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Pay-per-click campaigns can be challenging enough by keeping it in their budget, increasing conversions, and finding the best keywords for your campaign.
Therefore, make your pay-per-click campaign (PPC) easier to use with the following PPC tools.

23 PPC Tools to Save Time and Money on Your Next Campaign

  1. Google Keyword Planner– Optimize your keywords for your PPC campaign by finding the right ones for your campaign.
  1. Google Autocomplete– One of the best tools for discovering the right keywords for your PPC campaign is to check out Google’s autocomplete. When you type in a keyword along with another letter you can determine the long-tail keywords for your campaign.
  2. Word Hippo– Another free keyword tool that helps you find similar or opposite words, along with rhyming words, example sentences, and translations.
  1. Ubersuggest– If the other tools above are not enough, then check out the Ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool. This is great for choosing keywords in different languages or when you need to add a letter/digit at the end of your keyword to test out long-tail keywords. That is part of the reason why they call themselves suggest on steroids.
  1. WordStream Negative Keyword ToolKeyword research is not only about finding the right keywords, but avoiding the wrong keywords. The more useless keywords you avoid, the more money you save for keywords that deliver the highest converting traffic.
  1. Free AdWords Performance Grader Once you start your campaign, you need to evaluate the performance of the ads. The AdWords Performance Grader analyzes quality scores, CTR, and wasted ad spend to help you quickly determine the best course of action for your advertising budget.
  1. AdWords Power Tool– The Google AdWords power tool is useful for managing larger campaigns. This way you can use bulk editing tools, view statistics, and manage campaigns through your desktop. You can also upload ads to AdWords when you are finished.
  1. AdWords Scripts– Automate your AdWords campaigns through JavaScript codes. This is for the developers who want to save time on their campaigns. Below in Optmyzr we show the non-techy way to do this. By using AdWords Scripts, you can analyze data more effectively, as well as create scripts to make your AdWords campaign more effective.
  1. AdGooRoo– Improve your AdWords insights by investigating your competitors PPC strategy, spend/budget, ad copy, and landing pages.
  1. AdBeat– Evaluate your competitors marketing strategy, so you can uncover high-performing publishers and ad placements. Also, use the premium AdBeat to identify high converting ad copy, PPC landing pages, and sales funnels.
  1. Optmyzr– A large part of the reason we use PPC tools is to save you time, so you can focus on the important aspects of your campaign. One such tool is Optmyzr.

This a great AdWords campaign tool that segments users into different networks.  Optmyzr does this for you, while also providing historical quality scores for your keyword, ad group, and campaign.
This way, you can analyze the data to isolate specific problems in your campaign.
They also have an enhanced AdWords scripts that allows you to use the AdWords JavaScript tool we mentioned above without the use of a developer.

  1. Soovle– Sometimes the best keywords are not found on Google. That is why Soovle aggregates keywords for specific keyword ideas on Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Answers.Com, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.
  1. Keyword Phrase Builder– Play around with the long-tail keywords that work best for your business with the Keyword Phrase Builder tool. You can mix and match entire prefixes, core, and suffixes to your keyword to determine the best combinations for your keywords.
  1. iSpionage– Study both your competitors keywords and the ads and landing pages they use for their campaign. This is a paid product to help you understand your competitors’ complete advertising marketing strategy.
  1. PPC Web Spy– While you are browsing Google, you can spy on your competitors Google AdWord keywords. Instead of specifically researching keywords, do it naturally while you browse.
  1. Spyfu As the name suggests, you can spy on your competitors AdWords campaign, and also use your competitors keywords to target your own PPC keyword list.
  1. Keyword Spy– An alternative keyword spy tool. This is also good for affiliates who want to use it for building their team and product. Finally, Keyword Spy offers real-time tracking of your keywords.
  1. SEMrush Competitive Data– SEMrush has a number of tools to help PPC marketers. One of the free ones they offer is SEMrush Competitive Data to help you search for additional competitor information.
  1. Keyword Competitor– The final keyword competitor looks at your competitors paid and organic search terms to determine the keywords for your ads.
  1. WordWatch– Most of the tools above are specifically for Google AdWords. WordWatch works with AdWords and Google Shopping. Therefore, you not only optimize your bids on keywords, but also local products.

This is a growing portion of Google’s ad revenue. This holiday season they are competing directly with Amazon to capture your holiday spending.

  1. Google Analytics– Part of creating your PPC campaign is analyzing how your campaign does directly on your website. Analyzing the clicks to your website is only one part of the evaluation. You also need to see what users do when they get your landing page. Do they convert? How many leave the page? How long do they stay on your site?

How much do they purchase? Or did you add them to your email list? All questions Google Analytics can help you answer.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the list above, many of the tools overlap. That is because you need to find the ones that work best for your needs. While many of them have similar features, you will find the tools that help you optimize your PPC campaign the most.

That is the key to a good PPC tool. It makes your job easier. If you have any questions about finding the right PPC tools for your business, feel free to give us a Shout.

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