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1. Understand the Four Key Metrics that drive real growth

2. Learn how this simple system saved a client thousands in Pay Per Click ads

3. See the media model that delivers effective omni-channel thinking

4. Get genuine expertise in Search Engine Advertising

5. Enjoy more effective spend though data-based

6. Read about the 13 most common barriers to dynamic growth

1. Understand the Four Key Metrics that drive real growth

2. Learn how this simple system saved a client thousands in Pay Per Click ads

3. See the media model that delivers effective omni-channel thinking

4. Get genuine expertise in Search Engine Advertising

5. Enjoy more effective spend though data-based

6. Read about the 13 most common barriers to dynamic growth

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1. The Four Key Metrics

These are the pillars that can supercharge your online marketing and drive real growth. There are a million things you can measure but if you are serious about growing your business online, these are the issues you need solutions for today.
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The Target

Are you chasing the right customers? In the right places? Are they ready to buy? Or are you wasting your money on tyre-kickers?

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The Offer

Is your offer better? Is it the right price? What extra value to your customers get? Why should they buy from you, rather than your competitor?

The Experience

The Experience

Is it sticky? Or do you leak customers like an old bucket? Can they see the next step? Can it load in under 3 seconds?

The Deal Logo White

Closing The Deal

How easily does your site convert visitors to sales? How quickly can they purchase once they decide to buy? Have you tested it?

It’s the secret successful online businesses share

Using these Four Key Metrics, and our proven Search Engine Marketing expertise SHOUT can help you build an online business that booms. The Four Key Metrics are what your business needs to embrace to take your business from good to great.

Ask us how it can work for you

Here’s the Proof

Let’s show you how it works

2. How a kitchen building company used our search skills to renovate their returns and save a bundle in the process

A new client came to us. They run a new kitchen and kitchen renovation company. Their previous agencies had recommended a basic Search Engine Marketing strategy. Now, the leads were getting too expensive, because the Google Ads Pay Per Click costs just kept climbing. We see it all the time. The strategy was right, but the execution was faulty. We concentrated our efforts on the first two of the Four Key Metrics – the target and the offer – ensuring the client was targeting the right people and making the offer more compelling, and getting those costs down.

Targeting the right people reduced marketing waste by 70%

We asked who the client was trying to attract and the answer was, “people who want a better kitchen.” But a simple check revealed that they were not targeting those people. They were targeting people who had a question about kitchens. Like chefs, or people at home who smelled something funny and wanted to search for possible answers.

The previous agency had simply selected 100 or so keywords, which were the same keywords all their competitors were targeting. This is not a Pay Per Click marketing strategy we would recommend to anyone. Keywords which hadn’t changed in months is usually a sign that the agency cares more about their margins than your sales.

Further research revealed over 15,000 kitchen-related keywords that have nothing to do with buying a new kitchen. Without doing a deeper dive, they were wasting 70% of their budget talking to people who were never going to buy. And it was costing them more and more each month.

Don’t make the same offer as everyone else

The trouble with using the same keywords everyone else is using, is that every time the client was pushed out of the top-three Google search results, and given they were using Google advertising Pay Per Click, they had to up their bids to stay in the top three. You’ll often hear this called a bidding war. The results were what you would expect. The same number of leads but the Cost per Click kept rising month over month.

Some further digging revealed that only 32% of all keyword searches ever served an ad. Your Paid Search advertising has to work harder if you want it to truly pay for itself. Had the client done a month by month comparison, they would have seen the problem before it started costing them the kitchen sink.

We connected the client to buyers who were genuinely interested in buying. We updated the client’s relevant traffic and found over 400 keywords relating to the client’s product. 400 new keywords which were not being overly utilised by their competitors.

Which means a lower Cost Per Click, saving money and extending reach. Creating campaigns which targeted real buyers, we were able to create real sales. That’s what great Search Engine Marketing Australia about.

SEO Target and Offer Infographic

The Results









A word from the team

“I can’t recommend Shout highly enough, I have worked with them across numerous businesses”


Don’t wait for your negatives to slowly strangle you. Use a generic set of negatives and wait for the monthly search report to find key negatives over time. We use tools to identify key negatives so you don’t waste money early in your marketing campaign waiting to discover what’s not working.

FREE ADVICE – Is your Google Adwords Pay Per Click keyword advertising budget increasing month on month, whilst growth is stagnant? Create a ‘last 12 months’ report that shows your month on month average Cost Per Click. If the results are not sustainable, call the SHOUT team and ask what we can do.

3. SHOUT delivers more than just savings

Discover how SHOUT’s model can work for you. Learn why clients like Victory Blinds, Fortune 500 companies and every day Aussie businesses alike are leaving their traditional agencies in order to work with SHOUT – a specialist digital marketing agency.


Being a Valued Client

Every SHOUT client has a dedicated Account Manager


Getting the right advice

SHOUT has specialists in all digital disciplines of growth marketing


Pro Active Planning

Object Planning for forward thinking strategies to ensure success


Effective Decision Making

Every recommendation we make is backed by provable data


Omni-Channel Creative

Your SHOUT account manager will ensure all content is consistent across all channels


Qualified Data

Centralisation of reporting across all digital marketing channels


Continuous Learning

Every campaign is refreshed and A/B tested to help eliminate errors


Accountable Account Managers

Centralisation of all account management to a single, accountable agency


Forward Thinking Strategies

Pro-active growth planning to ensure objectives are met consistently


We can change stagnant growth and take your business to the next level

    4. It’s the media model that turns your marketing spend into a turbocharged conversion engine

    At SHOUT, we use the PESO model, which is built around the four media types: Paid (i.e. Paid Search/SEM/PPC) Earned, Shared and Owned. This reinforces the growth strategies we initiate because together we understand which media work best together. PESO – means your media choices wont work in seclusion, they’ll work together as a team.

