June 29, 2016

How to Craft a Persona Based Content Marketing Strategy

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Creating content can be challenging. Especially when you are a paper creating content for users in multiple languages. However, it also offers an opportunity to start create personas for their varied user base.
That is why when the Singapore Post looked to improve their content marketing strategy online they needed a persona based content marketing strategy that would work for their readers.
While your company might not have an international audience, having a persona based content marketing strategy can help you improve your lead generation process at every step online from traffic to conversions.

3 Steps to Crafting a Persona Based Content Marketing Strategy

1. Context

with more content being created online today than ever before, it is a necessity to stand out. The key is to remember that not everyone is interested in your content.

Therefore, you need to create content that is in context with the specific audience you want to target.
By asking your customers what they want, and identifying characteristics of your target market, you can consult with a content strategy agency to create content that contextually appeals to your audience.
When you understand what they want or need, you have content that can help you improve the value of your services.

2. Segmenting Content

Next, you need to know what your customers want to do on your site. What information do they need? Why do they need this information? How can you answer their questions?

The more you know about a customer, the more you can segment them by their needs. When you segment customers, you have the ability to send only the information that is relevant to their needs.
To start segmenting your list, create multiple landing pages on your website with different free offers. When a prospective customer chooses to download a free eBook on SEO instead of one on SEM you know more about why they are on your website.
This gives you the opportunity to send them more SEO content you created to build upon the relationship.
At the same time, you did not waste your time sending them too much SEM content. Valuing your customers time is as important as helping them with their problems.
Still not sure if this is important? According to a recent study by ITSMA, 48% of B2B buyers value those who address their specific issues over solution providers who have no clear content for them.
If you need help with creating multiple landing page offers to segment your list, let us know how we can help you. Give us a Shout to learn more!

3. Create Consistent, Engaging Content

Did you know that 60% of B2B marketers cannot produce engaging content? 57% struggle with doing so on a regular basis.

However, by following the previous two steps you have a surefire plan to create content for your market.
The mistake many marketers make when they start creating content is assuming that clients want to learn the same thing they do. However, they have different needs. Ask and listen to what they need, and you already know what will engage them.
Content creators need to speak to visitors in a manner that makes sense to them. Get rid of the jargon and dictionary list of terms your industry might use.
Instead, explain things clearly, educate your prospects, and tell them great stories about how you can help you them with their challenge.
That is all great content could ever be. Having the right persona for your articles helps you communicate this message to them in a language they will understand.

Final Thoughts

Writing content blindly is next to impossible. How do you know what your audience likes and does not like if you do not know yourself? Additionally, how does the content move a prospect along in your sales funnel?
By focusing on creating personas that visualise the type of prospect you want to use your services you have the ability to increase your readership and whet the appetite of prospects looking to learn more about your business.
If you have any questions about how to incorporate persona-based content marketing into your digital strategy, let us know how we can help? Contact our content marketing agency for a free consultation on persona-based content marketing strategies.

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    Give us your email address and we promise to send you the best articles on a wide spectrum of digital marketing topics to help your business grow to the next level.

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