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Video can make search more targeted and more effective. Much more effective. Over 50% more effective. Don't just make your videos watchable. Make your videos findable – by Google bots. Then get out the popcorn.

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Make your video a best seller

Video isn't just a great way to get content out there, it's a fantastic way to get traffic in there. Shout knows how to make video do SEO tricks other content can't. Like get you to rank higher for hard to manage keywords. Or act as a link magnet. Or go viral with more sharable content than any other. Or rank higher on search engines because search engine love videos like Hollywood loves a scandal.

Socially boosting video SEO

The one thing people love more than a good video is being able to share a good video. Shout uses social channels to expand the effectiveness of your video and improve your SEO.


Video SEO Strategies

Videos shouldn't just be made to watch. By carefull selection of hosting sites, they can be used to drive links back to your site, increasing vists and engagement and improving conversion rates.


Optimising Video SEO

Optimise your video summary and you optimise your SEO. Shout knows how to make sure your video is the sort Google bots will be prepared to line up around the block to see.


Video SEO for mobiles

Many of those people you see with their heads hunched over their mobiles are watching videos. If they're not watching your video, ask Shout how a good video SEO strategy can turn their eyeballs in your direction.


If you've got videos worth watching, you've got videos worth optimising. Video SEO is a highly-effective way to get people to pay attention to your message. And, drive engaged trafffic to a site. To your site.

  • Use video contant to create a more effective search campaign
  • Optimise video summary for more effective search
  • Increase visits, conversions and engagement
  • Drive traffic to bespoke channels for greater engagement
  • Use video contant to create more organic links

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