Facebook page and increasing the number of likes on their page. The problem is that advertisers were not directly paying to grow their business. Instead, they paid Facebook to grow their audience on Facebook.

Simply put, your advertising dollars are now more performance-based than it was previously. As marketers paid more and more to add new fans, fewer fans were reached organically. It felt a bit like a scam.

To protect advertisers, Facebook now bases its average CPC on the following actions:

  • Clicks to visit another website
  • Call-to-action clicks that go to another website (i.e., “Shop Now”)
  • Clicks to install an app
  • Clicks to Facebook canvas apps
  • Clicks to view a video on another website

All of these are more action-oriented to ensure that marketers get the most out of their Facebook advertising budget. Before, the discrepancies in clicks to third-party websites between Facebook and third-party analytics numbers were vastly different.

An extreme example is the case of Raaj Kapur Brar. He lost $600,000 on Facebook advertising. With this new Facebook CPC system, many of these discrepancies can be eradicated.

Therefore, with real-time customer insights and access to accurate metrics, you can tailor your Facebook strategy according to the target audience’s specific woes.


By now, you know what sort of a difference effective Facebook ad strategies can make to your overall marketing campaign.

Once you know how to leverage the multitude of features that the platform offers (e.g., Facebook stories, Facebook messenger, custom ads manager, etc.,) you can market effectively based on accurate information.

You need to include relevant content and upload effective ads to accommodate increased brand awareness and a more comprehensive audience network.

But make sure that all your Facebook ads are customer-centric and are tailor-made to offer relevance to most of your target audience segments.

For more details feel free to reach out Shout Digital. We provide SEO in Brisbane, SEO Melbourne, Gold Coast & Sydney.



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