May 31, 2016

Integrating Marketing Automation Tools

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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In the fast-paced and highly interconnected world of social media, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to harness the power of these platforms for lead generation and customer acquisition. HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software, has emerged as a game-changer, enabling marketers to streamline their lead management processes and optimise their sales funnel for maximum efficiency.

Are you tired of doing all of the marketing busy work for your business? If you are like most small businesses, you did not start using the internet to spend more time online and work longer hours.

That is why an increasing number of businesses are turning to marketing automation tools to help them save time and get more leads from their marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, a number of the tools out there do not play well with others. That is why when you start to use marketing automation tools for your business, you must learn how to integrate them into a cohesive package of services.

Otherwise, the disconnect could cause you to spend more time than you want with your marketing efforts. Below we go through how you can integrate your marketing automation tools for your business.

Join us on this illuminating journey as we explore the synergy between HubSpot and the CRM sales funnel for social media lead generation.

Whether you’re a marketing professional seeking to optimise your lead management or a business owner ready to embrace a data-driven approach to social media marketing, our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to leverage HubSpot’s CRM to its full potential.

Let’s embark on this transformative exploration together and unlock the true power of social media lead generation with HubSpot’s CRM at the helm.

7 Steps to Integrating Marketing Automation Tools

1. Creating Content

The first thing is that you need content to share with your audience. Whether you are active on social media or regularly creating videos on YouTube, it is vital to have a solid content creation process.

To create the right content for your business, check out our Quick Guide to an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy to help you understand how to use the content marketing strategy for your integrated marketing automation tools.

2. Increasing Lead Generation

Content and lead generation go together. Therefore, it is important to start with the end in mind.

When you create your content, you do so with the idea that it will generate traffic and eventually more leads for your business. Creating a weekly newsletter as well as blog content is beneficial for marketing automation tools that can help you disperse this information to your targeted audience at the right time.

Furthermore, many of the tools we discuss below have significant lead generation aspects to them that make them ideal for marketing your business.

3. Teams and onboarding

Marketing automation tools usually have a learning curve. Therefore, it is best to have your team trained on how to use these tools effectively.

If this is not done, it is very possible that they could make a lot of mistakes or miss essential components of the tools you purchased. That is why it is best to have trained professionals to onboard your team on how to integrate marketing automation tools with the rest of your system. Give us a Shout if you need an expert to walk your team through this process.

4. Tools

While the number of marketing automation tools is endless, here are a few tools that you might want to consider for your business. Also you can consult with an automation agency to select the best tool that suits to your needs.

Hubspot – One of the most well-known marketing automation tools. Hubspot has blogging, SEO, social media, website, lead management, landing pages, calls-to-action, marketing automation, email, and analytics tools to help any business with their complete marketing solution.

Salesforce Pardot – A complete B2B marketing automation tool for your social, email, and content marketing processes. It also integrates with parent company Salesforce’s CRM.

Infusionsoft – While this email marketing platform has quite the learning curve, it is one of the most integrated email and lead generation tools available today. 25,000 clients use Infusionsoft to help them manage their marketing activities.

5. Integrating platforms

Once you think you have the right platform we need to talk about integrating them into your current systems before you purchase them.

While every business has different needs, the fact is that most businesses use a combination of different platforms to ensure their marketing is automated and effective.

That is why it is so vital that you use a platform that not only has great features, but great integrations as well. Otherwise, your Facebook ad management tool might not work with your Hubspot marketing automation tools.

It happens more often than you think, so be sure to check out the integration features before you purchase.

6. Measuring results

Once you purchase the marketing automation tool and have the content loaded into the system, you need to start tracking your results.

This is where you find out what works and what needs to be modified. Continually measuring your results can help you generate the traffic and interest you need to build your business.

Note: Marketing automation tools can turn off or go askew over time. This is why it is best to monitor them on a regular basis. While they can be a tremendous time saver, they are not completely passive.

7. Expand your marketing efforts

The great thing about marketing automation tools is that they do the hard work that often limits how far and fast you grow online.

Once you have the system down it is easy to expand it to other social networks, email campaigns, and such. This is where automation can be the most valuable. Enterprise level companies do not have the time to devote all of their time and energy into digital marketing. The right tools can dramatically save time.

Final Thoughts

Whatever marketing automation tools you use for your business, use the seven steps above as a guideline to help you find the right tools and by extension strategy for your business. If you have any questions about integrating marketing automation tools into your business, feel free to Contact our marketing automation agency for a free consultation session.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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