June 15, 2016

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

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We talked a few months ago about conversion rate optimization strategies. However, the topic is so important that we wanted to address it in more detail to help you improve your conversion rate optimization strategies.
7 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

1. Relevance

To convert, you need to ensure that your website matters. In order for this to happen, it must be relevant to your target market.

As Hubspot stated, you do not show baseball mitts to football players. In essence, understand what your customers want and then provide them with the information, products, and services that make it possible.
No optimization strategy in the world will work if you do not have the right audience interested in your content. Make it relevant to them, and you instantly increase your chances of conversion.

2. Clarity

If you are going to be relevant then you need to be very clear. This is one of the hardest things for any business to do.

That is because most companies don’t truly know their purpose. They think they know why they are in business, but often they need more help.
To stand out and convert, you need to have a level of clarity that would scare most companies. The clearer you are about what your company does, the more you understand your audience, where they hang out, and why they buy your product.
Imagine if you went up to a client and told them the vague parts of what your business does, but refuse to give them specifics until they purchased. As you might suspect, more often than not this would fail. That is because the clarity of your purpose inspires clients to work with you.

3. Value Proposition

If you have clarity then you can create a value proposition to ensure customers come through the door.

If you want someone to request a quote you need to tell them why they should do that. Otherwise, they will not just voluntarily give up their contact information.
For example, Amazon has built their international ecommerce empire on the basis of Free Shipping to Prime Members and those who spend over a certain amount.
It is clear. Get products delivered to your house without paying for shipping when you use Amazon.

4. Urgency

Have you ever had a prospect who told you they would be ready in 3-6 months? How did that work out for you? How often did those deals close?

More often than not, those were the deals that fell by the wayside.
If you do not provide some urgency to the matter, you get prospects who push off the project for a future date.
Give them an urgent reason for why they should move forward with you. Whether it is an increase in your prices next month or a limited supply, customers often need a reason to move forward.

5. Social Proof

We mentioned this before in previous articles, and it bears repeating. People believe you more when they know your clients say the same thing about your business.

This is why we clearly display our case studies on the home page – it’s a simple way of showing that we have the chops to help you with your online marketing problem. The case studies don’t explain how we can help. Instead they show you how we helped clients with similar needs.

6. Mobile Marketing

To improve your conversions, you need to have an up-to-date website. This means your site needs to be mobile-responsive.

In our article on eCommerce conversion optimization, we discussed how 50% of the internet now use their phones to access the web.
Not having a mobile presence can severely impact your conversion rate optimization strategy.
This problem will not go away. There are now more mobile devices in the world then there are people (8.6 Billion Mobile Devices vs. 7.3 Billion People). With 80% of the world now connected to a mobile phone it is time to concede that mobile marketing is not a fad.

7. Video Marketing

Crazy Egg discovered that “by 2018, 75% of web traffic will come from videos.”

It is one more reason why you need to use video marketing to improve your conversion rate optimization strategy.
And this is in addition to the fact that video improves the relationship with your customers. It increases their level of trust in your business, and motivates them to move forward with your services.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you can instil these seven strategies right away. However, if you are not able to do it all at once then take your time to ensure your website is relevant, clear, and provides value.
None of the other strategies will be as effective if you do not first focus on those three strategies. Once you do, the other four become that much easier for you to master.
If you get stuck, just remember you are not alone. Feel free to reach out to one of our experts at Shout to improve your conversation rate optimization strategy for your website. Receive a FREE session when you contact us here!

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