Improve your Google AdWords Results by Learning from The Big Spenders

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Do you want to know the fastest way to improve your Google AdWords results? Find out what the current big spenders do right and wrong in their search engine marketing campaigns.

It is one of the oldest shortcuts in the world. Find out what someone else learned, so you can profit from their experience.

To help you we want to dive into some interesting trends we discovered from some of the biggest Google AdWords spenders.

5 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Results

1. Use Negative Keywords

Most conversations on quality keyword research revolve around finding high return keywords.

What search engine marketers often neglect is how important negative keywords are in ad campaigns.

If you never used negative keywords, the term is exactly like it sounds. You use negative phrases to avoid similar, but irrelevant keywords. You perform negative keyword searches to improve the quality of your target audience.

For example, take a simple keyword like pet store. If you own a pet store in Melbourne, you want to use negative keywords for Melbourne, Florida pet stores.

Stopping traffic from irrelevant sources is why 98% of big spenders have over 250 negative keywords in their campaigns.

They understand it is just as important to avoid clicks and views from the wrong traffic as it is to drive quality traffic to their website.

2. Ad Extensions

Another important note from WordStream is how big spenders use 4,361% more ad extensions than low spenders.

An ad extension is a sitelink to a landing or ecommerce page where visitors find specific products or offerings.

Using ad extensions leads to higher click through rates. Customers further in the buyer cycle can find specific product pages they need to convert. Otherwise, you send them to a general landing page or the dreaded home page.

Note: never send ad traffic to your homepage unless you have a specific offer.

3. More landing pages

It should not be surprising how larger advertisers use more landing pages. You probably noticed a pattern here with their usage.

Many larger advertisers use a wider spectrum of tools and systems to profit from their ad spends.

Consequently, only 4% of big spenders had one landing page. They know how valuable multiple landing pages are to segment their customers preferences.

On the other hand, over 26% of smaller sites had one solitary landing page.

As we discuss on a regular basis, advertising requires a lot of testing. This includes testing multiple landing pages to see which works best with your Google Ads.

These tests then reveal which words work best for your campaign, so you can improve your Quality Score. This in turn improves your ad spend and profitability with Google AdWords.

4. Track Conversions

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you need to track your conversions. Otherwise, you will not know how well your campaign performed.

This is one reason where big data changed the quality of Google AdWords. This data tracks conversions to multiple landing pages and understand the keywords perform best.

Big spenders do this best, because they have a wide enough number of ads, landing pages, and keywords to track conversions. You need enough data, or you will never be able to analyze the conversions you track.

Therefore, the best way to get big data is to keep creating ads.

5. Be Active

This leads to the final way to improve your Google AdWords. Activity breeds success with advertisers. Big AdWords Advertisers are not lucky. They just tested more ads that did not work than your average advertiser on the site.

This extra experience allows them to create ads better suited for their target market. If you want to improve your results, you need to increase the number of attempts.

This is good business advise as well as good AdWords advise.

Final Thoughts

Isaac Newton once said, “If I saw further, it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” He realised how important it is to learn from experienced professionals.

Google advertisers who want to succeed need this experience. They use it to gather enough data to create the profitable campaigns they want.

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