Targeting interests as well as demographics in your social channels can do wonders

Watch this video and find out how to do it and why

With a decade of experience SHOUT developed a process which has been proven to grow businesses of all sizes. In this page you’ll discover:

1. The Four Key Metrics you must consider if you want sustainable growth

2. The proven social plan that took a major retailer from $4m to $50m in sales

3. A genuine omni-channel media model for greater marketing effectiveness

4. The benefits of have experienced senior people working on your business

5. The difference using relevant data can make to your sales efforts

6. 13 biggest barriers between your online business and the success you crave

1. The Four Key Metrics you must consider if you want sustainable growth

2. The proven social plan that took a major retailer from $4m to $50m in sales

3. A genuine omni-channel media model for greater marketing effectiveness

4. The benefits of have experienced senior people working on your business

5. The difference using relevant data can make to your sales efforts

6. 13 biggest barriers between your online business and the success you crave

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1. The Four Key Metrics all successful online businesses use

The secret is, keep it simple. There are hundreds of tactics you can use to drive traffic. Multitudes of strategies you can implement. Super successful online marketers will tell you, you need to get these four cornerstones securely in place before you do anything else.
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The Target

Are you chasing the right customers? In the right places? Are they ready to buy? Or are you wasting your money on tyre-kickers?

The Offer Logo White

The Offer

Is your offer better? Is it the right price? What extra value to your customers get? Why should they buy from you, rather than your competitor?

The Experience

The Experience

Is it sticky? Or do you leak customers like an old bucket? Can they see the next step? Can it load in under 3 seconds?

The Deal Logo White

Closing The Deal

How easily does your site convert visitors to sales? How quickly can they purchase once they decide to buy? Have you tested it?

Set successful foundations with these Four Magic Metrics and build sustainable, year-on-year business growth

This is the simple secret that helps big online businesses get bigger and smart online marketers get rich. If you want to grow your business, before you start thinking about specific media channels, before you commit to any budget at all, commit yourself to getting this Fantastic Four set and get your business ready to soar.

Ask SHOUT’s social media marketing agencies Melbourne or Sydney, how this can work for you.


Here’s how getting the foundations right boosted sales for a big baby retailer

2. How Social helped Baby Bunting build awareness, increase consideration and boost sales.

Baby Bunting is a large, established retailer with a broad footprint across Australia. They knew social media marketing for business was essential and had an existing social media advertising campaign aimed at a large follower base. The issue was lowish engagement. The campaigns they were running were only driving minimal sales from social. This was, in part, due to no cross-channel alignment between marketing social media and marketing through though other above and below-the-line channels.

They were also ambitious. They wanted to increase online sales from $4m to $50m in five years. Now, that’s the sort of ambition any marketer loves, and why we were so mystified their current social media advertising agency wasn’t getting behind this drive for serious growth.

They had two options. Buy a competitor or Build their online activity, or perhaps do a mixture of both. By working with them to fully understand their target, their offers and their site, we were able to create a full multi-channel strategy that included SEO, social (paid and organic) and content. The social media side of the equation was key to their growth ambitions and consisted of two main components – Paid Social and Community Management.


We determined the best social media marketing strategy was to drive sales from current customers (growing from within) and pursue potential customers (growing from without).

Targeting to current customers consisted of aligning social to loyalty and email via custom audiences, targeting them with specific offers for email members and recent purchasers.

The offer they can’t ignore

Pregnant people (and their families) become very aware of the value of a dollar. One of Baby Bunting’s biggest drivers of business was their regular stock take sale – The Stork Take Sale. Bringing in social media to support traditional media channels were able to boost awareness and consideration in places traditional media can’t reach. The social strategy included:

  • Development & amplification of direct response social ads
  • Targeted ads to current customer base
  • Prospecting to new customer base
  • Local targeting around store locations to drive on store campaigns
  • Ecommerce offers on specific products
  • Last purchase targeting

An experience they love

As well as using social media marketing tools to drive awareness for sales, we created some simple tactical campaigns to support the arrival of new stores, increase frequency of visits to struggling stores through localised campaigns and help drive baby Bunting to #1 in key categories across the country to support their business drives in highly competitive areas.

