5 Retail Lead Generation Strategies That Work

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If you want to build a retail store in the 21st-century, you need retail lead generation strategies that work for today’s customers.

To help, we want to guide you through some of the best retail lead generation strategies for your business whether you are selling products on an e-commerce site or in your store.

Five retail lead generation strategies

1. SEO

I know we talked about SEO ad nauseam in many blog posts. However, SEO for a retail store is very different than for a B2B company or service provider.

Therefore, you need to focus on the right technical search engine strategies to drive traffic to your site. For instance, if you have many products, make sure that each has a strong title, meta-description, schema information, and alt tags.

Furthermore, you need a constant flow of unique, fresh content on each page, so visitors can learn more about why they should buy your products. Using content marketing is a great way to increase the search volume on your site to find targeted visitors.

Additionally, if you own a local retail store, you can use Google Local to get more local search traffic.

2. Paid Ads

Sometimes, it is not enough to use SEO. Instead, you want to supplement it with paid search strategies.

A great way to do that is to use Google Shopping Ads to help sell your products through an e-commerce store.

Even if you have a retail store, people might be more inclined to look at the product online first, then come into your store. We talked about that in an article on “Buy Online, Pick Up In-store.”

Also, if you want to drive local traffic, you can use Google Ads with different extensions such as maps and call extensions that help increase conversions in your lead generation flow.

Google PPC versus SEO

3. List building

At the heart of any effective lead generation campaign is list building. Your website should provide several opportunities for people to sign up on your email list.

If you do have a local store, you might consider building a text message list as well. Many times, people are more responsive to text messages than they are to emails these days.

Use different software like MailChimp and Twilio to build your lists. You can send regular messages to your list on an ongoing basis notifying people of various discounts and specials.

Set up an autoresponder, so you have regular emails going out to your customers that draw prospects to become customers.

Mailchimp Marketing Automation

4. Build your relationships

Use social media and other platforms to stay connected with your customers over the long-term. That way, you can build that human-to-human relationship that makes consumers want to come back to your store over time.

Some of these repeat customers even become your biggest raving fans. However, it all starts by building a relationship with them. Always look for new ways to help your customers weave through your products, free information, or add-on services.

A quality lead generation funnel helps you build that relationship over time with customers, so they look to your services when they need help. In the meantime, provide them with relationship building content and support on their journey.

Facebook Group H2H Marketing

5. Measure and listen

In our article on how to improve inbound lead generation, we talked about the final step of measuring and listening to what your audience wants.

The process starts with social media listening tools to help you understand what your audience and target market say about your company.

Supplement this information with surveys that provide direct customer feedback. Then test the feedback received with a split test to see what your audience wants from you.

You can then set up a lead scoring system based on which actions prospects take the lead to the most significant gains for your business. The more you listen and learn, the more data you can use to build your lead generation funnel.

Final thoughts

There is no magic bullet for building your retail lead generation funnel. Instead, you need to develop the content and relationships on your site over time to generate repeat business.

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