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SHOUT is one of the leading SEO companies in Melbourne and Sydney. Our proven process works, and continues to work for businesses of all sizes. Discover:

1. The Four Key Metrics you need for genuine growth

2. How our SEO marketing helped a major retailer gain 32x more SEO traffic from google

3. How our marketing model gives you multi-channel effectiveness

4. Segment specific expertise and experience working on your business

5. How we use data to help you make more effective decisions

6. A free guide to the 13 mistakes you need to stop making

1. The Four Key Metrics you need for genuine growth

2. How our SEO marketing helped a major retailer gain 32x more SEO traffic from google

3. How our marketing model gives you multi-channel effectiveness

4. Segment specific expertise and experience working on your business

5. How we use data to help you make more effective decisions

6. A free guide to the 13 mistakes you need to stop making

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1. The four key metrics that combine to massively boost online results and make business boom

Before you press GO on an SEO campaign, before you start measuring anything, if you’re serious about wanting to grow your business, get serious about these four metrics.
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The Target

Are you chasing the right customers? In the right places? Are they ready to buy? Or are you wasting your money on tyre-kickers?

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The Offer

Is your offer better? Is it the right price? What extra value to your customers get? Why should they buy from you, rather than your competitor?

The Experience

The Experience

Is it sticky? Or do you leak customers like an old bucket? Can they see the next step? Can it load in under 3 seconds?

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Closing The Deal

How easily does your site convert visitors to sales? How quickly can they purchase once they decide to buy? Have you tested it?

The Four Key Metrics work for multi-million dollar businesses. They can work for you.

Whatever else you do, whatever media channels you end up choosing, whether you need help implementing your strategy or want someone to partner with existing developers to get it right, whatever KPIs you decide you need, if you want to stop wasting money and drive genuine growth in your business, you must get these Four Key Metrics right.

It can work for your business. Ask us how.


Here’s how this simple system worked for a major retailer

2. How a simple change to SEO thinking boosted traffic and helped a leading brand successfully compete online.

Repco is one of Australia’s largest automotive parts businesses with a huge footprint of more than 480 bricks and mortar stores. They had an eight-year-old platform an very little ability to make changes to their site. While they had an eCommerce capability, they had no real online traction, minimal online awareness, and no in-house knowledge or capability. They also trailed their biggest competitor, in terms of online traffic, by a factor of 14. (50,000 visitors a month versus 700,000 visitors a month).

While there was much to do across the board, one of the key issues was awareness – to match their online awareness with their strong bricks and mortar presence – and relaunching a website to be able to handle the extra traffic. This highlighted the key communications challenges as Target, Offer and Experience. Which led us to a strategy underpinned by SEO. While this could also have been handled with SEM, the opportunity to influence the development of the site, using SEO specialist tools to influence the site relaunch allowed us to opt for SEO Australia wide and reach our targeted numbers for a fraction of the $1m paid search estimate.


We developed their existing segmentation and agreed to five core targets covering a range of demographics and needs. As you would expect for this market, these ranged from low socio-economic groups to affluent enthusiasts.

Look beyond the brand names for extra leverage

While the market has five key segments, most automotive parts traffic is brand-led. Customers will search for a brand name as well as a product descriptor.

We developed forecasts across each category. In setting KPIs for traffic, revenue and sales we created extensive keyword research, mapping and analysis to develop a strategy that could provide this volume of traffic growth. And we prioritised categories based on profitability and market share goals.

This resulted in authoring over 680 page templates (plus numerous iterations of each) and leveraging over 35,000 keywords.

To appeal to customers with specialist knowledge, Repco needed to have specialist knowledge infused in the copy. SEO is the perfect choice for this. We wrote product and segment-based copy and then went through the editing process with category managers to ensure that the copy was on brand. On point. And delivered expert knowledge.

The experience ensures the customer stays for the sale.

We developed a truly omni-channel strategy to drive online and instore traffic. This allowed Repco to feature in cross-category searches., brand-related searches, local searches and product part searches. By localising the search, we ensured the customer had the choice of buying online or instore.

We worked with IT, Web developers & designers at wire frame stage, design stage to ensure on page SEO worked. To ensure page templates had web copy in the right sections of the page to house content, that page speed was appropriate, that coding achieved best practices for search engines.