The community is key. Social Media is great for building, engaging and connecting with communities. Our community management plans include:

  • Research topics
  • Author content
  • Seeding content across social channels
  • Amplifying content in-channel to promote deals to their follower base and prospecting audiences

FREE ADVICE – Make sure you have unique strategies for prospecting audiences to existing customer bases. Social is a great way to send sequential remarketing messages to remarketing audiences.


Don’t be afraid to spy on the opposition. It’s not espionage, it’s public knowledge. Use competitor research tools such as Rival IQ to see competitors’ engagement and posting frequency per channel. Then use this competitor intelligence as a competitive advantage and zig while they’re zagging.

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The Results









Showreel & a word from Baby Bunting

“SHOUT are a significant reason behind our online growth. If you are looking for big growth, SHOUT are the marketing agency to speak to.”

Scott Teal | Commercial Director

3. What we did for Repco, we can do for you

Because we have a structured, refined and proven process, we offer more than just numbers. It’s why organisations of all sizes are turning away from traditional agency thinking to partner with SHOUT.


You’ll feel wanted and valued

We love our clients. Every client has a dedicated Account Manager


You’ll get advice not just opinions

Advice from experienced specialists who know how to make digital sing


Growth-centric strategies

We’ll give you a bespoke plan for your growth, tailored to your needs


More effective data

Every one of our recommendations is backed by provable data


Only the channels that work

Multi-channel, not every channel. We only recommend what’s right for you.


Reporting Regularly

You need to see the proof, we get that, concise reporting, in easy to read formats, keeps everyone up to speed with progress


Testing and Improvement

We test what we run, see what improvement can be made, and then make them.


Un-juggle your Account Management

We can set up a centralised account management system for easier running of multiple marketing disciplines


Growth, growth and more growth

We set KPIs around growth and measure them, then set new ones and grow again.


Ready. Set. Grow. Start your business on the path to growth today.

    4. PESO – the key to creating a sales funnel that works seamlessly at every stage

    Want to know a secret? If you already have an online business, you already have a sales funnel. It stretches all the way from “I don’t know who you are” to “Maybe I should buy from you again” – from before people know anything about you to after people have bought from you.


    PESO separates media channels into four key sections – and provides clarity about the strengths of those individual media choices. By understanding how those media channels can combine, SHOUT is able to create growth strategies which combine channels to drive awareness, engagement and growth. Like using a Social Media-led strategy to raise awareness and support engagement.


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    Media Relations, Bloggers, Social Influencers

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    Detractors, Loyaltists, Advocates

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    Charities, Communities, Co-Branding, Sponsorships

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    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest

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    Expert, Employees, Customers, User-Generated, Reviews, Webinars

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    Afiliates, Ambassadors, Sponsored, Native, Exit Intent, Landing Pages

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    Paid Media

    Sponsored Posts, Facebook ads, Fan Acquisition, Stories

    Growth Estimates in SEO


    Optimised, Sharable, Engaging, Google Score

    PESO Model seo

    5. PESO – Is the simple system that will help your business grow online.

    Don’t put all your media eggs into one basket. While you may always have a lead channel – like social as an example – you need to know how social works with SEO, or how paid social works with organic search.

    The trouble for many businesses is many agencies immediately go straight to “The answer is Search” – without considering a more effective combination of channels which target your audience more specifically, provide better platforms for killer offers, increase engagement scores and dramatically improve conversion rates.

    Experience Counts

    Don’t you hate it when you go to an agency because you love the experience you see at the top of the business and, when you sign on the dotted line, you don’t see that experience applied to your business? All of our Senior Account Managers brings over ten years’ experience to the table. They know how to make their specialist area hum, and they know when to consult with other internal specialists to find real roads to sustainable online growth. So, your business doesn’t flatline.

    We don’t assume we know everything

    Social media advertising is always changing. There’s always new technology. No one can know absolutely everything. But we do know what works. And we have systems and processes in place to ensure they continue to work for you. We test our results and make adjustments and test again, and adjust again, continually smoothing out the bumps in the road to your bottom line. This gives you immediate short-term boosts and sustainable long-term growth.

    Depending on your appetite, we can create conservative, balanced or aggressive growth strategies, using thoughtful mixtures of known and proven media channels with new channels and new approaches. This allows you to play it safe and gamble at the same time.

    This approach is what has helped seriously massive businesses grow. It gives you the growth you need, and allows you to roll the dice on a technology or channel no one is using which could see you be the first on a massive wave and get first-mover advantage.

