The CRM sales funnel – Why HubSpot is an effective tool for medium-sized businesses

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If you run any kind of business today, you need a tool that will streamline and optimize your sales funnel. That includes lead management, tracking lead actions, growing contact database, developing email templates, appropriately targeting those emails and integrating various data sets. Given the number of customers, prospects, mailing list subscriptions and website visitors the average company deals with, an automated process that covers everything from customer service to email tracking is vital. 

Automation is especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to have a large sales and marketing team to oversee the entire process. It helps them compete on a near equal footing with multinational corporations. Effective digital marketing relies on seamless coordination and alignment between the sales plan and the sale steam. To stay on top of your sales funnel and increase the chances of lead conversion, you need a proven customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

HubSpot a Key Player in CRM

HubSpot has emerged as one of the more popular CRMs when it comes to organizing, nurturing, tracking and analyzing leads. You can add email templates, sequences, snippets and tasks to keep the sales team focused on the end goal. Everything is displayed on an intuitive dashboard for quick, optimal visibility. Store as many as a million contacts and organize it according to sales qualified lead value. 

Use HubSpot to live chat, relay 1:1 videos to prospects, send personalized emails, schedule appointments, track/synch information in realtime and choose from up to 200 notification types. It offers an auto-search process and lead scoring service that discovers and measures information on your potential customers. 

HubSpot Strengths

So why should medium-sized businesses choose HubSpot?

User Friendly

HubSpot’s comprehensive all-in-one sales and marketing solution is easy to use and navigate even for people who don’t have much knowledge in IT, email automation or sales technology. It has huge capacity to not just organize data for ease of retrieval but also interconnect information to various sales activities.

Great for Starting Out

If you are having difficulty determining which CRM software is best for you, HubSpot is a great option to start off even if you are going to switch to something else later on. It helps the sales and marketing team better understand sales insights, utilize contact information, map the buyer’s journey and more. 

It’s the perfect tool to help staff grasp the principles of sales and marketing automation. You could work with the free version for starters and see how well your team finds its way around it. Then if you need more features, you can always switch to the paid version.


Cost is a major factor in technology procurement decisions but is especially critical for medium sized businesses where even a small percentage increase in cost can have enormous repercussions on operations and profitability. HubSpot is inexpensive and helps you practice and master the art of digital marketing without breaking the bank.

Email Management

Email management is essential for successfully guiding prospective customers through the sales funnel. HubSpot can take over the organization of your email marketing and customer correspondence to the point where it may eventually become your primary inbox application. 

It integrates sales tools with your inbox. The ‘conversations’ feature is a team-based project management functionality that ensures multiple team members can chat with one another or with clients in real time.

Compatibility with Gmail, Outlook and Other CRMs

Gmail is by far the world’s most popular internet email service with over 1 billion active users. Outlook comes second with more than 450 million active users. Many medium-sized businesses will use these free email services for at least part of their communication. 

HubSpot is compatible with Gmail and Outlook and helps you have a real-time feel of how your sales emails are performing. But it doesn’t end there; HubSpot is compatible with other CRMs as well which means you can always run it in parallel with other CRM systems if you are having difficulty deciding which CRM to go with.

Built for the Medium-Sized Business

For large enterprises that already have a wide range of automation tools in use within the business, have a big technology budget, enjoy a large team of IT staff and are looking for a full-fledged enterprise tool, they’ll probably be better off procuring a more complex and costly CRM system like Salesforce. 

However for medium sized businesses and other companies that don’t have enormous financial war chests or complex sales funnel needs, HubSpot should provide as many options as are needed to grow your leads and manage your prospects.

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