February 1, 2021

Five Ways to Use E-Commerce Product Videos for Search and Conversions

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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As a conversion rate optimisation agency we always suggest to use product videos for our clients.  For your e-commerce site, you should start considering product videos to help boost sales.

Using boring, traditional product descriptions like most companies doesn’t make sense anymore. If you want your e-commerce product to stand out from the crowd, you must use engaging videos. The right video not only drives search traffic, but it also generates more conversions.

In this blog post, we will explore five powerful ways to leverage e-commerce product videos to enhance search visibility and boost conversions. As online shoppers become more discerning and selective, it is crucial for businesses to employ strategies that go beyond static images and descriptions. By incorporating high-quality product videos into your e-commerce website, you can offer a rich and interactive browsing experience that entices customers and drives them towards making a purchase.

From showcasing product functionality and demonstrating benefits to building trust and reducing buyer hesitation, e-commerce product videos offer a multitude of benefits. They not only engage and educate potential customers but also have a significant impact on search engine optimisation (SEO) by increasing dwell time, reducing bounce rates, and improving overall user experience.

Throughout this article, we will delve into five key strategies that will help you make the most out of your e-commerce product videos. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimise your existing video content, these strategies will empower you to maximise your search visibility, increase conversions, and ultimately grow your e-commerce business.

Some of the best product videos build viral interest in your products. To help you create the best ones, we highlight below some of the top strategies you can use to generate interest. You can implement it yourself or contact our experts from the SEO agency in Sydney.

So, let’s explore the power of e-commerce product videos and discover how they can revolutionise your online shopping experience.

Five product video strategies

1. Google and YouTube traffic

E-commerce sites are great, as they generate a lot of brand and product traffic for the different variations you sell in your store.

If you want to get more Google and YouTube traffic, first look at your top products. You can then create product videos of them to drive more traffic. That way, you do more for the products that already get you traffic and sales.

As long as the videos are keyword rich, you should be able to see a boost in search traffic. To learn more about traffic generating from YouTube contact our YouTube marketing agency.

2. Social media sharing

The great thing about videos is that they are more engaging than boring product descriptions that fill the clear majority of e-commerce sites.

Use that to your advantage by creating engaging product video that your user base wants to share with their friends and followers. Focus on building a high-quality video that answers your audience’s questions. Because you focus on them, you have a higher chance of them watching the video and sharing the video with their network. How often does that happen with a standard e-commerce product page? I would guess not too often.

Additionally, the video gives you something to put on social media besides for the bland “buy my product” type posts most e-commerce companies regularly post.

Not sure what a quality product video looks like? Then look at how some of the top products on the market today generate sales from their videos. Classic examples like Poo Pourri, Dollar Shave Club, and BlendTech are just a few that use this strategy.

3. Build your base

There is another benefit of product videos on which you can start to build your base on YouTube channels to take advantage of the huge followings on this platform and other video sharing sites like Facebook and Instagram.

As long as you consistently create new product videos on a regular basis, you can build up a following. Those followers can then track all your products, so you can get more sales in your e-commerce store.

Like any strategy, product videos by themselves do not magically increase search traffic. However, over time, subscribers and followers expect new releases. The more you satisfy their curiosity with well-crafted videos, the larger will grow your base.

That is what major companies like Apple, Go Pro, and others have successfully done for years to drive hordes of customers to their products.

4. Better than the most boring product descriptions

Most text descriptions for e-commerce products are boring. There is no sugar coating to it, they have no style or pizzazz, and they rarely draw you into the product. Quality product videos not only drive traffic, but they also help you convert that traffic.

E-commerce stores, as a rule, have a wide variety of products, making it challenging to create a lot of content for the various audiences. It also presents you with an opportunity. Because most of your competition does not spend the time to do it right, you can take traffic from them with quality videos.

5. Capture younger audiences

According to Nielsen, Australians between the ages of 18 to 24 years old regularly consume over 22 hours per month of online videos.

If you want to connect with the Millennials and digital native generation, you need to start using video. That is what they expect when they come to a website.

Final Thoughts

Your product videos can be a core component of your site’s search and conversion strategy. Keep in mind that the better the video quality, the more your customers will want to watch and then purchase your products.

If you need help with getting started with product videos for your e-commerce site, set up a free consultation with Shout digital today. We provide PPC, social media, content marketing, and SEO in Brisbane or other cities for both eCommerce and service websites.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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