Growing Your Instagram Account is Good Business for e-Commerce Brands

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Did you know Instagram now has 500 million users liking 4.2 billion posts every day on the platform? With so many users on the social network, it is time to look at how to help your e-commerce brand use the social network to generate more targeted traffic and conversions.

Below we explore a few different options to help you discover the solutions that work best for you. Choose the strategy that works best for your e-commerce site, and then add in the other strategies as you find success with earlier attempts.

5 Instagram strategies to build your business

#1. Shop now posts

One of the best features Instagram added for businesses, especially e-commerce sites is the ability to add posts with a “Shop Now” button. To use this post type, you need to connect your Facebook page with your Instagram account.

Instagram feeds in visual shopping posts from your Facebook page catalog. Please remember to create the Facebook catalog first, so you can post on Instagram.

Once you set it up, you make it easy for your audience to purchase your products. Since consumers like easy, it is vital to reduce the number of steps they need before purchasing your products.

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#2. Mobile commerce

According to Statista, 61% of Australians are active mobile social media users. Instagram is ideal for consumers who want to enjoy superior images on their mobile devices.

The power of combining high-quality photographs with mobile commerce capabilities improves the response rate on your landing pages. Your customers expect a seamless transition between social media and your landing page.

Keep in mind that photos on Instagram need to be 1080×1080 to show up picture-perfect on the social network. Other social networks use more of a horizontal shape for their images.

Therefore, make sure to create appropriate mobile images for Instagram that you can match with images on your website.

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#3. Instagram influencer marketing

One of the most significant changes in the Internet today is how we connect with our target market. More than like your industry has other marketers or professionals who have a similar, established audience to the one you want to pursue. You want to leverage their audience for your products and services.

Be aware that you need to give something in return to them. People do not just spend their time and effort on your product because it is you. Many influencers do charge for the time and effort it took them to build their audience.

That is where using Instagram can help you. Instagram stories help brands measure how many conversions happen when their influencers use the social network to share their message.

Additionally, influencers with over 10,000 followers can swipe right to add a link to their stories. This link allows you to track your conversions.

Finally, Instagram stories are discoverable. That means when someone creates an Instagram story, new users who did not follow your influencer can find the story to learn more about both of you.

#4. Instagram tools

To help you get more sales from your Instagram store posts, use tools like Yotpo and Inselly.

Yotpo adds multiple products to a single image you share. Additionally, it updates your bio link with the buy now button make the shopping process easy.

Inselly lets you add hashtags to your store posts, so they are more findable by your target market.


#5. User-generated content

Instagram is an excellent platform for e-commerce brands who want to engage with their users. Many visual product companies benefit from users sharing their products in new and exciting ways.

One unique phenomenon in social media right now is the unboxing videos and photos. Imagine your influencers un-boxing your product in an Instagram Story.

However, it doesn’t even have to be an influencer. Regular consumers often share products that generate interest from their network. Ask these users if you can use their testimonial for your website and other content marketing materials.

Final Thoughts

As Instagram continues to grow as a platform, it provides new strategies and options to grow your e-commerce traffic and sales. The first step on this journey is to connect your Facebook page and Instagram account.

Then you can sell your products on your Instagram feed to your current followers. It creates a whole new world of opportunities for your e-commerce digital marketing.

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