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1. The Four fundamental Key Metrics that power sales success

2. How this process worked so well for a Google adverts client

3. How SHOUT’s expertise is delivered so effectively

4. A wonderfully simple and effective media framework you can access right now

5. Why our Google Ads specialist experience can make a vital difference to online revenue

6. The 13 stumbling bocks to online business success

1. The Four fundamental Key Metrics that power sales success

2. How this process worked so well for a Google adverts client

3. How SHOUT’s expertise is delivered so effectively

4. A wonderfully simple and effective media framework you can access right now

5. Why our Google Ads specialist experience can make a vital difference to online revenue

6. The 13 stumbling bocks to online business success

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1. These Four Metrics will set you up for success and keep delivering for years ahead

There are FOUR KEY FACTORS that generate sales and drive sustained online growth for your business. Let’s go through the four main reasons your Google Ads (or Google AdWords) campaign will succeed or fail. These four metrics are the critical thinking you need to engage with before any kind digital adverting. Get these right and your chances of success grow exponentially.
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The Target

Are you chasing the right customers? In the right places? Are they ready to buy? Or are you wasting your money on tyre-kickers?

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The Offer

Is your offer better? Is it the right price? What extra value to your customers get? Why should they buy from you, rather than your competitor?

The Experience

The Experience

Is it sticky? Or do you leak customers like an old bucket? Can they see the next step? Can it load in under 3 seconds?

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Closing The Deal

How easily does your site convert visitors to sales? How quickly can they purchase once they decide to buy? Have you tested it?

The Four Key Metrics work for businesses big and small

These four key metrics are the solid foundations any campaign needs. They operate across all media channels, all market strategies and all campaigns. They’re designed to promote robust thinking and geared to generate growth.

We can show you how it will work for your online business.

Take a look at the results

Here’s how it worked for a leading law firm

2. How we got Google Ads pricing down and conversions up

Repco are big in the automotive parts business with around 480 bricks and mortar stores Australia wide. Although they had ecommerce capability their site traffic was a fourteenth of their major competitor. That’s 50,000 visits per month versus 700,000. Compounding the problem was an unwieldy website and alack of knowledge in-house. Which is where we came in. All of the indicators clearly pointed to a strategy driven by Search Engine Optimisation (or Search Engine Optimization, as our U.S. cousins call it).

Defining the audience

One of the first steps is to stop showing ads to irrelevant people. The Google AdWords keyword tools provide so many possibilities, it’s tempting to stuff near-related terms into campaigns. But traffic will become irrelevant if the wrong people are reached. For example if you’re selling kitchen sinks, there’s no point talking to people wanting a blender. If you included “kitchen appliances” in your Google Ads because you think it might help, you’ll only increase your Google adverts cost and waste your budget on low user intention.

For Arnold Thomas Becker we improved website traffic by fine tuning traffic relevance. Blocking irrelevant searches with 2500+ negative keywords. This resulted in a lift of the conversion rate as less time wasting, budget eating visitors were on the site. We also made sure that the right ads went to the correct “keyword rich” page. Thus improving the Keyword Quality Scores and lowering the Cost Per Clicks. Define your target and define your keywords better, if you want help with Google Ads contact us today.

What’s on offer

The questions that the SHOUT team asked Arnold Thomas Becker are much like the questions we ask all clients. Have you visited your top 20 competitors and confirmed that your offering is superior? How do your products or services compare? What are they doing well you aren’t? What are their weaknesses? What extras can you load onto your offer that will make it irresistible?

And if you’re in ecommerce let’s talk price. Research shows customers are actually happy to pay more if you give them enough reasons:

  • Your product is easier to buy
  • Your product arrives quickly
  • Your product has a “must have” feature
  • Your product burnishes the buyer’s reputation
  • You are offering free shipping
  • Your product has a lower cost of ownership
  • Your customer service is more friendly
  • The price difference isn’t worth the hassle
  • The customer likes you personally

How’s the experience?

This is where your website does all the talking for you. Subconsciously, customers associate a negative website experience with a company that cannot seem to make things work. Your website doesn’t work, ergo your products and customer experience probably don’t work either. It’s just that simple in the eyes of the user.

If a site is in tip-top condition, customers can find what they need quickly. The more time it takes customer to complete an action, the more money a business loses and the higher the Google Ads pricing on Cost Per Click, or CPC.

In Arnold Thomas Becker’s case we found some significant roadblocks in the way of potential leads. Calls to action revolved around filling in forms or making phone calls. Both methods requiring very high engagement and in both cases we made changes to the process. Efficiency went up, enquiries went up.

FREE ADVICE – Bounce Rates – A simple way to assess your Google Ads account and its keyword intent score is to check your Paid Traffic Bounce Rates via AdWords or Google Analytics. Google defines Bounce Rate as “the percentage of visitors that go to only one page before exiting your site. If you’re under 40% you’re looking good.

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Closing the deal

In the land of Google Shopping and ecommerce the secret is “Reduce, Reduce, Reduce”. But we don’t mean prices. Cut time at the checkout, reduce forms to fill, save time. 31% of customers leave their cart because they’re asked to create an account (Baymard Research). So don’t baulk them at the wrong time.

And if you missed them the first time get your Google Ads remarketing and retargeting campaigns fine tuned. Retargeting or remarketing ads let us show targeted ads to those potential customers that have already been to your website but failed to convert. Using cookies, we track your audience online and re-present messaging in other places. This keeps your business top of their mind, and entices them to return. The more a user sees a retargeting Google ad, the more likely they are to convert.

The Results









A word from Arnold Thomas Becker

“Shout have delivered us more and higher quality leads than our media agency delivered. It was a good move utilising a specialist agency. We are now opening far more matters for our lawyers on the same budget, delivering us more return on our Adspend.”

