March 8, 2017

Leveraging New Social Platforms & Tools for Future Success

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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Social media platforms seem to pop up every day out of nowhere. There is a never-ending collection of platforms and tools promising to help you succeed with your social media marketing.

The challenge is knowing which of these new social platforms and tools can help you with your specific business needs.

Below we discuss many of the new social platforms, as well as the new social tools that we have found to provide the greatest benefits to your business.

The best new social platforms and tools for future success

  1. Quuu: One big challenge that most businesses have is finding enough content to share with their network. The answer to that question is Quuu.

This social tool provides you with hand-curated content suggestions for a variety of categories to share on social media. It should not be the only content you share, but it is great for filling in the gaps with valuable content from the best thought leaders in your industry.

  1. Adobe Spark: From the makers of Photoshop and Illustrator comes Spark. This social tool helps you create videos, images and stories in minutes.

You can do simple things like resize graphics for different social media platforms or change the theme, background, text, and colour palette.

Furthermore, you can create web stories with photos, videos, and text, as well as videos from a story template, or create a video from scratch with icons, text, photos, music, and slide layouts.

  1. Rocketium: This is another social tool you can use to create videos from text and media. As the social world turns more and more to video, having tools like Rocketium to create high quality video is helpful.
  1. Pixabay: One of the largest collections of royalty-free photos and videos that can be used without attribution on social media. This site has over 780,000 photos and videos.
  1. Gifs: If you have some short pieces of information you want to convey over social media, then using gifs is helpful. Using a service like Gifs can help you fashion a detailed gif.
  1. Rebrandly: Share custom domain name links via social media. This way, you can have your own custom domain to share across social media for additional branding.
  1. Yala: This is a bot that knows the best time for you to schedule your social media content, because it is smart. This is run through Slack, so make sure that you add Yala to Slack.
  1. PostReach: Analytics for content creation. This can help your social media and blog content by analysing each post to evaluate your content creation. Determine your key traffic statistics, as well as the number of shares and influencers who used your content.

Given the competition on social media today, it makes sense to improve your social media marketing skills by studying what works best.

  1. Reveal: Another Slack bot. This one manages both Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns from Slack. Check the metrics and monitor significant CTR and CPC changes to your ad metrics.
  1. Snaplytics: As one of the newest social platforms, Snapchat has been a confusing place for many marketers. However, as the platform continues to grow, it has become an important place to market your services. This requires accurate data. Snaplytics provides metrics for how well your snaps perform with your influencers as well as with your own posts.
  1. Intellifluence: For marketers to have success with social media today, they need help. That is because most small to medium sized enterprises do not have the resources to get the word out there without influencers.

However, finding the right influencers can be challenging to discover. Using Intellifluence can help by focusing on key peer influencers that can make marketing your business more viable.

  1. Waaffle: A great tool for aggregating, analyzing, and publishing social media content on Instagram and Twitter. Waaffle helps businesses create specific feeds based on hashtags and/or accounts. 

Bonus:  A complete social solutions hub that helps businesses with everything from social media to customer experience and CRM. helps you listen, engage, publish, and analyze social media across multiple channels.

This is a premium social media software for experienced social media users.

Final Thought

Social media is more than just the tools and platforms. The information we provided in this article can tremendously help your business grow. However, if you really want to get the most out of the new social platforms and tools, then you need to have a strategy behind them.

This is where Shout can help. Our team of social media service experts is here to help you at every step of the way. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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