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Images and videos are the new black for marketers. They engage faster. They reflect the usage demands of customers. And one of the most visual marketing platforms is Instagram. Plug into the power of pictures. Shout.

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The numbers make the image even more beautiful

The data makes the picture more beautiful. There are over 9,000,000 active monthly Instagram users in Australia. Almost three quarters of them use Instagram to research purchases. With most likely to visit a website, when prompted. At Shout, we use those behaviours to raise awareness, increase leads, target potential customers, create new markets, fill funnels, and remarket to supposedly lost customers.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram offers you one of the most powerful social media advertising platforms you can find, with a highly engaged audience that checks their feed multiple times a day. Put yourself in the picture. With Shout.


Hashtagging for Sucess

Hashtags might seem cliché, but they're effective - the right attention from the right words can increase engagement in an ad by over 10%. They're simple. And they're free. You do the math.


Geotagging with Instagram

Instagram marketing offers clever, location-based marketers the option of geotagging. By geotagging, or using Instagram's story search option, you can drive people in the area into your store.


Optimising for Instagram

Here's a simple tip. Instagram puts your message where your audiences are. Increasingly, they're on mobile. So, make sure the sites your ads are sending your audiences to are optimised for mobile.


Don't just make your message seen, make it unmissable - with Instagram marketing, and Shout. By using proven instagram strategies, understanding where and when and how to talk with a highly engaged audience, Shout can take this highly visual medium and use it to make your bottom line even more beautiful.

  • Experienced and up-to-date Instagram specialists
  • Channel specific advice to optimise your campaign
  • Multi-channel alignment for greater effectiveness
  • Increase engagement and conversion
  • Geo-tagging to drive buyers to bricks-and-mortar stores

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