    Growth marketing is about developing strategies that leverage media channels working together. Like knowing how Paid Search advertising can combine effectively with your SEO to deliver serious profits. We understand how each channel drives customers through your conversion funnel. PESO is at the heart of successful multi-million dollar success stories

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    Media Relations, Bloggers, Social Influencers

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    Detractors, Loyaltists, Advocates

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    Charities, Communities, Co-Branding, Sponsorships

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    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest

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    Expert, Employees, Customers, User-Generated, Reviews, Webinars

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    Afiliates, Ambassadors, Sponsored, Native, Exit Intent, Landing Pages

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    Paid Media

    Sponsored Posts, Facebook ads, Fan Acquisition, Stories

    Growth Estimates in SEO


    Optimised, Sharable, Engaging, Google Score

    PESO Model seo

    5. SHOUT’s experience is what drives our success

    The majority of agencies focus on their one or two key strengths, for most this is SEO and Paid Search marketing. But you can’t solve all digital challenges with one set of tools. The more you use the same hammer on the same nail, the more likely your audience is to experience digital advertising fatigue and the more stagnant your marketing becomes. If you’re reading this article, maybe you know it’s time to talk to the experts.

    The SHOUT team has had 12 years to develop and hone our tool sets. We build growth for our clients and systemise repeatable results by utilising all digital platforms, we bring clarity and clear insights into what types of content works best for you; then we can track, test and iterate to optimise future online growth.

    We ask, and answer, the hard questions. Like what are the customers pain points? How can we integrate content that creates more effective buying journeys? How can we and reduce the costs for the client, while amplifying measurable results?

    Many of our clients often have the solution to their problems in their hands, but their current strategy team lacks the experience to see the easy win that’s right in front of them.

    Our multi-channel strategies provide a path to find new answers to the question of “how digital advertising can drive real growth” and cultivate a broader set of measurable opportunities.

    SHOUT understands how growth and efficiency are related. We help you generate more profit from your current platforms by optimising and combining your existing tools. This helps you easily increase customer value and amplify your existing margins. Then at your pace, we introduce and entwine new channels that expand and maximise your reach over time.

    This is how we generate your THREE-YEAR GROWTH PLAN. Our proven processes can create a three-year marketing strategy and online growth plan that works.


    Ask about your three year marketing strategy & online growth plan

      Still Have Questions? Here are some of the most common questions we get asked and some answers you might find useful.

      We have multiple clients who convert as 25% on paid search. Most of our clients we have been able to make Adwords a profitable and scalable channel by taken a conversion led strategy.

      Yes. Google Analytics access and the correct configuration conversion tracking is essential. During the onboarding process we will configure conversion tracking to be able to track and measure key information that will inform our technologists on how to optimise campaigns, recommend adjustments to landing pages and assess the sites user flow. In some cases we will recommend further tracking solutions such as call tracking and heat map testing software to be able to provide deeper insights on user behaviour to inform optimisations.

      Yes. We can customise
      the reports to
      provide the
      information that you
      need to be able to
      track. We provide
      our clients with
      24/7 dashboard
      reporting. As long
      as the metric can be
      tracked within
      Google analytics
      then we can track a
      metric within our
      dashboards. Some
      clients engage us
      for full analytics
      services and also
      providing customised
      board reports that
      can even be designed
      into your corporate
      branding. Ready to
      be able to hand
      through to your

      Yes. You will receive a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you and our technologists to be able to ensure that campaign goals are achieved. Our account managers have over 10 years experience. You won’t be assigned a junior who is reading top line statistics to you. Our account managers are highly experienced in digital strategy and understanding the role that digital plays in your businesses overall strategy.

      You will receive SEM reporting monthly. You will have access to a dashboard that you can log into any time to monitor progress of your campaign. If you have specific reporting requirements please speak to one of our client engagement directors who can help accommodate and plan your reporting needs.

      We are very partner friendly and have no issues working with your other partners to ensure your success. We have many clients where we work very closely with other key partner agencies to ensure that your brands marketing goals are achieved and that all partners are aligned.

      6. Download our free guide and we’ll show you 13 ways to drive real growth for your online business

      We’ve identified the 13 biggest barriers to online growth from over a decade of working with some of Australia’s fastest growing online businesses. You’ll discover things like:

      • How to find your best customers
      • Secrets to convert more, more often
      • Getting your landing page un-bounceable
      • Tips to improve the moment of sale


      Learn from the best – with real life case studies. You’ll find case studies that show you how to turn the knowledge you gain into actions that convert and keep converting.

      Create accountable, effective campaigns
      This book is a goldmine for anyone who wants to know where their marketing is working and where it’s not. You’ll be able to investigate every single aspect of your conversion tunnel, remove barriers to real success and create an online machine that keeps delivering.

      Discover the secrets no-one is telling you about why you’re not growing
      Written in plain English, this easy-to-read guide gives you insights into trade secrets and demystifies techno-terms like: double-dipping, time decay, and attribution modelling. It will show you free tools, discuss when you should change keywords and much much more.

      This guide is FREE, to you. Today.

      Growth Barrier SEO

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