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Landing big B2B accounts costs money and effort. We can show you how Account Based Marketing can transform the way you target them by getting sales and marketing to align better and using data automation to drive results.

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Treat your biggest accounts as your best accounts

These days you can afford to treat key accounts as a separate marketing and sales exercise. It’s less expensive and your ROI is better than ever. But how? That’s where Shout comes in. With a strategic account based approach that merges personalised marketing with sales efforts we’ll deepen engagement with your key targets. So you can reach them – and convert them - more effectively.

Account Targets

Together wediscover and define your high value accounts, examining revenue potential and other strategic factors such as market influence, purchase aptitude and profit potential.


Account Structure

Calculating who the key decision makers are within an account and how it is structured. Identifying the decision process and the steps within that process. Defining communication opportunities.



Moving from who we talk to, towards what we say. Creating and identifying engaging, relevant content. Matching messaging to pain points or plus points. Looking for leverage.


Channel Selection

Mapping out what we say where. Examining all digital marketing channel options and effectiveness. Creating a communication matrix that takes into account the specificity of message, medium and required action.



Articulating the comms calendar, defining response objectives, feedback loops and retargeting. Coordination is key here, in particular the alignment and coordination of sales and marketing communication together.



Testing, measuring, optimising…the capacity of todays technology allows expedient “test and roll” methods, that shorten the entire optimisation process. We can show you how.


Data and automation are changing the way Account Based Marketing is operating. We’ll show you how data can guide sales strategies, improve prospecting, and increase conversions with more accurate targeting and segmentation across the organisation.

  • Identification of high value accounts
  • Strategic approach for provable value
  • Enhanced channel effectiveness
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved conversion rates improve
  • Massive ROI increases.

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