    PESO works

    It recognises the strengths of different channels – and recognises the strengths and weaknesses of different media combinations. When matched with the Four Key Metrics, you can then plan what channels you need to reach the right target, with an offer that sizzles like a steak on a teppan grill, drawing the customer in like a bee to a honey pot, and driving them so far down the conversion funnel all they have to do is wait at the door for delivery.

    The proper use of PESO ensures

    • Your customers don’t get hit with message fatigue – and you avoid them ignoring you because someone else dazzles them with something new
    • You get discovered in more places that are relevant to your customer – helping build trust through familiarity
    • You open up more paths to prosperity – there’s more than one buyer journey, why shouldn’t you own those roads?
    • Being seen in relevant places with relevant offers builds preference
    • Preference means longer brand engagement, more sales and serious growth


    PESO helps you identify which growth channels you might be missing.
    The opportunity often doesn’t lie in the choice of specific media, but in how your media choices are combined.

    PESO gives you more options

    Don’t just create one road to your sales, create a latticework of avenues and side streets and superhighways and back alleys that give more customers more reasons to find you, like you and buy from you.

    PESO helps you test different offers in the same place, the same offer in different places and different offers in different places, adding value to your brand, helping gain awareness and preference, increase margins and drive growth

    As an example: you can choose a Social strategy underpinned with influencer marketing tactics and channel-centric incentives. Making different promises to different audience segments to increase consideration and drive engagement.

    PESO lets you start small and grow.

    It lets you start big and grow bigger. SHOUT’s digital experts will map out a digital business growth plan, mapping current needs and showing how future options might be considered – helping you grow your current audience, reach new markets and see real results where it matters. On your balance sheet.

    Make it work for you: Ask us about how we can use this incredibly simple system, combined with our Four Key Metrics to help you build a THREE-YEAR GROWTH PLAN that will work.

    “PESO works. PESO keeps working. It’s the perpetual motion machine for online growth that works.”

    Enquire about your three-year growth plan now

      This depends on the objective of your campaign. Some of our clients need demand generation. Others to cost per conversion. Others its brand awareness and engagement. Based on your objectives we will craft campaigns to deliver the fastest possible results. And with heavy optimisations an a consistent improvement over time.

      We will work with you to define what your budget should be based on your specific objectives. It also depends on your growth goals.

      Once we know your business growth goals we will work with you to develop a growth plan and forecasts that align with your goals.

      Most of our clients will see results in the first 90 days. And with the expectation that they will achieve their objectives in our 12 month retainer period.


      This depends on the objective of your campaign. Some of our clients need demand generation. Others to cost per conversion. Others its brand awareness and engagement. Based on your objectives we will craft campaigns to deliver the fastest possible results. And with heavy optimisations an a consistent improvement over time.

      Our services start at $1,200 per month. Our social media fees are based on the volume of channels that you require us to promote and the complexity of the promotional campaign.

      Over the past 10 years we have worked across over 100 industries and achieved in excess of 2 billion dollars in revenue for our clients. Ultimately, our clients all want to achieve one thing. Business growth.

      We work with clients both local and national. Also national business that have a local presence, such as national retailers.


      We get hyper targeted. One on one kind of level targeting. On local level we target to suburb level. And also use sophisticated CRM matching to use a brands data to be able to target existing customers and similar audiences.


      In some cases we will also use 3rd party data overlays and 3rd party partnerships with Domain, REA, Qantas, Frequent Flyers to gain consumer data to allow for effective targeting at scale.

      6. Stop wondering why your online business isn’t growing. Download this FREE ebook guide to find out!

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      You’ll read case studies from success stories and learn lessons from failures, from businesses of all sizes. It’s an easy read, written in very easy-to-understand terms, but it contains some very big ideas you need to know to create proper growth for your business.

      This free eBook helps you identify where the pain points are in your buyer journey – where the hidden pitfalls are creating bottle necks and reasons to leave. You’ll learn what it takes to create a customer’s sales journey that works, and keeps working, to create genuine business growth.

      Removing barriers doesn’t have to be hard. Some of the secrets contained in this guide are simple to implement and can have an immediate and positive effect on your online business. Some of the things you read will be well-known tricks that people simply don’t do because they don’t have time or they assume everyone else is doing. And it reminds experienced marketers what they should be doing but keep getting distracted from.

      Download it now. FREE, Today.

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