Chelsea Corbel


Load times matter big time. 40 percent of shoppers will wait no more than THREE SECONDS before abandoning your site and hitting the back button towards your competitor.

3. Google Ads services are just the first course in what we bring to the table

We’re a Google Ads expert and our model works for Arnold Thomas Becker as it will work for your online business as well. Whether you need specific marketing agency experience or one of the many other services we offer, SHOUT will make it happen. We put you and your results first.


You count

You’ll have a dedicated an Account Manager working on your business


Advice geared for growth

Everything we do, everything we say is centred around your results


Top of the line planning

SHOUT’s strategic expertise ensures long term success


The data never lies

We use accurate reporting to make the right decisions


Multi-channel media channels

Amplify your results with multi-media executions


Comprehensive reporting

By the month. Straight forward, comprehensive, analysis


Alternative testing

A Google AdWords campaign can always be improved


Clearer communication

No spin, no over promising. Just KPI’s and a focus on results


From go to grow

We put our money where our mouth is. Your bottom line.


We can change stagnant growth and take your business to the next level

    4. PESO – the multi media tool that takes campaign planning to new levels of sophistication – and success

    Some of the biggest media agencies in the world use PESO. And for good reason. It gets great results. By dividing media into four distinct types – Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned – we can determine how different media categories can be made to work harmoniously together. Best of all you avoid that media bad boy – ad fatigue. Too many messages in one medium is seldom the answer. As the campaign continues to run you start to lose impact. Customers start to look the other way. Or worst of all, you don’t get noticed at all.

    PESO allows you run messages in all the places your customer might be online. An integrated approach ensures your marketing is always fresh and up to date your customer is, online. You can choose to run with the same messaging in different places, as well as different messages in the same place . PESO works for online campaigns and clients of all sizes. Most importantly, it maximises every dollar you spend, and reduces your Google Ads cost so more ends up on your bottom line.

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    Detractors, Loyaltists, Advocates

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    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest

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    Afiliates, Ambassadors, Sponsored, Native, Exit Intent, Landing Pages

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    Paid Media

    Sponsored Posts, Facebook ads, Fan Acquisition, Stories

    Growth Estimates in SEO


    Optimised, Sharable, Engaging, Google Score

    PESO Model seo

    5. How can we guarantee sales success for you? It is Simple, we have done it before.

    Experience makes all the difference when you work with a digital marketing agency. At SHOUT we don’t just specialise in one discipline like SEO and SEM as some agencies do. We believe digital marketing requires a truly integrated approach. More tools, more media, more ways to get your profits heading skywards.

    At SHOUT we’re accountable and we make sure your campaigns are accountable too. So tracking is king when it comes to AdWords on Google campaigns. Without tracking every vital metric, you cannot know how a Google AdWords setup is truly performing.

    We track every vital metric like calls in adverts and on your website, all forms and app downloads. Know your money-making metrics and channel your budget towards success.

    The science of generating Google Ads keywords is a specialist skill, that needs education, time, experience and money to learn (all specialists aren’t equal). And it’s changing all the time as Google continue to update their algorithms. You can never set and forget in this game. If your agency isn’t continually fine tuning, reacting, modifying and testing you’re on a slow slide to the bottom.

    See how we turn our thinking into your 3 month growth plan

      Any questions? Of course you have. Here are six of the common ones.

      We have multiple clients who convert as 25% on paid search. Most of our clients we have been able to make Adwords a profitable and scalable channel by taken a conversion led strategy.

      Yes. Google Analytics access and the correct configuration conversion tracking is essential. During the onboarding process we will configure conversion tracking to be able to track and measure key information that will inform our technologists on how to optimise campaigns, recommend adjustments to landing pages and assess the sites user flow. In some cases we will recommend further tracking solutions such as call tracking and heat map testing software to be able to provide deeper insights on user behaviour to inform optimisations.

      Yes. We can customise the reports to provide the information that you need to be able to track. We provide our clients with 24/7 dashboard reporting. As long as the metric can be tracked within Google analytics then we can track a metric within our dashboards. Some clients engage us for full analytics services and also providing customised board reports that can even be designed into your corporate branding. Ready to be able to hand through to your management.

      Yes. You will receive a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you and our technologists to be able to ensure that campaign goals are achieved. Our account managers have over 10 years experience. You won’t be assigned a junior who is reading top line statistics to you. Our account managers are highly experienced in digital strategy and understanding the role that digital plays in your businesses overall strategy.

      You will receive SEM reporting monthly. You will have access to a dashboard that you can log into any time to monitor progress of your campaign. If you have specific reporting requirements please speak to one of our client engagement directors who can help accommodate and plan your reporting needs.

      We are very partner friendly and have no issues working with your other partners to ensure your success. We have many clients where we work very closely with other key partner agencies to ensure that your brands marketing goals are achieved and that all partners are aligned.

      6. Our free guide will get you on the road to online success. Download it now and learn about the 13 threats to your business growth

      So many online business fail and many more just stumble along without hitting the heights their owners had in mind. Down our free e-book and learn some of the pitfalls. We’ll show you 13 traps so many online marketers fall into.

      And it’s not just elegant marketing theory. It’s packed with useful information and insight drawn from real stories, real case studies, in the marketplace you’re in right now.

      You’ll learn things like…

      • How to create campaigns that convert better
      • What works and why it works
      • How to analyse your marketing more effectively
      • Why you can never sit still
      • How the wrong traffic takes you on the wrong road
      • Conversion tricks that can triple your growth
      • Understand the language marketers use
      • How to turn knowledge into action
      • Why you must have an email database


      Get your hands on this free guide and start learning how to cut costs, boost profit and generate sustainable growth for years to come.

      Download it here. It’s FREE.

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