What Social Media Content Do You Need for Brand Marketing?

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Social media content is a powerful tool to use in your brand marketing efforts. Studies show that 71% of Internet denizens – about 2.46 billion users – check their accounts regularly.

Savvy businesses use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to sell their products and services to this impressive audience.

Furthermore, e-commerce depends on social media as a primary traffic engine. It’s an exciting world of posts, videos, images, and instant messages that entice audiences into learning more about their services.

An Audience Project survey states that 89% of respondents use Facebook more than once a week.

It pays to reach potential customers through social media, although it is tough to cut through the competition. To get better results, you need to understand how to create better content.

Below we discuss some different types of content you can create for your audience that work to increase your engagement and solve your audience’s problems.

Three Social Media Content Types

#1. Content Creation

Great social media content mixes visuals with the right copy. By doing this, you engage your audience. Start this process by looking at what content your audience wants to consume online. Then ponder whether your audience also appreciates the content.

A continuing theme in this article is research. The more research you do at the beginning, the better your content looks in the final version for your audience.

It takes time to create quality content your audience appreciates. That is what so many marketers miss. They want a quick post when what they really need is content that helps their audience.

Think about what your audience wants to read, see, and experience before they ever think about using your services.

Social media is usually one of the first steps in the lead generation funnel. Therefore, you set the stage for later expectations on your social networks.

If you do not have images to use, consider using quality copyright free image sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

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For social media, do not overload your image with too much copy because it devalues the impact of your message. Also, some social networks like Facebook Ads reject images with too many words.

Finally, use people in your images when you can. The more you humanize your brand, the more engagement you get on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

#2. Don’t Forget Video

Creating a video has never been easier for social media content. Nowadays, you can shoot a quick, high-quality video with your smartphone or a good camera.

If you use your smartphone, you can create live videos on Facebook and YouTube. Both social networks factor in live videos into their algorithm to ensure you get more views.

youtube live video smartphone

The key to quality video is to have a plan before the video starts. Have an outline, so you can get it right when you go live.

Furthermore, practice with your outline a few times before you go in front of the camera. You will feel more comfortable, and that comfort will show.

Many clients ask us what can we tell prospects about our business? The best answer is to look at the top questions your customers ask about your services.

The more you can expand on those questions in a video, the more valuable content you provide to your audience on social media. Answer all the top questions your clients ask, so you have a continual stream of content you can share and re-purpose for months.

#3. Mobile Friendly

You must design social media content for a mobile-friendly audience. We mentioned how 2.46 Billion people have smartphones. The number of smartphones out there requires you to take a fresh approach to social media through your mobile device.

If three-quarters of the internet population use a mobile device to access the internet, you need to take notice.

Consider how your images and text look on mobile. Is the text too small to read? Is the image too busy for a mobile device? You might want to send your image to your mobile device first to see how it appears on a mobile social network.

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Final Thoughts

Creating the right content on social media can pay large dividends later. Customers often find you on social networks at the beginning of the lead generation funnel.

By identifying the highest quality content for your audience, you can improve your conversions later in the funnel.

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