Using a myriad of SEO in marketing tests, Shout researched, authored, optimised and coded into HTML for upload into Hybris 680+ page templates, housing over 35,000 keywords that were written into the copy. Shout also created an internal linking structure to help create fast growth

FREE ADVICE – Get your technical SEO and content strategy right. And have constant checks on technical issues. Fix them quickly so it doesn’t slow growth.


Don’t go for narrow keyword strategies. Optimise for generic, research based, knowledge base, FAQ’s. Develop a robust content strategy & site structure to be able to facilitate a larger keyword base. Optimise for the full spectrum of keywords across the full user journey. From research to transaction-based keywords.

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The Results









Showreel & a word from the Repco Team

“SHOUT helped us grow our online traffic dramatically. I can highly recommend them.”

Luke Bowden | General Manager Digital

3. Our model works for Repco. It can work for you too.

Because we have a proven process, we can offer you more than just numbers. It’s why businesses of all sizes are turning from old-fashioned agency thinking to partner with Shout.


You’ll be a valued client

Every one of our client has their own Account Manager


You’ll get The Right Advice

Shout’s discipline specialists have experience in every aspect of digital marketing


You’ll get great Planning

We’ll make sure you get the strategy that works to give you the growth you need


Data Driven Decisions

You’ll get recommendations backed by data for more effective testing and decisions


Omni-Channel Creative

We make sure all the channels work together to work for you


Regular Communications

Our centralised reporting provides regular, easy to read coverage for all digital marketing channels


You’ll know what you get for your money

Clear KPI reporting. Clear ROI on services. Proactive fixes. Competitor intelligence and performance reviews. All set in contract.


No over-promising and under-delivering

We set global KPI's site wide, per category for transparency and report back on those regularly.


Proof of results and growth

Most agencies just show keyword rankings. We set clear goals, KPI's and Service Level Agreements. And we map our work back to the achievement of the KPI's (both traffic, revenue, rankings).


Ask us how we can take your business from woe to go, go, go.

    4. PESO – how to create multi-channel media campaigns that attract business, boost traffic and grow businesses online

    Once you’ve determined who you’re targeting, what your offer is, how the experience will keep them engaged and you have a site that sells, you need to understand which media channels will work best for you, and how they work together to ensure your campaign sells, sells and sells some more.

    At Shout, we use the PESO model. This underpins the growth strategies we put in place by understanding which media works best together – like understanding how SEO and CRO can work together to drive serious growth, online.

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    Media Relations, Bloggers, Social Influencers

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    Detractors, Loyaltists, Advocates

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    Charities, Communities, Co-Branding, Sponsorships

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    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest

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    Expert, Employees, Customers, User-Generated, Reviews, Webinars

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    Afiliates, Ambassadors, Sponsored, Native, Exit Intent, Landing Pages

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    Paid Media

    Sponsored Posts, Facebook ads, Fan Acquisition, Stories

    Growth Estimates in SEO


    Optimised, Sharable, Engaging, Google Score

    PESO Model seo

    5. PESO – turns your star media choices into a superstar grand final winning team

    Most agencies have one or two main areas of focus because most agencies have only one or two areas of expertise. Like SEO consulting and Pay Per Click.

    This can work. For a short time. But to create truly effective, truly sustainable, high conversion campaigns, you need to use different sales techniques, different media channels and different combinations of media.

    Experience counts

    As an digital marketing agency with expert SEO agency knowledge we know what channels work, where. Each of our senior managers has over ten years’ experience in digital marketing – experience we’ll put to work for you. We can help you avoid the flatlining results you get from one or two-dimensional planning and create real growth and sustainable campaigns using every single channel you need.

    We know what channels work best for specific results. Which channels work best to attract attention. Which channels work best to keep attention. Which channels work best to remove the barriers to sales success.

    We understand how the right combination of channels helps your customer choose you to solve their pain points.

    We understand which media choices make the best buying journeys.

    We know which combinations of media can reduce waste.
    And boost growth.

    Have a look at the PESO model shown here.
    Which media are you using?
    Which media are your current agency recommending?
    Which media could you be using to lift traffic, improve engagement and drive sales?

    So often we see the easy win many other agencies do not.

    Not because they’re recommending the wrong media. But because they’re recommending the wrong media combinations.

