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Yes, Sitecore has impressive SEO capabilities built into it, but it’s a good idea to still follow best practices to reap huge benefits. If you or your developer ignore the basic principles of SEO, you will lose the Sitecore advantage. You may even develop some issues that can have an adverse effect on your SEO efforts.

The web content management (WCM) systems provided by Sitecore help websites increase their search rankings. Sitecore also offers experience management software; however, it is better known for building high-quality WCMs.

When you use Sitecore for your website’s SEO campaign, you will gain many crucial benefits. Here is a quick overview of the benefits of using Sitecore SEO and Shout Digital Marketing Agency as your preferred partner.

Sitecore allows you to add descriptive page titles

Sitecore will ensure that your page titles remain relevant to your content. Descriptive titles that accurately describe the content on the page will increase your rankings. The Sitecore WCM system has a template that ensures that each item has 3 editable fields at the page level. Using these fields you can customise your browser titles, page titles, and navigation titles.

It helps you create optimised URLs

With Sitecore, you can add a tree data structure and item names to create optimised URLs. This way you can ensure that each item name is developed based on the page title and that this data is stored within the site’s information architecture. The URLs created by the Sitecore search engine optimisation tools are clear, accurate, and concise.

It lets you have improved page text

Sitecore allows you to add 2-3 paragraphs of keyword rich SEO optimised text to each page. This text will give an accurate description of the item featured on the page. Search engines put too much emphasis on the quality of content. When you add optimised text to the content areas of your page, Google will assume that your site is more relevant.  Obviously, this will increase your search rankings.

It offers an advantage with customised keywords and meta descriptions

Keywords and the meta description tags have a major role in determining a page’s position in SERPs. Sitecore provides a template that allows you to optimise items with required meta data fields like meta description and meta keywords. Sitecore pulls keywords from a list of topics which are relevant to your website and its content.

It lets you focus on competitive and relevant keywords

The SEO toolkit that comes with Sitecore lets you find competitive keywords relevant to your page. Using the toolkit feature, you can evaluate various aspects of the page content. For example, you can find errors that may affect your rankings. You will also be able to analyse the number of incoming links and identify the words/phrases that are used most frequently.

It helps with XML sitemap generation

When you submit an XML sitemap of your website, search engines can easily find the URLs available for ‘crawling’. Sitecore Marketplace provides two modules for creating XML sitemaps: Sitemap XML and XML Sitemap Generator. A properly generated sitemap will increase your search rankings.


We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.– Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

Need Help with using Sitecore?

The web content management system provided by Sitecore helps businesses get better results from their SEO campaigns. But like other WCMs, many businesses require assistance from an SEO agency to fully utilise the advantages of Sitecore. Our developers at Shout have a thorough understanding of Sitecore SEO strategies and solutions. We can help you achieve your business goals by implementing Sitecore in its true capacity.

At Shout, our Sitecore SEO programs are committed to our clients. We provide implementation guidance and establish best practices that get the best results.

Shout Agency provides world class Sitecore SEO strategies to help you handle your web content management system. We are focused on achieving lasting results through continuous research, rigorous testing, meticulous reporting, and ambitious development. Our experts analyse how your customers interact with your website and develop strategies that increase engagement and conversion rates.

When you work with us, you will be able to take complete advantage of the exceptional capabilities of Sitecore. We are the trusted Sitecore SEO experts who care. We have an expert team of developers and analysts who provide dedicated support to your Sitecore site and infrastructure. The biggest strength of Sitecore lies in its ability to combine customer intelligence with web content management. This leads to meaningful interactions, increased conversions and loyal customers who return.

Sitecore allows businesses to effectively bridge the gap between IT and marketing. We take great pride in delivering successful Sitecore SEO tips and solutions. Our solutions and experiences will help our clients to build lasting relationships with their customers. Contact us to learn more about our Sitecore SEO strategies.

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