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How to Monitor Your SEO performance

Behind every successful SEO campaign, stands a lot of grit-work. For a campaign to be successful, a lot of components have to be working right independently, and together. The only way to check the performance and progress of all these vital components is through measuring. This way, when something fails to work as expected, you can shift your gears towards an alternative pathway. Measuring your SEO performance is also the best way to identify the efforts that are effectively bringing conversions. 

When it comes to SEO, there are several metrics you should start tracking ASAP.  There are many sophisticated SEO tools available in the market to track your SEO. One such tool is SEMrush— a very popular SEO  analyzer that unifies traffic data from Google analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush data into one dashboard.

Here are some variables you must track:

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the visitors you receive when your web pages gain visibility in the search engine results. Creating awesome, keyword-optimized, content around focus keywords is a highly impactful way to gain access to a flood of organic traffic. By measure your organic traffic, you can figure out whether the current content needs to be improved or rewritten. 

SEMrush tool brings you deep traffic insights that explores beyond how much organic traffic a site is receiving. It gives a traffic break-down by geography and devices, and it also shows you the click through rate, volume with organic keywords and URL rankings on the search engine.

2. Position Tracking

Position tracking- If there is a keyword or a group of keywords that you’re trying to get a webpage ranked for, then you should track its rank progress daily to see whether or not the SEO strategies you are implementing are actually improving its position. 

                                  Source: SEMrush

You can use SEMrush’s Position tracking feature to monitor any changes in ranking. This tool is very helpful to identify your weakest pages so you can increase your SEO efforts towards those pages by writing better content, building quality links and optimizing the page to improve its ranking on the search engine.

3. Backlink Profile

Backlink profile- Backlinks, or incoming links, connect one website to another. When a website links to you, it’s like a vote of confidence which signals to search engines that the content on your page is very good. The process of proactively obtaining links, through practices such as email outreach, is known as link building. Some links that you earn are more valuable than others.

For example, links that you get from high-authority websites like educational institutions or a very popular site in your niche, hold a greater SEO value than incoming links from low-authority website.

SEMrush contains a backlink audit tool that scrutinizes the quality of your banklink portfolio. It will highlight any incoming fraudulent links that could risk your site getting penalized. You can disavow these links right within the tool. SEMrush also has a link building tool which provides a platform to manage email outreach campaigns. Once you enter your domain or target keywords, SEMrush will automatically generate a list of link building opportunities you can leverage.

4. Deep competition analysis

Deep competition analysis- As you know, tracking your SEO performance is imperative to identify room for improvement. That said, analyzing your competition success is equally important. This helps you emulate what they are doing right, and use their weak points to your advantage. 

SEMrush gives you comprehensive information regarding your competing websites. This includes a list of top keywords they are ranking for, their ranking position, estimated traffic volume, number of URLs from their website showing up in the SERP for a certain keyword and more. 

5. Keyword gap

Keyword gap- When it comes to keywords, there is always an undiscovered goldmine out there. The more relevant keywords you try to rank for, the more targeted traffic you will receive. Chances are even if you aren’t aware of some really good keywords, your competitors are. And the worst part is that they might already be ranking for it.

With SEMrush’s keyword gap feature, you can get access to an exclusive list of keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but you aren’t.

When you discover keywords that many of your competitors are commonly targeting, then you know it has a lot of potential.

Regularly monitoring the current performance of your SEO campaigns keeps you aware of what’s working and what could use more effort. There are plenty of tools available to easily keep an eye on your website’s health. Using concrete data collected from these tools, you will be able to create a more cohesive, impactful, SEO strategy with a high chance at success.

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