February 5, 2020

Best Practices for Product Detail Pages

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Michael Jenkins
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Your product page’s design could make or break a sale. Every point from research to purchasing an item is essential in your customer’s journey. It’s typical for visitors to your site to spend time going through your page to see what they like.

But the one place every customer is drawn to make a choice of exceptional significance is the product detail page. This page is the spot where visitors to your site will determine whether to buy your product or move on to the next item.

What this means is that your product detail page needs to do these three things remarkably.

  • The page needs to provide detailed and beneficial information about the particular product
  • It should present customers with alternative suggestions to the product
  • Your product detail page should provide shoppers with a smooth and obvious way to get the product.

Landing pages and product detail pages are both essential features of your website. You could say they work hand-in-hand to help you reach your goals.

What is a Landing Page?

product detail page example

Image Source: Unbounce

One thing to note about landing pages is that one size does not fit all. Each one is unique and tailored differently from the next. In spite of their potential for variation, landing pages have certain constant features.

A landing page is a critical component of your marketing. It has one goal; converts your traffic to leads or paying customers.

Landing pages eliminate the distractions of regular product pages by focusing on a message. The best landing pages aim to achieve one marketing objective – and that one, only.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Your landing page should have one purpose – convert leads. It needs to stand apart from other generic offers.

An excellent landing page needs to engage the visitor. It also has to answer any question the potential buyer has about the product and lower their resistance to buying the product.

You must make your points short and straightforward. Avoid writing a monologue.

5 Benefits of a Good Landing Page

What do you gain from crafting an excellent product detail page? Let’s explore the details.

1. Increases Your Conversions

product detail page

Image Source: OSU Blogs 

According to Omniture, landing pages increase the conversion rate of a campaign’s traffic by 25 percent. Hence, a targeted and focused message will automatically produce better outcomes for your brand.

2. Provides Better Campaign Accountability

Separating your campaigns from your main site allows you to assign responsibilities easily. Adopting a single-goal landing page will reveal who and what area is performing the best.

3. Promotes Products or Sales

A landing page focuses on one product, promotion, or sale. The point of its existence is to pass one message across to your visitors — boost your brand.

4. Improves Search Engine Ranking

product detail page

Image Source:Webaroo.com.au via Unsplash

Most landing pages are designed to target a particular set of search words or terms. You can promote them using Google AdWords or other paid boosting platforms.

These go ahead to improve your landing page’s ranking and get your products in front of people searching for similar items.

5. Improves the Buying or Subscribing Process

A good landing page acts as a portal to channel visitors down the sales funnel more efficiently. When your users find your landing page immediately, it allows them to move on to join, buy, or subscribe to your site without any fuss.

product details

Image Source: Colorlib

The Relationship between a Landing Page and a Product Detail Page

You’d use a landing page to educate visitors before leading them to your product page. Both pages are essential for your website and business. Your landing page is meant to promote the products that can be found on the product detail page.

This way, when your visitor leaves the landing page and heads to the product detail page, they’ll already have an idea of the specific item.

The landing page helps you find new leads, i.e., potential customers, and begins the conversions process. So these leads come to your product detail page with an open mind – even eagerness – to make a purchase.

So what should your product detail page contain?

5 Best Practices for Your Product Detail Pages

Let’s look at tested and proven practices for building your product detail page.

Good Product Name and Description

When it comes to this section, the more descriptive your page is, the better. It’s because each word or term could be a potential keyword for searches.

Descriptive titles make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for while searching the web.

Your product description should provide crucial and relevant information. It should answer your visitor’s questions for wanting to buy the product.

Here’s an example, “Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle, Straw Lid – Multiple Sizes & Colors.”

product detail page example

 High-Quality Product Images

Superior product images give credibility to your page’s product description. The photos and headline must go hand-in-hand to establish the item’s value and why users need to buy it. Good product detail pages must have this feature.

product detail page example

 Product Reviews

It’s common knowledge that people trust their peers more than any marketer or advertiser. That’s why most of us always check out the customer review section before making any purchase or commitment.

Make sure that your product page has a section for reviews and testimonials to provide a higher level of assurance for users. 

product detail page example

Screenshot from Glossier

Return Policy Options

If your product is good, you stand to lose nothing by allowing product returns. Having a reasonable return policy option allows your customers to feel safe when buying from you.

product detail page example

Your product page should reflect this option.

 Customer Service

Efficient customer service could help save a sale, reassure prospects, and retain customers. Service should be readily available without being intrusive.

Chatbots are great options to consider. They provide customers with quality service while helping you save the cost of hiring a massive team of reps.

Wrapping up

Are you still wondering how elaborate your landing and product detail pages should be? In summary, they shouldn’t be too much or too little. They should provide sufficient information for the users without overwhelming them.

Hopefully, this article would help you create a good landing and product detail page. One that stands apart from the generic sea of webpages out there.

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