It’s probably not a shock that you need to optimise your site to get more conversions. Whether you are looking for leads, email subscribers, or new sales on your site, it does not matter.

The point is to find new ways to turn your site into a lead generating machine that converts the qualified traffic on which you spend so much time and money sending to your site.

Top Three Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies

1. It takes a team

If you want a comprehensive digital marketing strategy from a leading SEO Agency that drives business to your site, you need a team to help you get there.

A good CRO team includes developers, designers, content writers, and a UX specialist just to start. Remember, if you are driving people to, let’s say, an e-commerce site, you need someone skilled in using the e-commerce platform to load the right products and descriptions.

This is especially true in an age when most e-commerce sites require thousands of products and potentially tens of thousands of product variations. Thus, it is important to have a team that knows how to work with the various aspects of conversion rate optimisation.

Conversely, many local stores get their search traffic from local search optimisation. That requires a completely different skill set and a team that understands how to drive that local search traffic and turns it into foot traffic at your retail store.

Some struggle to master every aspect of the process. Therefore, make sure you have the right people around to help you with your conversion rate optimization process.

cro team

2. CRO requires planning, implementation, and testing.

A few years ago, many digital marketers thought conversion rate optimisation entailed split testing and multi-variable testing to determine which ad performs best.

While testing is a key component of any conversion rate optimisation process, it all starts with a good plan. That means you need to spend as much time planning your campaigns as implementing and testing them.

Additionally, quality and patience are vital to your success. You want a qualified team to understand how to set up your campaign correctly. Otherwise, you might end up wasting money on bad ads, ineffective landing pages, and other assets.

Once you plan and implement, then your testing and analysis will be that much better. For example, you can set up a well-thought-out campaign with multiple ads implemented by professionals; then you can test and analyze which of the two variables works best.

3. Sometimes CRO requires more than just a simple fix

If that is the case, you need to spend your time crafting the best solutions to increase conversions. While most of the examples you see online show how small things like changing the CTA button from red to yellow or rewording the phrase “Sign Up” to “Register” can play a major role in your conversions, the truth is that simple fixes are not always the right answer.

e-commerce checkout

Now ask, what happens when you have the wrong audience looking at your content: your sales plummet. Maybe your sales funnel is missing a few key elements or is not set up in the best way to convert your leads into clients?

Do not look at conversion rate optimization as merely small tweaks to improve conversions. Instead, look at the big picture. By doing that, you can improve the quality of your leads and not waste time on small fixes that may or may not help your conversions.

Final Thoughts

Conversion rate optimisation is a crucial component of any digital marketing or SEO strategy. Therefore, you need a strategy that works for your specific site. If you have an e-commerce site, you want a team that knows how to work with popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. If you want to drive traffic to a retail location instead, then you a different strategy.

If you are not sure what strategy works best for your site, or you just need a team that can help turn those leads into conversions, give us a shout. We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation with you today.