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Case Study
Deep Heat

How we helped Deep Heat reduce the pain of poor perfromance online

We helped Deep Heat grow their reach

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A combined SEO and SEM strategy helped lift sales figures

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By understanding how SEO and SEM work together, we helped Deep Heart perform better and grow sales

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Since 1956, Deep Heat has built a thriving business based on products providing temporary pain relief for muscular and localised pain. From simple beginnings, it has a wide product range including creams, gels, sprays and patches, as well as joint and oral health solutions. While they enjoy strong distribution through pharmacie, and strong brand recall, a poor digital strategy and emerging competitors led to a declining brand performance. Deep Heat were also looking to establish new product lines. They are know for “”heat”” products, but are also positioning into “”ice”” products as well joint health, to provide more holistic pain management solutions


Shout developed a digital strategy that would deliver more brand reach, frequency with target market and ultimately drive more sales. This involved a demand generation strategy through organic search, paid search, remarketing, programmatic media, YouTube.

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