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Case Study
Centrepoint Alliance

Sound advice helped Centrepoint Alliance multiply their efforts online.

We helped Centrepoint Alliance grow 3x SEO traffic

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Improved search rankings generated growth in leads and demand

Increased organic traffic
Increased lead generation

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A broader search campaign delivered targeted leads aligned to their sales and growth goals.

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Centrepoint Alliance is Australia’s leading community of financial advisers. They were going through a rebrand, and needed a digital marketing agency that could help them position the new brand in the marketplace. Moreover, they wanted to drive B2B lead generation to provide leads for their growing sales team. Specifically, they wanted businesses to use their solutions, and run under their AFSL licence.


Working closely with the head of revenue and the head of marketing, Shout developed a B2B strategy that would deliver highly targeted leads to brokers, and also build brand awareness for their solutions in the marketplace. This was done via Linkedin marketing, organic search, paid search, programmatic media”

Developing higher search rankings across a wide variety of AFSL terms helped make the brand synonymous with licencing solutions to drive leads and increase demand for Centrepoint Alliance's range of financial solutions.
Investment Solutions​
Financial Services Licence​
What is an AFSL licence

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