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Brand reputation starts the first time a customer discovers your business.

While they are not sure whether they want to purchase your services at the beginning, they need assurances that they made the right decision learning more about your company.

Currently, many of those initial discoveries happen when search engine optimisation meets brand reputation. It is the formation of the SEO brand.

It is not enough to just be concerned with being found on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Your SEO reputation is not just how a customer finds you on Google, but what they think of your business once they do find you.

First impressions matter when it comes to search. As Search Engine Lands Kyle Eggleston explains in regard to local SEO, “People blame your brand, not Google, when wrong information is displayed in the local search results.” This is true across search, you need to have the right information and image for customers to want to learn more when they find your company.

Below we discuss how to use SEO best practices to improve your SEO brand.

Improving Your SEO Brand

1. Make sure your NAP is correct

We discussed in the past how important your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are to retailers and restaurants. Google uses your contact information to find your store name listed online to ensure you citations are correct.

Citations are the references to your brand that do not include links back to your website. While this is a valuable source of traffic, it is also important from a branding perspective.

That is because when you have a misspelled name or incorrect phone number, prospects trust your services even less. How were they to know you changed your number last month or had an intern create your Google My Business account.

Finally, Google sometimes cannot tell if your company name is misspelled or it is an entirely different entity. This is why it is vital to have your NAP information accurate on Google as well as directories and social networks.

2. Mobile search

With the changes to search over the past few years, it is vital that companies use mobile search to improve their SEO brand.

80% of consumers do not leave their home without their mobile device. That is a large reason why mobile search now accounts for over 50% of all searches on Google.

Paying attention to mobile has more advantages than just SEO brand, but it cannot be overlooked as a quality source of search traffic given the number of users who search from their phones.

Furthermore, think about how this affects the mobile apps for companies.

When your customers’ need to find your mobile application then you need to ensure they find the correct application. Both Google and Apple have over 2 million apps on their respective stores.

This number will continue to grow.  If your customers struggle to find the app for your business, then it can create a negative brand experience based on these app searches.

Instead, your company needs a clear strategy for customers to find your apps on the respective app stores.

3. Search Typos

Part of good brand maintenance is ensuring your audience can spell your name. If you are a company like Google (who misspelled the traditional word Googol) this is vitally important.

Therefore, you want to protect your business from the various misspellings and typographical errors that customers commonly make early in the buying process. Having a strategy for this will be tremendously beneficial to your SEO brand, since misspelled words provide additional search opportunities as well as the chance to correct consumers from calling your company something else.

For example, you can create a commonly misspelled as section or page for your website. This page lists all the common misspellings for your site. Or if possible, you might want to purchase a few of the more common misspellings to turn them into microsites that feed into your main site.

The best strategy for your company depends upon your company information. If you have additional questions about this, give us a Shout!

4. Internal search

Most companies that have a large website also have an internal search engine as well. It is even more important to ensure quality search results on your internal searches.

Customers might forgive you for not having the right spelling on your Google Business Page. With all the different pages on social media and other digital channels it is possible to miss something.

However, you operate your internal search exclusively. That is why you must ensure that anytime someone searches on your site they get the information they need. It sets up the expectation that you deliver quality in every step of the process.

Final Thoughts

Generally, marketers treat search engine optimisation and brand management separately. However, as you can see they are both connected to the same sphere of influence. That is why you want to ensure your company has the right brand reputation when companies find them in the search results.

If you are not sure that your company has the right reputation management in place right now, contact us at Shout SEO Agency to get the SEO brand management your company needs to not only be found, but trusted on search engines.

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