    This ensures:

    • You avoid “Been there: seen that” advertising fatigue
    • You help your customer discover you in different places, building brand awareness
    • You grow familiarity without breeding contempt
    • You can more easily turn brand familiarity into brand preference
    • You build brand familiarity to get chosen more often by more people


    PESO helps you think smarter

    PESO helps us create multiple routes to your bottom line. It helps us set more ambitious KPIs, helps you make bigger promises, add more value in more places, increase margins and get more excited about the possibilities you have, because there’s more things you can use to create growth-centric opportunities. Like how you can use SEO in combination with other media to help drive serious growth for your online business.

    You don’t need to go all out straight away. Using our Four Key Metrics and the PESO model, we create provable, measurable growth strategies which can start small and grow as you bring in new channels and new combinations to increase audience reach and market engagement.

    It helps us create a THREE-YEAR GROWTH PLAN for you that will show results immediately and in the long term.

    “PESO allows us to plan multi-channel campaigns that drive genuine growth for clients.”

    Ask about how our experience and our processes can give you a three-year growth plan that works to send your profits soaring.

    Shout is based in Melbourne and Sydney. Our growth and SEO specialists know how to combine targeting and SEO strategies to ensure your offer is seen by the right people, drives traffic and creates sustainable growth for you.

    Ask about your three year marketing strategy & online growth plan

      Got a question? Six of the most common questions we get asked. And six answers you’ll find interesting.

      At Shout Agency, we take the SEO onboarding process seriously. And we have best practices to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Pending receiving all of the relevant site access details and approvals the SEO onboarding process is within the first 4 weeks.

      We will make the process of moving SEO companies easy for you. And ensure that the process is quick as possible. And onboard your account quickly and effectively to ensure that there is no disruption to your campaigns.


      Often when SEO has not worked with a previous agency there are flaws in the campaign that need to be uncovered. Our technicians will perform a deep forensic audit of your website, your keyword mapping and current search engine rankings, onsite optimisation and links. Here we will run a swot analysis and uncover the weaknesses of the current campaign.


      Some SEO agencies will remove your links. At Shout you own the links that we build for you. So you never need to worry about your links being removed. In the case that your agency does remove links we will place links to counter that removal. Often agencies that are removing links to displace your SEO rankings, generally use poor link building practices and these links hold little value. At Shout, we have never had a client penalised in 10 years.

      Yes. These reports are fully customisable. We have an online SEO reporting portal that you can log into at anytime and receive real time updates on your search engine rankings and traffic. These reports will contain all channels that Shout Agency are taking care of for you. If there are specific metrics that you would like to add to your report we can make these adjustments for you in your dashboard.

      Yes. These reports are fully customisable. We have an online SEO reporting portal that you can log into at anytime and receive real time updates on your search engine rankings and traffic. These reports will contain all channels that Shout Agency are taking care of for you. If there are specific metrics that you would like to add to your report we can make these adjustments for you in your dashboard.

      You will have a dedicated SEO account manager. Our account managers all have over 10 years industry experience and have a detailed knowledge of digital marketing strategy and how that aligns to your overarching business strategy. At Shout you won’t be passed to a junior who is reading statistics from a report. We will become an extension to your marketing team proactively coming to you with strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors online.

      6. Our free book reveals the secrets to driving business growth online. Download it now and discover the 13 traps you must avoid to start seeing serious growth

      13 simple “must do” strategies revealed, inside you’ll see the 13 biggest barriers to online growth. These have been selected from over ten years’ experience with some of Australia’s leading online success stories.

      You’ll see the 13 biggest barriers that you need to remove now. And how, by removing them, you’re discovered faster, engaged with more and interested customers convert easier.

      It’s not just theory. You’ll gain insight from case studies, from businesses large and small, businesses like yours, and business owners like you. So, you can turn theory into knowledge, knowledge into action and actions into conversions.

      Create campaigns that convert, if you want to know which parts of your marketing are working, and which parts aren’t, download this book. Now. You’ll gain the knowledge to interrogate every part of your customer’s sales journey, and create a smooth, sustainable, superpowered sales engine.

      Remind yourself of the things you know you should do, but keep getting distracted from doing. The book is an easy-to-read guide to the things every single successful online business needs to do, and the things you have to avoid.

      Download it FREE, Today.

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