August 27, 2015

9 Essential Content Marketing Tools to Increase Your Search Traffic

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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For every job, you need to have the right tools. Content marketing is no different. That is why we want to review the nine essential content marketing tools you need to get more search engine traffic.
Below we cover the best tools in the industry. While some of these tools overlap, they each have a number of feature available to help you develop a better content marketing strategy.
Choose the content marketing tools that best fit your needs. Remember also these are only tools. You still need to have a great plan to take leverage them properly.

9 Content Marketing Tools

SEMrush- What content marketing strategy is not complete without solid search engine optimization. SEMrush provides you with the tools to research the best organic and paid search results.
You can also do backlink research to discover where your competitors receive their links, and how you can follow their lead.
Another nifty tool on SEMrush is the ability to compare different domains side-by-side to determine the unique and common keywords they each use. If you want to know why your competitor is beating you in search traffic, this can help you overcome that lead.
Buzzsumo- While many of the other tools in this list analyze your search engine keywords and rankings, Buzzsumo analyzes the social shares for your keywords.
Simply type in a keyword, and Buzzsumo presents you with the top articles by share and retweet count for your topic.
Then you can click on the most relevant articles to see which followers had the most re-shares on their content.
While Matt Cutts stated that social sharing does not directly affect your search engine efforts, it indirectly does through backlinks and additional targeted traffic to your content.
Remember that Google now looks not only at your keywords and backlinks, but also your visitors time on site and page views. Leverage Buzzsumo for targeted traffic that engages with your content.
Wordtracker- This is a pure keyword research and search engine competition tool to help you get the best keywords for your content marketing strategy.
Buffer- Sometimes content is more about sharing than creation. That is why you have Buffer. The app allows you to share interesting articles throughout the web on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.
By sharing others content, you can begin to position yourself as a thought leader, and gain a following for your information.
While not specifically a search engine tool, Buffer can help you schedule your content on social media to optimize your shares, comments, and other search ranking factors.
Hubspot- The software bills itself as an all-in-one marketing software. That being said, you have so many options we could write an entire article just on the different features. However, we might get far off-track from the topic here.
Keep in mind that this is a enterprise software package with all the bells and whistles for your search and content efforts.
WordPress- People often forget how much WordPress has for content marketers. Not only do they have one of the best platforms for bloggers to create and share their content, but they also provide a massive list of free plugins and themes to help you enhance your search engine optimization efforts.
To paraphrase, don’t do content marketing without it.
Google Keyword Planner- What type of list would this be if we did not mention some of the free tools from the largest search engine on the planet.
Google has a free tool that is part of Google AdWords. Simply enter in a keyword you want to use for your content marketing, and then it will provide you with 100 or more keywords.
Use this as a starting point for your search efforts, because you still need to know additional information such search competition.
ScribeContent- Part keyword finder, and part content marketing tool. Scribe can find you the best keywords. Then the software shows you the best keywords in conjunction with the phrases you should use to resonate with your audience and increase your social presence.
Moreover, Scribe shows you how to tweak your content for improved search engine rankings. They evaluate your entire site to show you what to do with your content strategy.
Finally, get suggestions on the best ways to crosslink your site for increased usability and time on site.
The linking recommendations also includes blogger outreach suggestions and a BuzzSumo like feature to find social media users interested in sharing your content.
KWFinder- This gem of a site has great free and paid tools to help you identify the best long tail keywords to use for your content marketing and SEO efforts. They even have a grader that ranks your search and paid competition on a scale between 0-100.

Final Thoughts

Are you salivating and ready to test out all of these tools? Maybe you have a few favorites you want to try first. Keep in mind that the tools you use are part of a larger content marketing strategy.
If you looking for marketing agency in Melbourne, give us a Shout. We would be happy to review the tools you want to use, as well as improve your content strategy.

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