5 SEO Strategies to Beat The 4-PACK PPC Ads

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Search engine optimisation changed dramatically when Google decided to change the format of their long-standing ad placements.

By getting rid of the sidebar ads on Google, and placing 4 paid ads at the top of search they made it more difficult to optimise your site for organic search traffic.

However, smart search engine marketers still have some avenues they can use to receive organic search traffic even with the new 4-Pack PPC ads at the top of the search results.

Here are some ideas to help you claim a piece of that search traffic.

5 SEO Strategies to Get Ahead of the 4-Pack PPC Ad

1. Claim the answer box

Over the past few years, Google added an answer box to more and more search queries.

These answer boxes help users get answers to their queries directly on Google without having to visit a website or click on another link.

If you just need one piece of information than the answer box might drive traffic away from your site.

However, if you intend on driving traffic to your site through comprehensive answers to consumers’ questions this could be a good alternative.

While the answer box does fall below the 4-Pack, it is a very visible box. Plus, Google only provides basic information.

The key here is to give small titbits that can be used in the answer box along with more detailed information. This encourages searchers to visit your website for more information.

Since most voice-based searches happen to use longer question and answer type phrases, the key here is to switch your content marketing to match these question and answer formats.

The more questions you answer; the more potential traffic you can generate.

2. Optimise your local search

As we discussed in depth before on this site, optimising your site for local search is a solid local traffic and leads generator.

Here are a few things to remember in order to optimise your local search results:

  • Google Local is sometimes restricted to 3 results on the first page.
  • Make sure your NAP (business name, address, and phone number) is the same on your website as it is on other websites.
  • Local Citations generate a lot of traffic. Getting listed in local directories and other websites can become a great strategy for search traffic.
  • Use the correct Schema markup language on your website for local traffic.
  • Collect reviews of your business from patrons that can be shared on Google Plus Local.

3. Create topical content

SEO used to be the search for keywords. Optimised keywords can provide you with a rough start to optimising your search strategy.

However, optimising your website for keywords is no longer broad enough. Keywords are limited to the number you can include in each article.

Conversely, topical content targets a broader range of keywords that can address multiple keywords for search traffic.

4. Take the plunge into paid ads

While this is about organic search, it is important to note that paying for qualified search traffic that brings a return is a valid traffic driver.

Just make sure that you test out the best way to benefit from both organic and paid search strategies.

5. Landing Pages

The final strategy is to counter a dip in your traffic by increasing your conversion rates. This is because it is impossible to increase conversions unless you have a solid landing page.

This landing page can help you get more search traffic as well as convert that traffic at a higher rate.

For example, CopyBlogger created a great landing page that helps customers easily understand their value. By doing this, they increase the number of conversions on their website.

The more you can create a valuable landing page that addresses the needs of your customers, you can always generate more leads.

Final Thoughts

While it is not possible to always get ahead of the paid search results, using the strategies listed above can help your business retain the leads that quality search engine optimisation brings to your business.

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