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Case Study
Porsche Motor Company

Applying German engineering to a fragmented online presence

Porsches Dealership Leads Grew 200%

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Firing on all cylinders

Test drive leads to dealerships Up
Ex-Demo inquiries up

Local and international stakeholder management was crucial

Our findings from a detailed site audit, with a acheivable and measurable recomendations got the whole project green lit

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The brand’s main website was run by the head office in Germany, and had some useability issues that were affecting conversion. To add to the complexity, each Porsche dealership had their own website templates used to sell pre-owned and demonstrator vehicles. These dealership sites lacked consistency, clarity and functionality.


We conducted in-depth usability testing on all their dealership sites and carried out a detailed audit of the main Porsche brand site. With our findings and recommendations, we presented a thorough usability and conversion document to stakeholders in Australian and Germany. Part of that document was reimagined wireframing for all dealership sites, which now forms the main structure of dealerships across Australia.

A streamlined and more user-friendly menu structure across the corporate site, aligned to the off-line user experience provided by the brand and dealership network.

Dealership leads for test drives & ex-demo enquiries

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